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 Joseph Edgar Combel (1853-1938)

[courtesy of Donna Maria Wagner Wallace, Scotia, New York]


Joseph Edgar Combel (1853-1938), a native of Shieldsboro [Bay St. Louis], Mississippi, was the progenitor of the Combel family that resided at Biloxi, Mississippi in the early 20th Century.  Joseph E. Combel was the son of Edgard Antoine Pierre Combel (1831-pre-1877) and Lucie Angelique Paganetto Combel (1833-1857) both natives of Louisiana.  After the demise of Lucie Paganetto Combel, Edgard A.P. Combel married Marie Alice Robin (1837-1886), a native of New Orleans, Louisiana.  He sired about ten Combel children with these wives.

On January 23, 1877 in Hancock County, Mississippi, Joseph E. Combel married  Mary Elizabeth Garnier (1857-1921).  Their children were: Mary Angelina Combel (1878-pre-1956?) m.  Winton L. Springer (1876-1920+) of Clinton, Illinois; Theodore Combel (1880-1963) m. Clara Belle Word (1883-1968) of Oxford, Mississippi; Amelia Mary Combel (1882-1965) m. Reuben Harris Givens (1877-1948) ; Maria Georgiann Combel (1884-1958) m. Walter C. Wagner (1882-1953); Ralph J. Combel (1888-1956) m. Flavilla Reynolds (1891-1966) and Marie Heinrich (1904-1970); Isabel Jeanne Combel (1890-1983) m.  Virgil B. Carlyle (1876-1952); Margaret I. Combel (1891-1990) m. Robert E. Slay (1890-1975); Earl Joseph M. Combel (1894-1894); and Inez Combel (1897-1991) m.  Shirley Louis Guilbeau (1897-1980).


In early April 1902,The Bay St. Louis Echo related to its citizens that Joseph Combel had planned to relocate his hardware business to Biloxi.  Mr. Combel reasoned that Biloxi had a stronger potential for commercial growth than his natal city.  At Biloxi, Joseph Combel rented the Hagan Building on the SW/C of West Howard Avenue and Magnolia Street.  He planned to open for business on May 1st.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, April 8, 1902, p. 8)

A man of his word, Joseph Combel opened Combels’s Hardware Store on May 1, 1902.  His family had not yet relocated from Bay St. Louis to join him.(The Biloxi daily Herald, May 2, 1902, p. 8) 

By late August 1902, Mr. Combel was advertising in the local Biloxi journal as follows:


Hardware, stoves, paints & oils, turpentine, varnishes, crockery, glassware, harness and window glass

[The Biloxi Daily Herald, August 30, 1902, p. 7]

Joseph E. Combel Family

[L-R: Theo J. Combel (1880-1963); Joseph E. Combel (1853-1938); Amelia C. Givens (1882-1965); Angelina C. Springer (1878-1934+); Elizabeth Garnier Combel (1857-1921); and Maria C. Wagner (1884-1958).[courtesy of Donna Maria Wagner Wallace, Scotia, New York]

Amelia Combel marries at NOLA-1902

At New Orleans, on April 30, 1902, Miss Amelia Combel married Reuben Harris Givens (1877-1948), a native of Kentucky, at NOLA.  Mr. Givens began working at the Joseph Combel hardware store in Biloxi circa 1905.  In October 1910, he secured a position as house salesman with the Southern Hardware Company in Mobile, Alabama. (NOLA MRB 23, p. 932 and The Daily Herald, October 11, 1910, p. 8)

By 1920, the Reuben H. Givens family was settled at 1006 Anthony Street in Mobile.  Reuben was employed as sales manager with the McGowin-Lyons Hardware & Supply Company situated on St. Louis and Water Street.  At this time, he and Amelia Combel Givens were the parents of five children: Ethel Belle Givens (1905-1982); Grace Givens; Reuben H. Givens Jr. (1907-1984); Joseph Combel Givens (1908-1986); and George Miller Givens (1917-1988). (1920 Mobile Co., Alabama Federal Census T625-35, p. 7A, ED 111)

Reuben H. Givens expired at Mobile, Alabama on September 23, 1948.  Amelia Combel Givens died at Mobile on November 28, 1968.  Their corporal remains were interred in the Pine Crest Cemetery at Mobile, Alabama.

