Croatian arrivals from Molat [Melada-Italian]-Baricev, Barich, Baronich, Dujmov, Kovach, Magas, Mavar, Savin.

Croatian arrivals from Molat [Melada-Italian]-Baricev, Barich, Baronich, Dujmov, Kovach, Magas, Mavar, Savin.
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Peter [Petar] M. Baricev (1880-1951), born on Molat, Croatia on June 27, 1880 the son of Robert Baricev and Lucille Uglesich, and Theresa [Tereza] Buyasich (1880-1957), also a native of Molat and the daughter of Frances Buyasich or Boyasich, were the progenitors of the Baricev family at Biloxi, Mississippi.  Their children were: John Baricev (1901-1928); Joseph P. Baricev (1904-1999) m. Jessie Traina (1899-1996); Anthony M. Baricev (1908-1982) m. Maritza (Mary) Jurich (1911-1997); Peter J. Baricev (1921-1996) m. Jane Alla Brown (1922-1993); and Josephine Lucille Baricev (1923-1957+) m. Marion L. Lutes (1922-2001) and Harold S. Bourgouin.


In March 1921, Peter M. Baricev (1880-1951) a resident of 815 Reynoir Street, who had been in Biloxi for several years, returned from  Molat, Croatia to make Biloxi his permanent home.  While at Molat, he had advised is brothers and a nephew to secure documents and immigrate to America before the new immigration bill becomes effective.(The Daily Herald, March 2, 1921, p. 3)


At Biloxi, Peter M. Baricev was in the restaurant business and ran the French Restaurant.  He died on November 16, 1951 while a resident of 212 Lee Street.  Theresa B. Baricev expired on October 7, 1957.  Their corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery.(The Times-Picayune, November 17, 1951, p. 2 and October 18, 1957, p. 3)






Joseph P. Baricev (1904-1999) was born at Molat, Croatia .  He married Jessie Traina (1899-1996), the daughter of Biaggio Traina (1851-1904) and Victoriana Mustacchia (1858-1928), both Italian immigrants, in St. Joseph's Church on Tulane Avenue at NOLA on October 14, 1925. Their children were: Joseph Francis Baricev (1927-2011) m. Jane Wilson Searles (1928-2014); Robert Louis Baricev (1928-2003) m. Theresa E. Jelusich (1929-2005); and Victor J. Baricev m. Geraldine Mary Doyle.(1900 Orleans Parish, Louisiana Federal Census T623, p. 22B, ED 27-3rd Ward and The Times-Picayune, October 11, 1925, p. 4 and November 13, 1958, p. 77)


After working briefly on shrimp boats at Biloxi, in 1923, Joseph P. Baricev was introduced to the restauratant business in New Orleans as a dishwasher.  In 1926, Jessie and Joseph opened their Auditorium Restaurant in the French Quarter at Rampart and St. Peter Street.  In 1930, the Baricev family was domiciled at 1808 Palmyra Street and Dominick Traina (b. 1883) and Frances Traina (1898), Jessie’s brother and sister-in-law, were living with them as well as John Marcev (b. 1903), a recent Croatian immigrant.  By 1934, Joseph P. Baricev’s Auditorium Restaurant was situated  at 700 North Rampart Street and it  was doing well serving local seafoods i.e., crabs, shrimp, hard and soft shell crabs, as well as frog legs.(1930 Orleans Parish Federal Census R802, p. 15A, 3rd Ward and The Times-Picayune, May 27, 1934, p. 59)

In 1936, the Baricev family move their restaurant business to Gretna, Louisiana.






In the 1940s, Joseph P. Baricev relocated from the Crescent City to Biloxi, Mississippi.  Here he opened a seafood restaurant.  It was destroyed in the September 1947 Hurricane.  Following the destructive tempest, Baricev built a new eatery on the site of the old Marietta Cafe on Biloxi's West Beach Boulevard opposite the Buena Vista Hotel.  Peter J. Baricev designed the structure as he was working for the J.T. Collins Construction Company.  The 3500 sq.-ft. structure was built with a dining room; lounge; lobby; kitchen; public sanitary facilities and a powder room for ladies; a toilet for employees and two supply rooms.(The Daily Herald, June 30, 1948, p. 1)


[from The Daily Herald, August 7, 1949, p. 6]




Joseph F. Baricev and Janes Searles Baricev

Joseph Francis Baricev (1927-2011) was born at New Orleans on April 28, 1927.  In Harrison County, Mississippi in September 1947, he married Jane Wilson Searles (1928-2014) and they were the parents of two sons: Joseph Baricev (b. 1948) and Gregory Scott Baricev (1954-2016).

