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Greenwood Cemetery-New Orleans

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The Uchello family at Gretna and New Orleans, Louisiana and Biloxi, Mississippi originated at San Giuseppe Jato in Palermo Province, Sicily with the immigration of Calogero Uchello (1860-1943) and Maria Pattalaro (1873-1951) to New Orleans, Louisiana after 1900.  The Uchello family initially settled in and around Gretna, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana, where they were industrious and successful truck farmers.  During the Prohibition Era some of the Uchello sons became involved in the illicit movement of spirituous alcohol in Louisiana and Mississippi.  In later years on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Gaetano ‘Guy’ N. Uchello (1895-1962) , Salvador F. ‘Sam’ Uchello (1908-1996) and Louis C. Uchello were involved in illegal casino style gambling in several night clubs on the ‘Biloxi strip’.

Calogero Uchello was born in Palermo  Province, Sicily on March 8, 1861.  He married Maria Pattalaro (1871-1951) in Sicily.  She was the daughter of Anthony Pattalaro and Rosalie Dana.  Here siblings were: Joseph Pattalaro; Salvadore Pattalaro; Mrs. Joseph Lamia; and Archipreir Calogero Pattalaro.

In Palermo Province, Sicily,  the following children were born to this holy union: Julian S. Uchello (1891-1967); Anthony S. Uchello (1893-1962); Gaetno ‘Guy’ Nick Uchello (1895-1962); Rosina ‘Rosa’ Uchello Loria Higgins Wilgus (1894-1974); and Joseph P. Uchello (1900-1953).

Arriving in Louisiana about 1902, Calogero and Maria P. Uchello had their ‘American family’ born at Gretna, Louisiana and consisting of: Salvador Francis "Sam" Uchello (1908-1996); Louis Carl Uchello (1909-1996); and Florence Uchello Ernst (1915-1985).

Maria Patallaro

Maria Patallaro, resident of 1895 Gentilly Road and wife of Calogeri Uchello, expired at Hotel Dieu on September 1, 1951. She was born in Italy to Anthony Patallaro and Rosalie Dana and had been a resident of the New Orleans area since 1907.   Mrs. Uchello's funeral was under the auspices of Lamana-Panna-Fallo with services at St. Leo the Great Catholic Church followed by internment at Greenwood Cemetery.(The Times-Picayune, September 2, 1951, p. 2)



Julian S. Uchello

Julian Sam Uchello (1891-1967) was born at Palermo Province, Sicily on May 17, 1891.  He married Rosalie Cortese (1898-1951) and Bessie Marie Molizon [Molaison] Gaubert (1902-1989) who he married in Harrison County, Mississippi on March 12, 1955.  Julian died on November 10, 1967.  His internment was in St. Mary’s Cemetery at Algiers, Louisiana.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 100,, p. 552 and The Times-Picayune, November 12, 1967, p. 2) 

Rosalie Cortese Uchello(1898-1951) age 53 years, native of Palermo Province, Sicily, expired at Mercy Hospital in New Orleans on January 17, 1951. She had lived at Algiers, Louisiana since 1905.  Mrs. Uchello was survived by Julian S. Uchello (1891-1967), her spouse; and children: Mary Uchello (1916-1986) m. Salvadore D'Arcangelo (1914-1994); Carl John Uchello (1923-1962) m. Madeline Hooper (1923-1962); and Rosalie Uchello  m. William E. Cloutet (1926-2001).  The funeral of Mrs. Uchello was under the auspices of the E.J. Mothe Funeral Home of Algiers, Louisiana.  Her services were at Holy Name of of St. Mary Catholic Church with internment in the St. Bartholomew Cemetery at Algiers, Louisiana.(The Times- Picayune, January 19, 1951, p. 2)

Bessie Molizon Gaubert Uchello, a homemaker, died Saturday at West Jefferson Medical Center.  She was 87 years of age.  Mrs. Uchello was born in St. James Parish, Louisiana and lived in Marrero, Louisiana for 70 years.  Survivors include a son, Roy Gaubert; a daughter, Earline Guidry; 14 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren; and three great-great grandchildren.  A Mass will be said today at Westside Funeral Home, 5101 West Bank Expressway.  Burial will be in Our Lady of Prompt Succor Cemetery in Westwego.(The Times-Picayune, June 6, 1989, p. B-6)

Anthony S. Uchello

Anthony S. Uchello (1893-1962) was born in Palermo Province, Sicily.  He married Jenneive ‘Jennie’ Lagattuta (1902-1938), the daughter of Nicolo Lagattuta (1864-1918) , an Italian immigrant truck farmer, and Antonia Gaituso or Guttuso (b. 1871).  Anthony and Jennie were the parents of Carlo A. Uchello (1923-2006) m. Lucille Manalle (1925-2006).