The Biloxi Herald advertiser-1903

In October 1903, The Biloxi Daily Herald made a note that Joseph Combel was one of its advertisers.  It described his business as follows: [Combel’s] carries the most complete line of hardware, stoves, and fishing tackle in South Mississippi.  It is the agent for the great Wilson stove and also carries a full stock of house furnishings.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, October 17, 1903, p. 1)

Theodore J. Combel marries at Oxford?, Mississippi-1903

There is a high degree of certitude that Theodore [Theo] J. Combel (1880-1963) married Clara Belle Word (1883-1968), called Belle, the daughter of Lucious N. Word (1860-1900+) and Mattie Tarver at Oxford, Lafayette County, Mississippi in 1903.  Mr. Word was the assistant postmaster at Oxford in 1900.(1900 Lafayette Co., Mississippi Federal Census T623-814, p. 3B, ED 44)

In 1900, Theo worked as a salesman in his father’s hardware store at Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.  After the Combel family relocated to Biloxi in 1902, he joined the L&N Railroad and worked in its machine shop at Mobile, Alabama.  By November 1905, Theo Combel was commuting on weekends to visit his wife at Biloxi.  By 1910, Theo and Belle W. Combel were domiciled on Canal Street in Mobile, Alabama with Claire Combel (1905-1989), their first child.  He made his livelihood as a railroad fireman.(1900 Hancock Co., Mississippi Federal Census  T623- and 1910 Mobile Co., Alabama Federal Census T624-27, p. 1B, ED 92 and The Biloxi Daily Herald, November 20, 1905, p. 4)

As presently known by the author, the Theo J. Combel family consisted of two children: Clare Combel (1905-1989) m.  Mr. Niolon and Lt. Colonel Theo J. Combel II (1911-2005) m. Frances Ottone (1915-2004).  Theo J. Combel expired at Mobile, Alabama on April 2, 1963, while Belle Word Combel died there on November 28, 1968.  The corporal remains of all known members of this family were interred in the Pine Crest Cemetery in Mobile, Alabama.

Maria G. Combel marries at Biloxi-1905

On January 18, 1905, Maria G. Combel (1884-1958) married Walter Charles Wagner (1882-1953), the son of Charles Azby Wagner (1856-1930+), an 1873 Austrian immigrant, and Louisa Vanderstraeten (1860- 1896), the daughter of Jean-Baptiste Vanderstraeten and Marie-Emelie Hugonin of New Orleans.   The Wagner-Combel nuptials occurred at Biloxi, Mississippi in the Church of the N.B.V.M. and the newlyweds left for their new home in New Orleans.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, January 18, 1905, p. 8)

In the Crescent City, Walter C. Wagner grew up at 619 Custom House Street in the Vieux Carre where his father was a saloon proprietor.  In January 1900, Charles A. Wagner remarried Bertha Rathoff (1877-1945) who was only five years older than Walter C. Wagner.  She gave birth to three sons: Clarence A. Wagner (1903-1972); Louis F. Wagner (1905-1972+); and William J. Wagner (1908-1930+).(1900 and 1930  Orleans Parish,  Louisiana Federal Census T623_571, p. 6B, ED 34 and R 803, p. 23B, ED 66)

National Brewery-1911

In 1910, the Walter C. Wagner family was domiciled at 432 Reynoir Street at Biloxi, Mississippi.  At this time, he made his livelihood as a sales clerk in the Joseph E. Combel hardware store.  In March 1911, Charles A. Wagner, Walter’s father, became a driving force in the organization and incorporation of the National Brewery, a new beer brewing company, at New Orleans.  The brewery, a $400,000, steel, brick and stone structure was designed by Keenan & Weiss, architects, and erected at 2600 Gravier Street by John Henry, general contractor.  The company utilized local labor and the construction was financed with local capital.  The National Brewery plant was completed in late May 1912 and viewed by about 10,000 friends of the corporate officers: Charles A. Wagner, president; Albert Werner, vice-president; A.C. Daubert, secretary; and H.C. Osborne, treasurer.  The National Brewery had the capacity to produce 60,000 barrels of beer annuallyAfter the demise of Charles A. Wagner in the early 1930s, the National Brewery was sold to the Falstaff Brewing Corporation of St. Louis in December 1936. (The Daily Picayune, March 26, 1911, p. 9, July 9, 1911, p. 5, and May 31, 1912 and The Times-Picayune, December 15, 1936, p. 16)