Joseph F. Baricev, 84, of Biloxi, Mississippi was called to meet his Lord on Wednesday, August 24, 2011. Mr. Baricev was the owner of Baricev's Restaurant along with his wife, brother and sister-in-law for many, many years. He was an avid golfer and loved fishing and his dog "Rosie". Mr. Baricev graduated from St. Aloysius in New Orleans and attended Tulane University until he enlisted in the Navy in WW II.  Mr. Baricev is preceded in death by his parents, Joseph P. and Jessie Traina Baricev and brother, Robert.  He is survived by his wife of 64 years, Jane; sons, Joseph and Greg and one granddaughter, Katie (Beau) Bogard.(The Sun Herald, August 25, 2011)


Joseph Baricev

Joseph Baricev was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on July 19, 1948.


Gregory S. Baricev

Gregory 'Greg' Scott Baricev (1954-2016), age 61 years, of Biloxi, passed away on Monday, January 11, 2016, in Biloxi.  He was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on August 17, 1954 and was a lifelong resident of Biloxi and was employed in the family business, Baricev's Seafood Restaurant. Greg received his degree in Banking and Commerce from the University of Alabama, the alma mater of his mother. He was an avid cyclist and loved being outdoors. 


Greg married Norsene Whitsett Moody [b. 1955] of Poplarville, Mississippi on April 17, 1982.  She taught school at Biloxi after her education at MSCW and Mississippi State University.  They were the parents of Katherine Elizabeth Baricev (b. 1987)  m. Ronald Ray 'Beau' Bogard II (b. 1983).  In 2012, Norsene M. Baricev married James Michael Mitchell.(The Times-Picayune, March 14, 1982, Section IV, p. 16)

Greg was preceded in death by his parents, Joseph and Jane Baricev, and his grandson, Whit Bogard.  Survivors include his daughter Katie (Beau) Bogard, a grandson, Wyatt Bogard, and a brother, Joseph Baricev.   A visitation will be held on Sunday, January 17, 2016 from 2pm-3pm at the Pass Road Chapel of Bradford O'Keefe Funeral Home. A private burial in Southern Memorial Park will be held at a later date.


Robert "Bobby" L.  Baricev

[from The Advocate (Baton Rouge), September 22, 1985, p. 1-C]


Robert L. Baricev

Robert 'Bobby' Louis Baricev (1928-2003) was born   1928 at NOLA.  He married Theresa E. Jelusich (1929-2005), the daughter of Anthony S. Jelusich and Albertha Conovich, on October 28, 1948 at the N.B.V.M. Catholic Church in Biloxi, Mississippi.  They were the parents of two children: Bobbie Ann Baricev m. Rickie J. Chatagnier in August 1974 and Donald Gerald Baricev (1955-1955).(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 78, p. 223, The Times-Picayune, September 5, 1948, p. 44)


Bobby Baricev was a partner in the family restaurant, Baricev’s Seafood harbor Restaurant and Lounge.  He had served in the US Army and was a charter member of Sunkist Country Club and a lifetime member of Elks Lodge N0. 606.  Bobby died at Biloxi, Mississippi on September 9, 2003.  Theresa expired also at Biloxi on May 27, 2005. Their corporal remains were interred in the Southern Memorial Park cemetery in West Biloxi.(The Sun Herald, September 11, 2003, p. A6 and May 29, 2005)


Victor J. Baricev

Victor Joseph Baricev was born circa 1932.  He graduated from Notre Dame High School where he played quarterback on the football squad and saw action in the December 1950 Shrimp Bowl when he threw a touchdown pass in a losing effort to the Neville High Tigers of Monroe, Louisiana.  Victor was commissioned a Lt. (jg) in the US Navy and stationed at Norfolk, Virginia when he married Geraldine Mary Doyle of NOLA in November 1954.  They were the parents of at least three children: Janet Catherine Baricev  m. Charles Dicks Harris in March 1983; Susan Ann Baricev m. Errol Alvin Donnell II in May 1987; and Victor John Baricev (b. 1961).  No further information.(The Times-Picayune, December 2, 1950, p. 19; November 13, 1958, p. 77; March 20, 1983, p. 85; and May 17, 1987, p. 70)


