Croatian arrivals from Lopud, County Dubrovnik, Croatia

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['Old' Biloxi Cemetery-Section H. Image made July 2013]


Lucas [Luka] Mozaro (1861-1910) was born at Lopud, County Dubrovnik, Croatia in 1861.  He married Annie Zelz (1864-1945), also a Croatian immigrant, possibly on Lopud.  Children: Mary A. Mozaro (1889-1956) m. Charles D. Medanich (1881-1934)Anthony M. Mozaro (1892-1971); Helena Margarite Mozara (1895-1954) m. Marco G. Glavan (188-1957); Romana Frances Mozaro (1897-1921); Annie L. Mozara (1901-1979) m. Anthony M. Kuluz (1892-1956); Herbert 'Salty' Mozaro (1902-1995); Walter J. Mozaro (1904-1957) m. Eva M. Talianicich (1912-1990);  and Volta Mozara (b. 1905).


[from Catholic Church Records Diocese of Biloxi (1991)-p. 216, p. 233, and p. 234]

Mary Antonia Mozarra born October 12, 1889      f. Luck m. Anna

Samuel Lukas Mozara born May 28, 1892              f. Lukas   m. Annie Zitz

?sa Marguerite Mozara born February 5, 1895      f. Lukas  m. Annie Zetz

Samuel Lukas Mozara born May 28, 1892              f. Lukas   m. Annie Zitz

Helena Margarite Mazerat born April 16, 1896     f. Luke  m. Annie Zelz

Romana Gabrielle Mozara born March 24, 1899  f. Lucas   m. Annie Zitz


[from 1900 Harrison County, Mississippi Federal Census]

Mary Mozarra   born October 1889

Tony Mozarra born May 1892

Elina Mozarra born April 1896

Romana born March 1899

Mozaro Children Biographies

Mary Antonia Mozaro

Mary Antonia Mozaro (1889-1956) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on October 12, 1889.  On April 4, 1907 at Biloxi, Mississippi, she married Charles D. Medanich (1881-1934), the son of John Medanich and a native of Pula, Istria County, Croatia.  Pula is a large winemaking and shipbuilding center in the Istrian region of northern Croatia.  Charles was employed in New Orleans at the time of their nuptials.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, April 4, 1907, p. 2 and Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB  19, p. 51)

Charles D. Medanich was born on November 4, 1880.  He left Glascow, Scotland aboard the SS Aina and arrived at New York City on June 16, 1899.  When Charles submitted his application to become an American citizen in April 1911, he related that he lived at 3222 Oak Street in Biloxi, Mississippi and made his livelihood as a ship carpenter.  His height was given as 5 feet 2 inches.(Declaration of Intention No. 93-Southern District Court of Mississippi-April 1911)

Charles D. and AnnieM.  Medanich were the parents of: Nicholas A. Medanich (1908-1987) m. Dessa Leona Medanich (1904-1962); Margaret Medanich (b. 1912); Elizabeth Medanich (b. 1914); Charles Paul Medanich (1917-1984); Frank J. Medanich (1921-2009) m. Jean King; and John Medanich (1928-1983).

Anthony M.  Mozara

Anthony 'Tony' M. Mozaro (1892-1971) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on May 28, 1892.  He made his livelihood as a commercial fisherman and resided at 329 Pine Street on Point Cadet.  In late December 1919, The Daily Herald reported that "Tony Mozaro became violent for the third time Tuesday morning and it was necessary for [Police] Chief Bills to take charge of him until transportation can be secured to carry him to Jackson where he will receive treatment."  (The Daily Herald, December 24, 1919, p. 3)

Tony Mozaro may have been the family member that changed the spelling of the family name to Mazara' from 'Mozaro'. Tony died on October 26, 1971 in the Howard Memorial Hospital at Biloxi where he had been a patient for 36 days.  His corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery.(The Daily Herald, October 26, 1971, p. 2)

