Marion Family

Marion Family
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The Marion family of Biloxi, Mississippi had it origin with John Marion (1830-1890), a Spanish immigrant and the son of Joseph Marion and Maria Vica, both Spaniards.  On November 11, 1871 in Harrison County, Mississippi, John Marion married Amelie or Emelie Fayard Marsan (1829-1915), the daughter of Jacque Fayard and Gertrude Ryan and the widow of Alexis Marsan (1824-1869), a French immigrant, who made his livelihood as a butcher.  John Marion made his livelihood as a fisherman and had lived at Biloxi since about 1870.  He died at Biloxi in late July 1890.  His burial services were under the auspices of Biloxi Volunteer Fire Company No. 1.  John was also a member of the Oyster Protective Association.(Harrison Co., Mississippi MRB 6, p. 92 and  Lepre, Vol. I, 1991, p. 211 and The Biloxi Herald, July 26, 1890, p. 4)


John Marion and Emelie Fayard Marion were the parents of at least three children: Marie Gertrude Marion (1872-1919); Eleonie Augustine Marion (1873-pre 1880); and John Joseph Marion (1875-1936+).(Lepre, Vol. I, 1991, pp. 209-210)   


John and Emelie F. Marion also had an adopted son, John Goodier (1855-1912), a native of New Orleans.  He married Josephine Llado (1864-1911) in September 1887.  John expired at 210 Elmer Street at Biloxi on March 11, 1912.  Josephine died on January 4, 1911 at 308 Lameuse Street.  They left three children: Henry, Elwood and Thelma Goodier.(1880 Harrison Co., Mississippi Federal Census R648, p. 343B, ED 139 and The Daily Herald, January 4, 1911, p. 8 and March 11, 1912, p. 1)



Mary Gertrude Marion (1872-1919) was born on August 6, 1872.  She married Henry Clay Agregaard (1868-1928), the son of John Agregaard and Clementine Fayard (1836-1905), on February 4, 1890.  Their children were: Henry Joseph Agregaard (1892-1959); Mary Camille Agregaard (1893-1981) m. Louis C. Holley (1884-1973); and Elbert Anthony Agregaard (1895-pre-1900).(Harrison Co., Mississippi MRB 9, p. 29)


Mary M. Agregaard expired at her home at 446 Magnolia Street on November 9, 1919.  Her corporal remains and that of Henry C. Agregaard who passed on March 11, 1928 were interred in the Biloxi City Cemetery.(The Daily Herald, November 10, 1919, p. 4)



John Joseph ‘Brother’ Marion (1875-1936+) married Rosa Beneta Catchot (1877-1924), a native of Bay St. Louis, Hancock County, Mississippi, and the daughter of Joseph Catchot (1848-1913), a Spanish immigrant, and Marie Fayard (1850-1929), the daughter of Albert Fayard and Michelle Favre, both natives of Hancock County, Mississippi.( Harrison Co., Mississippi MRB Lepre, Vol. II, 1995, p. 134 and p. 141)    


J.J. Marion and Rosa B. Catchot were the parents of: Andrew J. Marion (1895-1936); Agnes E. Marion (1896-1930+); Irene M. Marion (1897-1943); Edward U. Marion (1899-1934); Rose Marion (1904-1930+); and Ralph Marion (1907-1984). 


Rose C. Marion died at her home at 339 Nixon Street in Biloxi on June 12, 1924.  She was survived by Marie Fayard Catchot, her mother; Antony C. Catchot (1875-1933) and Edgar Catchot (1894-1920+), her brothers domiciled at NOLA; and Robert F. Catchot (1889-1941) of Biloxi.(The Daily Herald, June 12, 1924, p. 3)


Joseph Catchot, Rosa’s Spanish father, had passed in his sleep on October 15, 1913.  He was the cook aboard Sailor’s Joy, a fishing boat, anchored off Shell Beach, St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana.  Mr. Catchot resided at 321 East Washington Avenue in Biloxi.  He was survived by seven children and a brother at Ocean Springs.(The Daily Herald, October 17, 1913, p. 1)