Maritza Jurich Baricev (1911-1997)



Anthony 'Tony' M. Baricev (1908-1982) was born February 10, 1908.  He married Maritza (Mary) Jurich (1911-1997), a native of Bobovisce, Brac, County Split-Dalmatia, the daughter of Dominick Jurich (1885-1959) and Katie Sekul (1884-1962) in Harrison County, Mississippi on June 22, 1932.  They were the parents of: Anthony Dominic Baricev; Catherine Ann Baricev (b. 1936) m. Walter E. Fiorentini; and  Jomarie Baricev (1944-1976) m. Victor Suzanno Soares, the son of  Armindo 'Herman' Soares (1908-1994) and Judith Suzzano (1917-2006) on August 23, 1964.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 43, p. 612 and Bk. 127, p. 376)

In July 1955, Catherine Ann Baricev was Queen of the Blessing of the Fleet at Biloxi.(The Times-Picayune, August 1, 1955, p. 30)

Tony Baricev died at Biloxi, Mississippi on May 19, 1982.  Jomarie Baricev Soares had preceded him in death passing on December 23, 1976.  Their corporal remains were interred in Southern Memorial Park cemetery.  Maritza Jurich Baricev died on August 4, 1997.  Her remains were also interred at Southern Memorial Park.



Peter J. Baricev (1921-1996) was born at NOLA.  He married Jane Alla Brown (1922-1993) in Harrison County, Mississippi on December 20, 1941.



Josephine Lucy Baricev (1923-)  married Marvin L. Lutes (1922-2001) and Harold S. Bourgouin in Harrison County, Mississippi in February 1944 and March 1947 respectively.  She had a daughter, Sharon M. Bourgoin (1947-1947) who died as an infant at Biloxi on October 9, 1947.  Josephine and Harold lived at Vellejo, California, Atwater, California and



In mid-August 1941, Dan 'Donko' Markotich (1892-1964) sold the French Restaurant to Joseph Baricev (1904-1999).  Markotich had operated the restaurant for six years.(The Daily Herald, August 13, 1941, p. 6)



Following the September 1947 Hurricane which destroyed the Baricev Restaurant, a new restaurant was built on the site of the old Marietta Cafe on Biloxi's West Beach Boulevard opposite the Buena Vista Hotel.  Peter J. Baricev designed the structure as he was working for the J.F. Collins Construction Company.  The 3500 sq.-ft. structure was built with a dining room; lounge; lobby; kitchen; public sanitary facilites and a powder room for ladies; a toilet for employees and two supply rooms.(The Daily Herald, June 30, 1948, p. 1)



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Bozo Barich (1875-1960) came from Croatia in 1903.  He had married Katie May Spernich (1879-1950), the daughter of Vincent Spernich and Mary Pavlov.  Children: John Barich (1900-1946); Julius Barich (1907-1993) m. Mary Rodolfich (1908-1997); August Barich (1912-1994) m. Rita Davis (1920-1992); Louis Barich; and Joseph Peter Barich (1923-2011) m. Edna Steele (1929-2009);





John Barich (1900-1946) was born December 14, 1900.  He died on January 12, 1946.



Julius Barich (1907-1993), a 1922 Croatian immigrant, was born at Molat on 1907.  Circa 1927, he married Mary Rodolfich (1908-1997).  In 1930, the Barich family lived at 212 Cedar Street and Julius made his livelihood as a fisherman.  Children: Mary Joyce Barich (1928-1999); Barbara Catherine Barich m. James Mickey McCarthy; and Perina Juliet Barich m. Mr. Franc.(1930 Harrison Co., Mississippi Federal Census R1146, p. 46B, ED 2)

Julius Barich expired on January 23, 1993.  Mary Rodolfich Barich passed on October  1997 and Mary Joyce Barich died on September 13, 1999.  Their corporal remains were interred in the Evergreen Cemetery on Old Fort Bayou at Ocean Springs, Mississippi.