Jennie Lagattuta Uchello expired on September 1, 1938 while a resident of 6142 St. Claude Avenue.  She was survived by her son; four brothers, Anthony Lagattuta (1895-1967), John Lagattuta (1905-2000), Vincent L.  Lagattuta (1908-1981) and Joseph A. Lagattuta (1913-1997); sisters, Mrs. [Mary] Sylvester DiLeo (1891-1957); Mrs. [Josephine] Salvatore Bonomo (d. 1971); Mrs. Joseph Caruso; and Mrs. [Laura] Anthony Paul Badalamenti (1911-1979).  Internment was in St. Roch Cemetery preceded by services under the auspices of P.J. McMahon & Sons at St. Maurice Catholic Church.(The Times-Picayune, September 2, 1938)

Anthony S. Uchello passed on September 5, 1962.  He was survived by his son, and three grandchildren: Carlo A. Uchello Jr; Ann Marie Uchello Gibbs; and Anthony Uchello.  The funeral of Mr. Uchello was directed by Leitz-Eagan Fineral Home with services at Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic Church followed by entombed in the Greenwood Cemetery at New Orleans.(The Times-Picayune, September 7, 1962, Section I, p. 2 and The Times-Picayune, May 10, 2006 and May 20, 2006)

Rosina Uchello

Rosina ‘Rosa’ Uchello (1894-1974) was born July 7, 1894 at Palermo Province, Sicily.  She arrived at Gretna, Louisiana about 1912 and married Anthony Loria (1892-1951), a native of Poggioreale, Trapani Province, Sicily.  Children: Anthony J. Loria Sr. (1914-1999); Carl J. Loria (1917-1984) m. Rosie Lee Hebert; Joseph Loria; and Anna Maria Loria Chabe Bassen (1920-1979) m. Duane D. Bassen (1928-1994).

Rosa later married George Higgins and lastly Edward Alvin Wilgus (1899-1954), a native of Essex County, Delaware.

Rosa expired at Gretna, Louisiana on November 9, 1974.  She was survived by three children: Anna Marie Bassen of Chula Vista, California; Anthony J. Loria Sr. and Carl J. Loria; two sisters, Mrs. Rosalie Clesi of Dallas, Texas; Mrs. Harold [Florence] Ernst; and two brothers, Sam Uchello and Louis Uchello of Biloxi, Mississippi; six grandchildren and five great-grandchildren.  Her funeral was conducted by Mothe Funeral Home of Algiers, Louisiana and after services at St. Anthony’s Catholic Church her corporal remains were entombed at Lake Lawn Mausoleum as were those of Edward A. Wilgus.(The Times-Picayune, November 12, 1974)

Gaetano N. Uchello

Gaetano ‘Guy’ Nick Uchello (1895-1962) was born on November 11, 1895 at Palermo Province, Sicily.  He married Agnes Rouse (1925-1995), the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. E.G. Rouse of Lucedale, Mississippi.  They were the parents of three children: Guy Carlos Uchello (1952-2011) m. Mary Angela Feranda; Paul Nick Uchello m. Kristine Marie Howard; and Dianne Marie Uchello (1959-2007) m. Gary Reed Walters and Kevin Lee Anderson.  

Guy Uchello died at Gulfport, Mississippi on December 27, 1962.  He was survived by three brothers: Julian S. Uchello (1891-1967) at Algiers, Louisiana; Sam F. Uchello (1908-1996) and Louis C. Uchello (1909-1996) of Biloxi; and three sisters, Rosalie Uchello Clesi (1897-1988) of Dallas, Texas, Rosina Uchello Loria Higgins Wilgus (1894-1974) and Florence Uchello Ernst (1915-1985), both of Gretna, Louisiana.(The Times-Picayune, December 27, 1962, p. 2)

Joseph P. Uchello

Joseph Peter Uchello(1900-1953) was born July 8, 1900 at Saint Joseph’s in Palermo Province, Italy to Calogero Uchello (1860-1943) and Maria Pattalara (1873-1951).  He married Mildred Brunies (1903-1990), the daughter of Herman Brunies (1872-1956) and Elizabeth Heil (1874-1930).  Joseph and Mildred were the parents of two children:  Infant Uchell0 (1930-1930) and Elizabeth Uchello m. John W. Ballagh (1931-1963).

Joseph P. Uchello was naturalized on January 7, 1926.  He lived at 225 Newton Street in Gretna, Louisiana.  Joseph expired here on February 20, 1953.  Mildred lived until April 14, 1990.  They and their infant son were interred in the Brunies tomb at the Hook and Ladder Cemetery in Gretna, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.(The Times-Picayune, February 22, 1953)

Salvador F. Uchello

Salvador Francis "Sam" Uchello (1908-1996) was born November 20, 1908 at Gretna, Jefferson Parish, Louisiana.  He married Helene Giamfocaro (1911-1974), a native of New Orleans.  They had one child, Samuel ‘Sammy’ Francis Uchello Jr. (b. circa 1948) m. in August 1970 at Rockville, Maryland to Elizabeth Anne Nagel and in January 1985 m.Kathleen Taylor in Brevard County, Florida.(The Times-Picayune, August 22, 1970, Section IV, pp. 5-6)