Ella M.  Mozara

Ella Marguerite Mozaro was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on February 5, 1895.  She married Marko George Glavan (1885-1957).  Marko G. Glavan was born March 25, 1885, in Privlaka, a fishing village on the Dalmatian Coast about twelve miles northwest of Zadar, Croatia. It was from Zadar that Marco G. Glavan immigrated to America landing at New Orleans, Louisiana.  On January 20, 1915 he applied for naturalization papers at the U.S. District Court in Biloxi.  Mr. Glavan resided at 118 Jackson Street.(The Daily Herald, January 21, 1915, p. 2)

Marco and Ella M. Glavan settled at 199 Oak Street in Biloxi.  Here they reared their five children: Eurylda Glavin aka Sister Joseph Frances Glavan (1915-2002); Sylvia Rita Glavan (1918-2004); Mary Ann Glavan (1921-1997) m. John Konish; Herbert Anthony Glavan m. Toni Darlene Ellis (1944-1970); and Marco G. Glavan II (1923-1986) m. Fern McCaleb (1930-1994).(The Daily Herald, March 12, 1954, p. 12)

Annie L. Mozaro

Annie Lukrecia Mozaro (1901-1979) was born at Biloxi on October 18, 1901.  Annie married Anthony ‘Tony’ Kuluz (1892-1956) in Harrison County, Mississippi on January 30, 1922.  In 1930, Tony Kuluz and his two brothers organized the Kuluz Brothers Packing Company on Point Cadet.

Herbert Mozaro

Herbert 'Salty' Mozaro was born    1902 at Biloxi, Mississippi.  He was a lifelong Biloxi resident and fisherman.  He was well known on the Coast for playing the harmonica; for his cast net; and for drinking salt water.


Walter J. Mazara

Walter J. Mazara(1904-1957) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi December 12, 1904.  He married Eva Marie Talianicich (1912-1990) in Harrison County, Mississippi on December 19, 1939.  Children: Brenda Joyce Mazara (1941-1941); Sherry Mazara (b. 1942) m. James A. Vollmuth; and Anthony Michael Mazara (1944-1989) m. Carol Rene Porterfield m. Paul Edward Vaughn.


[Tombstone with wrong death date in 'Old' Biloxi Cemetery-Section H]

Stevono Mozaro (1862-1899) was born circa 1862.  He died in on September 6, 1899 at Biloxi, Mississippi after an illness of several months.  His funeral and internment in the Biloxi Cemetery was under the auspices of the Spanish Benevolent Association from the residence of L. Mozaro on Jackson Street.(The Biloxi Herald, September 7, 1899, p. 8)

[Biloxi Cemetery 7th Addition-Block 41-Lot 10]


John Mozarro (1883-1951) married Viola ‘Katie’ Kasovich (1893-1929) on May 13, 1912 in Harrison County, Mississippi.  Children: Mary A. Mozaro (1915-1942) m. Delbert 'Country' J. Franklin (1914-1987) and Stephen A. Mozara (1915-1998) m. Clarice Elizabeth Fountain (1918-2005).  

Mary A. Mozaro

Mary A. Mozaro (1915-1942) married Delbert J. Franklin (1914-1987) in Harrison County, Mississippi on September 20, 1935.  They were the parents of John L. Franklin (1937-1999) m. Rita Mae Krieger (19-2003) and Patricia Franklin m. Mr. Lambert.

Stephen A. Mozaro and Clarice E. Fountain

[courtesy of Ronnie Fountain-August 2013]

Stephen A. Mozaro (1915-1998) married Clarice Elizabeth Fountain (1918-2005), the daughter of Walter Fountain and Winnie Diaz Fountain, in Harrison County, Mississippi on December 26, 1937.  In 1938, Stephen and Clarice F. Mozaro relocated from Biloxi to Galveston, Texas where he was the captain of a yacht.  Here he and Clarice reared their four children: John Stephen Mozaro (1938-1938); Carol Ann Mozaro (b. 1941) m.  Mr. Case; Professor Stephen A. Mozaro Jr. (b. 1942) m. Karen M. Kovacevich (b. 1951); and Captain Ronald Gregory Mozaro (b. 1952) m. Mildred R. Simon (b. 1961).



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