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Martin Paul Baronich (1893-1964) was born at Molat, Zadar County, Croatia.  He married Anna Rosetti (1901-1924), a native of Starigrad, Hvar, Zadar County Croatia on June 30, 1921 in Harrison County, Mississippi.   They were the parents of Martin P. Baronich Jr. (1922-1943); Leopold ‘Poley’ M. Baronich (1924-1974); and Harold J. Baronich Sr. (1924-2001) m. Cecelia R. Manno (1924 -2007).(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 33, p. 224)


Martin P. Baronich made his livelihood as a fisherman for the local seafood canneries.  The family homestead was at 223 Sophie Street on Point Cadet.




 Martin P. Baronich Jr.

Martin P. Baronich (1922-1943) made his livelihood like his father fishing for the local seafood canneries while living at 223 Sophie Street in East Biloxi.   He enlisted in the USCG and was on active duty as a 1stClass Fireman aboard the USS Serpens(AK-97), a cargo ship, when he was killed on October 15, 1943.(The Daily Herald, October 25, 1943, p. 2) 


The USS Serpenswas lost with two hundred-fifty men in late January 1945 while loading ammunitions and depth charges at Guadalcanal in the Solomon Islands.

Martin’s corporal remains were returned from the South Pacific via San Francisco to Biloxi, Mississippi in October 1947, after WW II for internment in the Southern Memorial Park cemetery.  His funeral was held at the Bradford Funeral Home with full military honors on October 26,  1947.(The Daily Herald, October 27, 1947, p. 1)


From The Biloxi-D'Iberville Press, by Dale Greenwell in 'Memories of Warriors', part X, May 23, 2013, p. 4.[some editing of this article by Ray L. Bellande]

This is the first part of the story of two Biloxians who served on the same ship during WW II. Martin Paul Baronich jr. was one of the eight sons of Martin Baronich and Antonia Jelusich. After WW II was underway, he and two of his seven brothers rushed inot the fray to save our country. Martin and Victor Baronich joined the US Coast Guard and Harold Baronich enlisted in the US Navy.After basic and advanced military training at San Diego, California, martin baronich was assigned to the USS Serpens [AK-77], which was commissioned May 28, 1943. The vessel was sent to the South Pacific theatre to engage the Japanese naval forces in that region. The USS Serpens had the most dangerous of assignements, as an ammunition and cargo supply carrier.If you know military history, you surely know that a stunning percentage of military deaths are caused by friendly fire and failure. Martin Baronich Jr. was a victim of the latter. He was topside near a cargo hold where the supplies were being transferred from the USS Serpens, when a swinging boom's rigging knocked him into the hold. In the 35-foot fall, the twenty-one year old sailor broke his neck and other bones. Martin died two hours after the accident.
Eight years later Martin's corporal remains were shipped to Biloxi, Mississsippi accompained by a US Coast Guard sailor.  His body was reinterred in the Southern Memorial Park cemetery on Biloxi's West Beach. Lyle Page played Taps at the graveside ceremony. Harold Baronich and Victor Baronich returned home safely after WW II.

Leopold M. Baronich


Leopold 'Poley' M. Baronich was born February 17, 1924 at Biloxi, Mississippi.


Harold J. Baronich Sr.


Harold J. Baronich Sr. (1924-2001) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on February 28, 1924.  He married Cecelia Manno (1924-2007) and they were the parents of five children: Harold J. Baronich Jr.; Carol A. Baronich (1945-2011) m. William George Kuhn Jr.; Cecilia R. Baronich (1943-2002) m. Mr. Drouant; Josephine Baronich (1947-2002) m. Edwin Earl Duncan Jr. and Alexander Petit; Tina Baronich m. Mr. Matherne.


Harold J. Baronich Sr. expired on June 4, 2001.  Cecelia Manno Baronich passed on December 28, 2007.   Their corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi National Cemetery.(The Sun Herald, Jue 17, 2001, p. A 11 and January 3, 2008) 


After the death of Anna Rosetti Baronich on October 5, 1924, Martin P. Baronich married Antonia L.  Jelusich  (1903-1988), the daughter of John Jelusich (1871-1945) and Josephine Mickletich (1878-1945+) in Harrison County, Mississippi on August 15, 1925.  They were the parents of: Jessie Baronich (1926-1927); Victor ‘Mitt’  A. Baronich (1927-2003) m. Amy Ann Christian; Rudolph ‘Cotton’ Carl  Baronich (b. 1930) m. Tommie Gentry; Burnett ‘Sookie’ J. Baronich (1934-1983) m. Sybil White; Robert 'Bobby' W. Baronich (b. 1939) m. Germaine Kay Duncan (1944-2010). (Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 37, p. 216)