Mr. Sam F. Uchello had been a resident of Biloxi, Mississippi since 1946.  He had lived at New Orleans and Pass Christian, Mississippi before 1940.  Sam was a member of Nativity BVM Catholic Church and was a veteran of World War II serving with the US Coast Guard.  He was an owner of the Gay Paree with Guy Uchello (1895-1962), his brother, and others.  The Gay Paree was a night club and "casino" on the "Biloxi strip" on US Highway No. 90.(The Times-Picayune, December 1, 1961, Sec. III, p. 21 and The Sun Herald, February 21, 1996, p. C-2)

Almost a decade after his wife passed on April 23, 1974, Sam married Annie Bell Denson in Harrison County, Mississippi on January 14, 1984.  He expired at Biloxi on February 19, 1996 and his corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi National Cemetery. (Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court 2nd JD MRB 27, p. 382) 

Annie Bell Denson Uchello (1925-2004), native of Stone County, Mississippi, was assaulted in her home and expired from her injuries at Biloxi on February 29, 2004. She had been the wife of James Adron Denson (1921-2000) and lived at Mantachie, Itawamba County, Mississippi.  Annie came to Biloxi in 1980 and married Salvador 'Sam' F. Uchello Jr. (1907-1996) in Harrison County, Mississippi on January 24, 1984. He passed on February 22, 1996.(The Sun Herald, March 2, 2004, p. A1 and p. A5 and Harrison Co., Mississippi 2nd JD Circuit Court MRB 27, p. 382)


Southern Memorial Park-Biloxi, Mississippi

Louis C. Uchello

Louis Carl Uchello (1909-1996), a native of Gretna, Louisiana, was the son of Italian immigrant farmers, who moved to the Coast more than 60 years ago and became a self-made businessman.  Mr. Uchello first opened The Grove nightclub at the corner of DeBuys Road and U.S. 90, and later opened the Harbor Light Restaurant, which was destroyed by Hurricane Camille. He built the Sun Tan Motel, still in operation today on U.S. 90.(The Sun Herald, July 28, 1996)

Louis Carl Uchello married Helen St. Pe' (1912-1997), a native of Gretna, Louisiana and the daughter of Edgar Frank St. Pe’ (1885-1945) and Jeanne Legendre St. Pe’ (1883-1945+).  

Helen St. Pe' Uchello died Sunday May 25, 1997 at Biloxi, Mississippi. She was born at Gretna, Louisiana to Edgar Frank St. Pe' (1885-1945) and Jeanne Legendre St. Pe' (1883-1945+), the daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Octave Legendre. The St. Pe' family lived at 312 Amelia Street in Gretna until Mr. St. Pe' moved to Atlanta and later Nashville, Tennessee in the food industry. In 1940, the St. Pe's settled in Baton Rouge where Edgar F. St. Pe' established WK Foods. In his early career, he had worked as a chemist at the Southern Cotton Oil Company at Gretna, Louisiana.

Helen lived in Biloxi for more than 60 years. She was a member of Nativity BVM Catholic Church, a Red Cross Volunteer and a member of the Italian American Society's Ladies Auxiliary.

Helen St. Pe' Uchello was preceded in death by Louis Carl Uchello Sr.; her parents, Edgar Frank St. Pe' and Jeanne Legendre St. Pe'; and two brothers, Allan St. Pe' (1911-1949) and Roland St. Pe' (1916-1996). 

Mrs. Uchello was survived by Louis Carl Uchello Jr. (1932-2002), a son; Jocelyn Uchello Turnbough, a daughter; five grandchildren; and three great-grandchildren.

A Mass of Resurrection was said for the repose of the soul of Mrs. Uchello at Nativity BVM Catholic Church followed by internment in the Biloxi [sic] Cemetery. Bradford-O'Keefe Funeral Home of Biloxi directed her funeral service.


Louis Carl Uchello Jr.(1932-2002) m. Johnnie Louis Brister (1932 -1990) and Dorothy Stewart Crapo (b. 1930), the widow of Leo Kempton Crapo (1928-1975), and Jocelyn Uchello m. Mr. Turnbough.



Louis Carl Uchello III married Tammy Joann Nix (1958-1991) in Harrison County, Mississippi onJuly 26, 1980.   One son, Christopher Uchello.  Tammy died on March 30, 1991 at Gulfport, Mississippi.(The Sun Herald, April 1, 1991, p. C-2)

Florence Uchello

Florence Uchello(1915-1985) was born at Gretna, Louisiana on August 26, 1914.  In April 1937, she married Harold Leo Ernst (1911-1987), the son of Mr. and Mrs. Charles Ernst.  Florence passed on February 3, 1985.  Her corporal remains were interred in the Greenwood Cemetery at New Orleans.(The Times-Picayune, February 4, 1985, p. A-29)



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