Andrew J. Marion

 Andrew Joseph ‘Son’ Marion (1895-1936) was born March 15, 1896.  He married Frances Isabell Stafford (1896-1985), the daughter of Marion Stafford (1871-1943) and Madeline Dean (1877-pre 1910+), on November 29, 1915.  The family resided at 209 Maple Street on Point Cadet,  Andrew made his livelihood as the manager of a automobile service station, but at the time of his demise he was employed with Kimbrough & Quints drugstore.  Frances and Andrew had two sons born at Biloxi before his untimely death on April 1, 1936: Rayford Marion (1917-1979); and Ronald Andrew Marion (b. 1930) m. Martha Emma Brooks.(Harrison Co., Mississippi MRB 27, p. 461 and The Daily Herald, April 2, 1936)


After the death of his spouse, Marion Stafford married Kate Hammond (1887-1913) in March 1910.  Riley Stafford (1839-1904), his father and native of Meridian, Mississippi expired at Biloxi on May 21, 1904.  Frances Stafford Marion married Leo V. Edwards in June 1947. (Harrison Co., Mississippi MRB 21, p. 437  MRB 74, p. 557 and The Biloxi Herald, May 21, 1904, p. 8)




Ronald A. Marion

Ronald "Ronnie" Andrew Marion, Sr. of Ocean Springs, Mississippi died Wednesday, November 16, 2011 in Ocean Springs. Ronnie was born March 9, 1930 in Biloxi and graduated from Biloxi High School in 1949.


He enrolled in East Mississippi Junior College in the fall of 1949. At EMJC, Ronnie began a life of service that spanned 60 years. He was trainer and manager for the football and basketball teams in 1949 and 1950.


Following EMJC, Ronnie served for four years in the U.S. Air Force. Later he attended the University of Southern Mississippi graduating in 1957. He earned a master's degree from Mississippi State in 1967. He was employed for 36 years with the Mississippi Employment Security Commission for Biloxi and Gulfport. He was instrumental in starting the Boys and Girls Club of the Gulf Coast and remained involved with that organization until his death. Ronnie received many service awards over the years. He served in the Biloxi Jaycees and Kiwanis Clubs at the local and state levels and was recognized for his contributions with their highest awards. He served as president of the International Association of Personnel in Employment Security Mississippi Chapter as well as many civic organizations on the Gulf Coast. He was a member of American Legion Post 33 in Biloxi. He was a registered state soccer referee from 1978 to 1991 for recreational and high school players. Ronnie was named Biloxi's 1965 Outstanding Young Man of the Year.


Ronnie was inducted into the East Mississippi Community College Sports Hall of Fame in 2007 for football and basketball 1950 - 1951. He was the 2003 recipient of the Boys and Girls Club of the Gulf Coast Shining Star Award for outstanding service and contributions and dedication to the youth of the Mississippi Gulf Coast.


He is preceded in death by his mother, Frances Stafford Marion Edwards; father, Andrew Joseph Marion; brother, Rayford Joseph Marion; father-in-law, Coyt Brooks; mother-in-law, Moddie Brooks; sister-in-law, Anna Lene Brooks; and brother-in-law, Dale Brooks. Survivors include his wife of 53 years, Martha Brooks Marion; son, Ronald Andrew Marion, Jr., his wife, Melissa and their sons, Andrew Joseph Marion and John-Jason Brooks Marion; daughter, Anna Frances Marion Albritton, her husband, David and their children, Ashley Brooke Albritton and David Wesley Albritton. In lieu of flowers family prefers donations be made to the Boys and Girls Club of Biloxi, 11975 Seaway Rd. Gulfport, MS 39503. Visitation will be held at 11:00 a.m. on Saturday, November 19, 2011 at the Ocean Springs Chapel of Bradford O'Keefe Funeral Home with a 12:00 noon service. Interment will follow in Crestlawn Memorial Park.(The Sun Herald, November 18, 2011)