Jessie  J. Baronich

Jessie James Baronich (1926-1927) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on September 24, 1926.   He expired on March 12, 1927 and his corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery under the auspices of the Bradford Funeral Parlors.(Bradford-O'Keefe Burial Book 16, p. 14) 


Victor A. Baronich

Victor A. Baronich (1927-2003), called Mitt, was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on December 28, 1927.  He married Amy Ann Christian in Harrison County, Mississippi on June 18, 1950.  They were the parents of three children: Victor J. Baronich m. Geraldine Walker; Martin C. Baronich; m. Nancy Jo Williams, Dionne M. Grieve, Cheryl R. Guilbeaux, and Michelle R. Caskey; and Amy Dianne Baronich m. Robby Louis Goggin and Martin Adamson.  Victor died on November 19, 2003 at Hot Springs Village, Arkansas.  He and his wife had retired here in 1989 after Mitt had complted his life's work wuth Painters & Allied Trades.  His corporal remains were interred in the Southern Memorial park cemetery at Biloxi, Mississippi.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 82, p. 207 and The Sun Herald, November 23, 2003, p. A8)


Rudolph C. Baronich

Rudolph 'Cotton' Carl Baronich (b. 1930) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi.  He married Tommie R. Gentry in Harrison County, Mississippi on December 13, 1964.  Cotton Baronich was living in Jackson, Mississippi in 2010.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 128, p. 292) 


Burnett J. Baronich

Burnett 'Sookie' J. Baronich (1934-1983) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on October 26, 1934.  He married Sybil White in Harrison County, Mississippi on April 10, 1954.  Burnett J. Baronich died on July 6, 1983 and his corporal remians were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery.


Robert W. Baronich

Robert W. Baronich (b. 1939) married Germaine Kay Duncan (1944-2010), the daughter of Parker Duncan and Velma Anglada Wilkerson m. Cyril Wilkerson.  They were the parents of two sons: William 'Billy' Baronich and Michael Baronich.


Germaine K. Baronich died on March 5, 2010.  her corporal remians were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery.(The Sun Herald, March 7, 2012)



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Sam Dujmov (1887-1951) was born at Melada [Italian] for Molat [Croatian], Primorsko-Goranska County, Croatia on September 29, 1887 to Robert Dujmov and Mary Basich. He left Trieste aboard Julia and arrived at New York City on October 2, 1902.(Declaration of Intention No. 400-Southern District Court-South Mississippi-January 1918)





Sam settled at 770 Reynoir Street in Biloxi, Mississippi.  He married Anica 'Annie' Marinovich (1899-1972), a native of Brac, Croatia, and the widow of John Skrmetta (d. 1923).  They were the parents of: Sam Joseph Dujmov (1924-2013) m. Elsie Breeland and Steve Dujmov (1933-2016) m. Elizabeth A. Young Dailey (1941).




Sam Joseph Dujmov (1924-2013)  was born at Biloxi, Mississippi in 1924.  On January 15, 1953, he married Elsie Breland in Harrison County, Mississippi.  They were the parents of Toni Lee Dujmov m. Billy Wayne Klein and Mr. Hutcherson and a son, Steven Dujmov.  Sam died on September 24, 2013 at Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  He was survived by his wife, daughter, and son, and his brother, Steve M. Dujmov; four grandchildren and nine great-grandchildren.  Internment was in the Biloxi Cemetery.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 92, p. 267 and The Sun Herald, September 27, 2013, p. A   )



Steve M. Dujmov

Steve Michael Dujmov  (1933-2016) was born February 23, 1933.  He married Elizabeth A. Young (1941-1982), the daughter of John W. Young and Mattie L. Obborne in Jackson Co., Mississippi on August 21, 1971.(Jackson Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 116, p. 597)