By 1920, Maria G. Wagner and Walter C. Wagner and children had returned to New Orleans.  They were domiciled at 423 Clark Street and Joseph E. Combel and Angelina C. Springer, Maria’s father and sister, were living with them.  Walter C. Wagner was employed with the National Brewery at this time.(1920 Orleans Parish, Louisiana Federal Census T625-619, p. 8B, ED 57)

The children of Walter C. Wagner and Maria Combel were: Charles Azby Wagner (1905-1962) m. Mary Rafferty; Marie Louise Wagner (1907-2002) m. Leo Louis Bouchey Leach (1905-1965); Walter Charles Wagner II (1913-1969) m. Betty Primett; Joseph Earl Wagner (1915-1970) m. Odette Hymel (1917-1993); and Isabel Wagner (1923-2008) m. Harry H. Boylan Jr. (1920-2011+).

Walter C. Wagner expired at NOLA on October 19, 1953.  Maria Combel Wagner died November 12, 1958 also in the Crescent City.  Their corporal remains were placed in the Hope Mausoleum at New Orleans, Louisiana.(The Times-Picayune, October 20, 1953, p. 2 and November 13, 1958, p. 2)

Summer heat

In late May 1905, many of Biloxi’s merchants cognizant of the coming summer heat and humidity agreed to close their establishments at 6:30 p.m. on weekdays in order to give their clerks a break.  Joseph E. Combel with S. Joseph, Mary Arguelles, E.S. Balthrope, Charles Redding, Edward Glennan, E.M. McCrary, L. Lopez & Company, T.P. Dulion & Company, Wachenfeld & Company, Gorenflo, David Levy, L.M. Coleman, J.P. Hagan, Moseley & Devitt, Sam Picard, Maurice M. Levy, John R. Young, and Cahn & Singer were among those to make this pact.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, May 18, 1905, p. 5)

Angelina M. Combel marries in Chicago-1906

Angelina ‘Gena’ M. Combel (1878-pre 1956) married Winton L. Springer (1876-1920+), a native of Wisconsin, at Chicago, Illinois on November 30, 1906.  Mr. Springer is believed to have lived in Clinton, Illinois before moving to Chicago where he was the proprietor of a print shop.  In 1900, W.L. Springer was domiciled in Rock County, Wisconsin with his widowed mother and sister.  He made his living selling sheet music at this time.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, December 3, 1906, p. 4 and 1900 Rock Co., 1900 Rock Co., Wisconsin Federal Census T623-1814, p. 5B, ED 168)

In 1910, Winton L. Springer was living alone in Chicago and operating a printery.  By 1920, he had relocated to Hillsdale, New Jersey and had married circa 1914, Wanda Springer (1889-1920+), a 1907 Swedish immigrant.  They had two children: Ralph Springer (b. 1915) and Wanda Springer (b. 1917).(1910 Cook Co., Illinois Federal Census T624-263, p. 16A, ED 901 and 1920 Bergen Co., New Jersey Federal Census T625-1017, p. 4B, ED 52)

There is a high degree of certitude that Angelina M. Combel either divorced or abandoned Winton L. Springer or vice versa shortly after their nuptials.  She lived the remainder of her life in Louisiana much of it with her father.  It appears that she may died between 1938 and 1956.  No further information.

Ralph J. Combel weds in New Orleans-1909

Ralph J. Combel (1888-1956), sometimes called Raoul, married Flavilla Reynolds (1891-1966), the daughter of Marshall Albert  Reynolds (1846-1906), a native of Bowling County, Ohio, and Magdalena Seibert (1862-1946), at NOLA on June 7, 1909.(NOLA MRB, 31, p. 233)

Like his father, Joseph E. Combel, Ralph J. Combel made his livelihood as salesman.   He traveled often in his vocation selling hardware and paints.  Ralph and Flavilla settled in New Orleans at 3126 Palmyra Street.  They were the parents of Norma Combel (1909-1991) m. Frank Fairley (d. January 26, 1968) and Fay Combel (1911-1989) married Morris C. Gottesman (1891-1972). (1920 Orleans Parish, Louisiana Federal Census T625-619, p. 12A, ED 55)