Ronald Andrew Marion and Martha E. Brooks had a son, Ronald Andrew Marion II, who married Melissa Jaynell Schloegel on April 29, 1989 at N.B.V.M.(Harrison Co. Mississippi MRB 185, p. 102)


After the death of his spouse, Marion Stafford married Kate Hammond (1887-1913) in March 1910.  Riley Stafford (1839-1904), his father and native of Meridian, Mississippi expired at Biloxi on May 21, 1904.  Frances Stafford Marion married Leo V. Edwards in June 1947. (Harrison Co., Mississippi MRB 21, p. 437  MRB 74, p. 557 and The Biloxi Herald, May 21, 1904, p. 8)


Agnes E. Marion

 Agnes Emma Marion was born May 31, 1896.  She married Walter E. Entrekin (1897-1930+), native of Alabama, on July 2, 1916.  In 1920 at Biloxi, they lived on Copp Street and Walter worked at a shipyard as a riveter.  Circa 1926, the family relocated to Mobile, Alabama where Walter was employed as an engineer for a railroad.  They were the parents of: Juliette E. Entrekin (1916-2006) m. Lt. j.g. William J. Dohm and William C. Rampenthal; Marian C. Entrekin (1919-1930+); Mildred E. Entrekin (1920-1930+); and Walter E. Entrekin II (1925-2005), a Birmingham, Alabama architect, m. Daphine Warhurst.  The corporal remains of this family appear to have been interred at the Mobile Memorial Gardens, Mobile, Alabama. Harrison Co., Mississippi MRB 29, p. 68)


Irene M. Marion

Irene Mary Marion (1897-1943) was born on December 30, 1897.  She married George J. Collins (1891-1968), native of NOLA and Biloxi building contractor, on April 12, 1914.  They lived on Benachi Avenue and reared two children: George J. Collins II and Irene M. Collins m. Walker F. Tucei (1918-2000).  Irene M. Collins expired on December 22, 1943.(Harrison Co., Mississippi MRB 25, p. 585 and The Daily Herald, December 22, 1943, p. 5)


Edward U. Marion

Edward Ulysses ‘Billie and Buddy’ Marion (1899-1934) was born October 6, 1899.  He married Harriet Oleva Baker (1902-1936+), the daughter of Joseph Baker (1865-1956) and Margaret Wilson (1862-1920), on August 6, 1918.  Edward made his livelihood as bakery truck driver.  He had worked for the Biloxi Bakery, L&N and Electric Bakeries.  Since 1927, Buddy Marion had been employed with the Ellzey Bakery.  The family was domiciled on East Howard Avenue where they reared Mercedes Marion (1920-1930+), a daughter, who was born on March 27, 1920.  Edward expired at the Biloxi Hospital on September 8, 1934, after an attack of appendicitis.  Harriet Baker Marion married James H. Ford June 28, 1936.(Harrison Co., Mississippi MRB 30, p. 282 and MRB  47, p. 109 and The Daily Herald, September 8, 1934, p. 10)


Rosa Marion

 Rosa Marion was born in 1904.  She married George Ladnier (1903-1971) in Harrison County, Mississippi on May 19, 1923.  By 1930, they had relocated to Herron Bay, Mobile County, Alabama where George was an oyster fisherman.  At this time, they were the parents of: Joseph L. Ladnier (1926-1988); Rosemary Ladnier (1927-1930+); and Irene Ladnier (1928-1930+).  It appears that this family remained in the Bayou La Batre area of Mobile County, Alabama.( Harrison Co., Mississippi MRB 35, p. 110)


Ralph Marion

Ralph Marion (1907-1984) was born December 15, 1907.  He married Ophelia Sperivich (1906-1981) on November 21, 1926.  In 1930, Ralph and Ophelia Marion lived on Washington Street at Biloxi.  He was employed by a paving company as a brick mason.  Ralph died at Biloxi, Mississippi in December 1984.  Ophelia preceded him in death expiring in June 1981.  Their corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery [perpetual care section].(The Daily Herald, December 19, 1907, p. 2 and November 24, 1926, p. 1 and Harrison Co., Mississippi MRB 38, p. 535)




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