Steve Michael Dujmov, age 83 years, of Biloxi passed away on Sunday, November 27, 2016. Steve was a native and lifelong resident of Biloxi. He served in the Merchant Marine and retired from Patterson's Plumbing. He was a well-known lifelong member of Pro Gym and Planet Fitness Gym. He was also a well-known musician where he was a member of Steve and the Outlaws and Kenny Webb and String Bandits. Steve is preceded in death by his parents, Sam Dujmov and Anica Marinovich Dujmov; brothers, Sam Dujmov and Nick Skrmetta; and sisters, Margaret Skrmetta Greenwood and Antonia Skrmetta Werthner. Survivors include his daughter, Michelle (David) Baggett; sons, Steve Dujmov, Mike (Lee Ann) Dujmov and Derrick Dujmov; grandchildren, Meagan Baggett, Kristyn Dujmov, Justin Gunther and Kyla Dujmov; nieces, Mary Jane Parrish, Letha (Raymond) Cruthirds and Toni Dujmov; and nephew, Steve Dujmov. The Howard Avenue Chapel of Bradford-O'Keefe Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.[The Sun Herald, November 30, 2016]




John [Ivan] Dujmov (1889-1959) was born at Molat on July 2, 1889 to Robert Dujmov and Mary Basich.  He left Trieste and arrived at New York City on September 8, 1913 aboard the Martha Washington and settled at 315 Oak Street in Biloxi, Mississippi.(Declaration of Intention No. 764-Southern District Court-South Mississippi-.  John married Mary Mandich (1891-1962) also a Molat native.  The family left Biloxi in 1927 and settled in Hoquiam, Washington.  John Dujmov passed at Hoquiam, Washington on April 26, 1959.  Mary Mandich Dujmov lived until December 11, 1962.







Evelyn M. Dujmov

Evelyn M. Dujmov (1921-2017) was born at Hoquiam, Grays Harbor County, Washington on September 7, 1921.  She married Jerry Dale Walloch (1923-2000) in Washington.


Olga V. Dujmov

Olga Dujmov (1923-) was born at Hoquiam, Grays Harbor County, Washington on July 26, 1923.  She married Donald Glen Jacobs in 1945 and Mr. Dennis.


Robert J. Dujmov

Robert John Dujmov (1924-2005), age 80 years, passed away September 25, 2005, at Puget Sound Healthcare Center in Olympia. He was born December 7, 1924, in Biloxi, Missississippi, to John Dujmov and Mary Mandich Dujmov.  He moved to Hoquiam with his family when he was 3 years old. Robert attended Hoquiam schools until age 16. He then went to work to help his family due to the ill health of his father. One of his first jobs was working in the circulation department of the Washingtonian newspaper in Hoquiam. He worked at the veneer plant in Hoquiam and subsequently at various plywood mills in Aberdeen and Hoquiam including Aberdeen Plywood and Harbor Plywood. While living in Hoquiam, he attended Our Lady of Good Help Church. He moved to Olympia in the late 1960s. He went to work for Delson Lumber Co. in Olympia and retired from Tumwater Lumber Co. in June of 2001.Robert was a former member of the Knights of Columbus. He was extremely close to his brother, John. Together they built his home in the Olympia area. John passed away in 2003.  He was an ardent sports fan and loved to have discussions with fellow fans. He was a passionate fan of the New York Yankees and the Notre Dame Football team. Robert was a loyal customer of Mega Foods in Tumwater and enjoyed singing Happy Birthday to the clerks. He is survived by his sisters, Rose McCauley of Olympia, Olga Dennis of Tacoma, and Evelyn Walloch of Aberdeen; his sister-in-law, Edna Dujmov of North Bend as well as several nieces and nephews.Visitation will be at Coleman Mortuary in Hoquiam on Thursday from 9 a.m. to 11:30 a.m. A funeral service will be at 12 Noon on Thurs-day, Sept. 29, 2005, at Our Lady of Good Help Church, 200 L. Street in Hoquiam. Interment will follow at Hoquiam's Sunset Memorial Park. The family suggests memorials to Robert be sent to St. Vincent DePaul Society, P.O. Box 766, Olympia, WA 98507. Arrangements by: Coleman Mortuary of Hoquiam.[The Daily World (Aberdeen, Washington), September 28, 2005.


John J. Dujmov

John Joseph Dujmov (1926-2003) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on July 2, 1926.  He married Edna Mae Holm (1929-2008) in Washington.