Morris C. Gottesman was a Romanian Jew and came to New York in 1914.  In the early 1930s, he settled at NOLA and became a partner in Higgins Industries and later was associated with the Levitan Furniture Company.  Mr. Gottesman died on September 16, 1972 at NOLA.  His corporal remains were interred in the Chevra Thilim Cemetery in the Crescent City.  Fay Combel Gottesman died at NOLA in July 1989.(The Times-Picayune, September 16, 1972, p. 20)

Ralph J. Combel and Flavilla Reynolds divorced and he married Marie Heinrich-Travelbee (1904-1970), the daughter of Robert Heinrich and Helen Schmidt. Marie Heinrich Combel died at NOLA on May 10, 1970.  Her corporal remains were interred at the Greenwood Cemetery in NOLA.(The Times-Picayune May 16, 1970, p. 16)

Ralph J. Combel passed on at NOLA April 27, 1956.  His remains were interred in the Greenwood Cemetery.  Flavilla Reynolds Combel expired at NOLA on March 4, 1966.  Her corporal remains were interred in the Cypress Grove Cemetery.(The Times-Picayune April 28, 1956, p. 2 and March 8, 1966, Sec. I, p. 2)

Isabel J. Combel-1910 graduation and marriage in 1914

Isabel Jeanne Combel (1890-1983) attended the Sacred Heart School at Biloxi.  She was the only graduating senior of the 1909-1910 class.  On April 15, 1914, in the Church of the N.B.V.M. at Biloxi, Isabel married Virgil Benson Carlisle (1876-1952), a Mississippian, but at the time, a traveling salesman, based at St. Louis, Missouri.(The Daily Herald, June 9, 1910, p. 8, April 13, 1914, p. 2 and Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 25, p. 589)

By 1917, the Carlisles had relocated to Lafayette, Louisiana where Virgil sold lightening rods for the St. Louis Lightening Rod Company.  By 1930, he had become the proprietor of a furniture store and he and Isabel were domiciled at 110 Monroe Street.  They never had children.(1930 Lafayette Parish, Louisiana Federal Census R797, p. 4B, ED 10)

Later Virgil and Isabel C. Carlisle moved to New Orleans and lived at 907 Jackson Avenue.  Isabel Combel Carlisle died at NOLA on February 11, 1983.  She was preceded in death by Virgil B. Carlisle, her spouse, who passed in the Crescent City on May 1, 1952.  Their corporal remains rest for eternity in the Greenwood Cemetery at New Orleans, Louisiana.(The Time-Picayune, May 2, 1952, p. 2 and February 13, 1983, Section I, p. 16)

Marguerite Combel marries in 1910

Marguerite Combel (1891-1991) was a student at Sacred Heart until the day before she wedded Robert E. Slay (1890-1975), a native of Bon Secour, Baldwin County, Alabama on September 17, 1910.  Their civil ceremony preceded their Catholic nuptials both held at the home of Peter Yurgensen.  Mr. Slay was an employee of the Yurgensen Bakery at Biloxi.(The Daily Herald, September 19, 1910, p. 8)

Robert E. Slay and Marguerite Combel Slay resided in Biloxi at 204 East Howard Avenue.  Here in Biloxi, Mississippi seven children were born: Elizabeth T. Slay (1911-1917) m. Coney Murello (1898-1984); Robert E. Slay II (1913-1996); Joseph Lawrence Slay (1915-1998) m. Barbara Boyd (1922-2003); Elodie Slay (b. 1918) m. Charles L. Tabor (1917-1991) and Mr. McCready; Rita June Slay (1920-1991) m.  Mr. Holden; Marjorie Slay (b. 1923) m. Mr. Ernst; and Shirley Slay (1925-2007) m. Lloyd Triay (1921-2004).  Mr. Slay made his livelihood at Biloxi as a merchant tailor.(1920 Harrison Co., Mississippi Federal Census T625-876, p. 39B, ED 39)