Rose Mary Dujmov was born in Washington.  She married Gerald F. McCauley in 1952








Robert N. Dujmov (1892-1971) was born at Molat on March 8, 1892.  He married Maria Pauline Bacich.  Child: Milan Joseph Dujmov (1920-1977) m. Mary Ann Russell (1925-2012).


In 1930, Robert Dujmov lived at 1417 Third Street in Biloxi where he and brother, Tony, were employed as boatmen in the seafood industry.  The family relocated to New Orleans where they lived at 2855 Law Street.  Dujmov managed a restaurant in 1955.





Milan J. Dujmov  

Milan Joseph Dujmov (1920-1977) was born at Molat, Croatia.  He came to America with his mother as they arrived 29 July 1927 at New York City as passengers on the SS Aquitania that embarked from Cherbourg, France.  Milan married Mary Ann Russell (1925-2012).

Mary Ann Russell (1925-2012), wife of the late Milan J. Dujmov, passed away on July 25, 2012 at the age of 87 years. She was the beloved mother of Linda Dujmov Poirier (Jules), Robert F. Dujmov, and Joseph E. Dujmov (Yvonne). Daughter of the late Fred Washington Russell and Willie Gregory Russell. Sister of the late Bobbie McCown. Grandmother of Brett Carver (Kim), Melissa Adams (Keith), Shawn Carver (Melissa), Jennifer Jenkins (Cory) and Ashley Dujmov. She is survived by 8 great-grandchildren and also a niece and a nephew. Mary Ann was born 25 March 1925 at Broken Bow, Oklahoma, raised in DeQueen, Arkansas and lived most of her life in the New Orleans area.   Her Funeral Mass was at Lake Lawn Metairie Funeral Home Chapel, 5100 Pontchartrain Blvd.  Her corporal interment was in St. Roch Cemetery #2.[The Times-Picayune, July 28, 2012] 


Linda Ann Dujmov married [in 1967] Edwin Norman Carver and later Mr. Jules Poirier.


Joseph Edward Dujmov married in 1977] Yvonne Marie Stewart





Antonio 'Tony' Dujmov (1894-1970) was born at Molat.  He married Stose Antonio Kolich Dujmov (1897-1990). Children:  Velma Mary Dujmov (1922-1998) m. Joseph R. Misko (1916-1990) and Mary Lucia Dujmov (1930-2017) m. James P. Jordan and Howard E. Mathieu.




Stose [Stosija] Antonia Kolich Dujmov (1894-1970), age 93 years, died April 5, 1990, at Biloxi, Mississippi.  She was the widow of Tony Dujmov (1894-1970) and a native of Soline, Otok Krk,Primorje-Gorski Kotar County, Croatia.  Mrs. Dujmov was a former seafood worker and a member of St. Michael's Catholic Church in Biloxi. She was survived by two daughters: Velma Mary Dujmov (1922-1998) m. Joseph R. Misko Sr. (1916-1990) and Mary Dujmov m. Howard Mathieu; two sisters, Senta Desbota, at San Pedro, California and Manda Stipanov, in Croatia; 12 grandchildren; 24 great grandchildren; and 2 great, great-grandchildren. Bradford-O'Keefe Funeral Home of Biloxi directed the funeral of Mrs. Dujmov. Her corporal remains were interred in Southern Memorial Park at Biloxi, Mississippi, following a funeral Mass at St. Michael's Catholic Church.(The Sun Herald, April 6, 1990, p. C2)




Velma M. Dujmov

Velma Mary Dujmov (1922-1998) was born on April 1, 1922, probably at Molat, Croatia.  She had been a longtime resident of Biloxi and was a retired seafood worker and was a member of St. Michaels Catholic Church in Biloxi. She was preceded in death by her parents, Anthony and Stose Dujmov; and her husband, Joseph R. Misko Sr. Survivors include two daughters, Marie A. Johnson of Royal Oak, Mich., and Lorraine Joseph of Binghampton, N.Y.; four sons, Peter Misko, Joseph R. Misko Jr. and Jerry Wayne Misko, all of Biloxi, and Keith William Misko of Royal Oak; a sister, Mary Mathieu of N. Biloxi; 17 grandchildren; and eight great-grandchildren.