Circa 1927, the Robert E. Slay family left Biloxi and relocated to Fort Pierce, Florida.  In St. Lucie County, Florida, Mr. Slay was the proprietor of a successful dry cleaning establishment.  Two children were born in Florida: Lanette Slay (b. 1928) married Mr. Egers and Dorothy Evelyn Slay (1931-1999) married Mr. Mauck and Mr. Swartz.(1930 St. Lucie Co., Florida Federal Census, R332, p. 5A, ED 6)

Marguerite Combel Slay died in late May 1990 at Fort Pierce, Florida.  Robert E. Slay had preceded her in death passing in October 1975.(The Palm Beach Post, May 31, 1990, p. 3B)

Elizabeth Garnier Combel passes

Mrs. Joseph E. Combel met her demise on May 9, 1921 at Lafayette, Louisiana.  She had been a guest of Inez Combel, her daughterThe corporal remains ofElizabeth Garnier Combel were taken from 3120 Palmyra Street in the Crescent City, the residence of Ralph J. Combel, to the Greenwood Cemetery for internment.(The Daily Herald, May 10, 1921, p. 4 and The Times-Picayune, May 10, 1921, p. 2)

Interior Combel Store

[courtesy of Donna Maria Wagner Wallace, Scotia, New York]

U.S. Joachim takes over Combels’-1918

 In March 1918, Joseph E. Combel sold his business to Uriah S. Joachim (1888-1977), Leon F. Janin Jr. (1912-1957) and W.O. Clark who incorporated as the Combel Hardware Company at Biloxi at this time.  By 1918, Mr. Joachim had been promoted manager of the L. Lopez & Company operation in Biloxi.  He resigned and joined the Combel Hardware Company as manager.  David J. Venus replaced U.S. Joachim as the manager of the Lopez store on West Howard Avenue.  The Combel Hardward Company evolved by 1948, into Joachim’s wholly owned Combel’s Merchandise Mart.  In addition to his hardware interests, U.S. Joachim was president of First Federal Savings and Loan and the Avelez Hotel.  He was also a member of the Biloxi Chamber of Commerce, Elks Club, and Church of the Nativity of the B.V.M.  Mr. Joachim expired in late January 1977.  Stella Gillen Joachim, his wife of over fifty years, preceded him in death expiring on September 12, 1963.  They rest eternally in the Southern Memorial Park cemetery in Biloxi.(The Daily Herald, March 25, 1918, p. 3, April 22, 1918, p. 5, The Jackson County Times, March 20, 1918, p. 7 and The Daily Herald, January 31, 1977, p.  A-2)

Move to NOLA and Mobile

Joseph E. Combel moved to New Orleans after the sale of his Biloxi business to the Uriah S. Joachim group.  In 1920, he and Angelina Combel Springer, his daughter, were domiciled with the Walter C. Wagner family at 423 Clark Street.  By January 1922, Joseph had relocated to Mobile, Alabama where Theo J. Combel, his son, lived.(1920 Orleans Parish, Louisiana Federal Census T625-619, p. 8B, ED 57)

Inez Combel marries in 1922

On January 16, 1922, Inez Combel (1897-1991) married Shirley Louis Guilbeau at St. John’s Cathedral in Lafayette, LouisianaMaria C. Wagner, her sister, sang Ave Maria at the wedding.(The Daily Herald, January 10, 1922, p. 3 and The Times-Picayune, January 23, 1922, p. 11)

            Inez Combel Guilbeau died at Houston, Texas in October 1991.  No further information.

Attempted robbery-1928 NOLA

In early December 1928, Herman O. Baker (d. 1928), described as a society burglar, entered Combel’s Variety Store at 3126 Tulane Avenue and Lopez Street.  The Combel store was kept by Joseph E. Combel (1853-1938) and Angelina Combel Springer, his daughter.  While resisting Baker’s attempt to rob his market, Mr. Combel was struck in the head with the burglar’s pistol and then shot in his left hand as he wrestled with the perpetrator.   James Reilly, a NOLA fireman, retrieved the pistol and shot and mortally wounded H.O. Baker.  Joseph E. Combel was taken to the hospital for his injuries.(The Times-Picayune, December 11, 1928, p. 1)

 Joseph Edgar Combel (1853-1938) and brother??

[courtesy of Donna Maria Wagner Wallace, Scotia, New York]

Joseph E. Combel passes

Joseph E. Combel died on November 24, 1938 at Mobile, Alabama.  In 1930, he and Angelina C. Springer, his daughter, were living at in the Crescent City and operating a hardware store.(1930 Orleans Parish, Louisiana Federal Census R 801, p. 16A, ED 29)



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Our Lady of the Gulf Catholic Church

Bay St. Louis, Mississippi

Joseph E. Combel Family Birth Records

[names per Catholic Church records]

Mary Angelica Combel born March 16, 1878.

Theophyle Joseph Combel born May 4, 1880.

Mary Emilia Combel born March 16, 1882.

Mary Georgine Combel born January 19, 1884.

Joseph Raoul Combel born August 11, 1888.

Mary Isabella Jane Combel born July 3, 1890.

Mary Margaret Ida Combel born December 21, 1891.

Earl Joseph Michel Combel born June 26, 1894 and died November 13, 1894.

Mary Ines Combel born June 23, 1897.

Chicago, Illinois Marriages

Angelina Combel married W.L. Springer at Chicago on November 30, 1906.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, December 3, 1906)

Hancock County, Mississippi Marriages

Mary Elizabeth Garnier marriedJoseph Edgard Combel on January 24, 1877.(Our Lady of the Gulf  Catholic Church-Book 1, p. 118)

Harrison County, Mississippi Marriages

Maria Combelmarried Walter Charles Wagner of NOLA at Biloxi, Mississippi on January 18, 1905.(MRB 16, p. 274)

Isabel Jeanne Combel married Vernon B. Carlisle on April 15, 1914 at Biloxi, Mississippi.(MRB 25, p. 589)


NOLA Marriages

Charles A. Wagner marriedLouisa Vanderstraeten on June 23, 1881.(NOLA MRB 8, p. 714)

Charles A. Wagner marriedBertha Rathoff on January 11, 1900.(NOLA MRB 21, p. 968)

Amelia Mary Combelmarried Reuben Harris Givens on April 30, 1902.(NOLA MRB 23, p. 932)

Raoul J. Combelmarried Flavilla Reynolds on June 7, 1909.(NOLA MRB 31, p. 233)

Lafayette Parish, Louisiana Marriages

Inez Combelmarried Shirley L. Guilbeau at Lafayette, Lafayette Parish, Louisiana on January 23,   1922.

Combel Deaths

Lucie Angelique Paganetto Combel (1833-1857) died June 9, 1857.  Buried Cedar Rest Cemetery-Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.


Marie Alice Robin Combel (1837-1886) died on March 25, 1886.(OLG Book 2, p. 7)

Dr. Henry I. Combel (1876-1904) died March 24, 1904.  Buried Cedar Rest Cemetery-Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.

Elizabeth Garnier Combel(18-1921) died May 9, 1921 at Lafayette, Louisiana.  Buried Greenwood Cemetery NOLA.

Joseph E. Combel (1853-1938) died November 24, 1938 at Mobile, Alabama.  Buried Greenwood Cemetery NOLA.

Virgil B. Carlisle (1876-1952) died May 1, 1952 at NOLA.  Interred Greenwood Cemetery NOLA.

Walter Charles Wagner (18-1953) died October 20, 1953 at NOLA.  Interred Hope Mausoleum NOLA.

Ralph Joseph Combel (1888-1956)died April 27, 1956 at NOLA.  Interred Greenwood Cemetery NOLA.

Maria Combel Wagner (1884-1958) died November 12, 1958.  Interred Hope Mausoleum NOLA.

Theodore J. Combel (1880-1963) died April 2, 1963 at Mobile, Alabama.  Interred Pine Crest Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama.

Flavilla Reynolds Combel (1891-1966),daughter of Marshall A. Reynolds and Magdalena Seibert, died March 4, 1966 at NOLA.  Interred Cypress Grove Cemetery NOLA.

Belle Word Combel (1883-1968) died on November 28, 1968 at Mobile, Alabama.  Interred Pine Crest Cemetery, Mobile, Alabama.

Isabel Combel Carlisle(1890-1983) died February 11, 1983 at NOLA.  Interred Greenwood Cemetery NOLA.

Marguerite Ida Combel Slay (1891-1990) died in May 1990 at Fort Pierce, Florida.

Inez Combel Guilbeau(1897-1991) died in October 1991 at Houston, Texas.