Velma Dujmov Misko, age 76 years, died Sunday, August 30, 1998, in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  Her funeral service was held at St. Michaels Catholic Church. Burial was at  Southern Memorial Park in Biloxi. The Howard Avenue Chapel of Bradford-O'Keefe Funeral Homes in Biloxi was in charge of arrangements.[The Sun Herald, September 1, 1998]



Mary L. Dujmov

Mary Lucia Dujmov (1930-2017), age 86 years, of Biloxi, passed away on January 23, 2017. She was preceded in death by her first husband, James Pearl Jordan (1926-1962); second husband, Howard E. Mathieu (1923-2001);  4 sons, James Jordan, George Jordan, Martin Jordan, and Robert Jordan; and a sister, Velma Misko.  Survivors include 2 sons, Michael (Janell) Jordan and John (Jessica) Jordan, 10 grandchildren, 11 great-grandchildren, and other relatives and friends. Mrs. Mathieu worked in the cafeteria for the Biloxi School System more than 20 years and she enjoyed painting and ceramics.

The Riemann Family Funeral Home at Ocean Springs served the Mathieu-Jordan families. Burial was in Southern Memorial Park at Biloxi.[The Sun Herald, January 25, 2017]



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Biloxi Cemetery [5th Addition]


Samuel [Simeone] Kovach (1881-1928) was born at Molat on October 15, 1881 to Samuel Kovach and Lucia Barich.  He married Mary Matulich (1882-1930), the daughter of Anthony Matulich and Antonia Donmoe? Two daughters both born at Molat:  Lucy Marie Kovach (1893-19  ) married Jerko [Jerry] M. Covich (1894-1951), the son of Matre Covich and Jeanette Yancin, and Veronica Kovach (1911-1977+) married Sam Anthony Batinich (1901-1970), the son of John Batinich and Yvonne Maricnem all natives of Molat. 




Lucy M. Kovach

In 1930, Jerko Covich and family were residing with Mary Kovach, his mother-in-law, at 1412 East Howard Avenue.  Jerko made his livelihood a the captain of a boat.  Their children were: Jerry M. Covich II (1924-2004) m. Shannon R. Lestrade; Rita Covich m. William E. Forbes; Marie Genette Covich m. Joseph Stuart Frentz; Rosalie Covich (1929-2016) m. John R.  Isola; Betty Covich m. Mr. Hughes; Joseph R. 'Rudy' Covich (1932-2000); and Rodney Covich.(1930 Harrison Co., Mississippi Federal Census R 1146, p. 18B, ED 2)



Veronica Kovach

Veronica Kovach married Sam Anthony Batinich (1901-1970), a native of Molat.




Frank Kovach

Frank Kovach married Inez Frances Shields? (1936-1977), the daughter of Inez Shields of Sacremento, California.  Their children were: Inez K. Class; Julie Ann Kovach (1959-1993); Lynn Marie Kovach; Sandra Beth Kovach, and Steve Travis Kovach.  Inez F. Kovach expired at the USAF Medical Center at KAFB in December 1977.



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George A. Magas and Mikela Bistirlich

[Biloxi Cemetery-September 2012]



George A. Magas and (1873-1929) was born on Molat on March 27, 1873.  He married Mikela Bistirlich (1879-1952), a native of Bozava, Dugi Otok, a Croatian island.  She was the daughter of Anthony Bistirlich and Antonio Crvicich. Their known children were: Veronica Magas (1896-2005) m. Mark Matulich; Violet Anna Magas (1910-1986) m. George Omas; George Magas (1926-1926); and Antoney Magas.  The Magas family lived at 327 Oak Street.


George A. Magas Jr. died on December 7, 1929.  Mikela Bistirlich Magas expired on March 3, 1952.  She was survived by two daughters and three brothers: Peter, Sam and Bob Bistirlich of Yugoslavia and Mrs. Mary Skifich, also a Yugoslavian resident.  Both George and Mikela's corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery.(The Daily Herald, March 3, 1952, p. 6)



Veronica Magas (1896-2005) was born at Molat, Croatia, the daughter of George A. Magas Jr. (1873-1929) and Mikela Bistirlich (1879-1952), a native of the village of Bozava on the island of Dugi Otok, and the daughter of Anthony Bistirlich and Antonio Crvicich.  Veronica Magas was reared at Biloxi and married Marko [Mike] Matulich on June 18, 1925.  For many years she resided in Metairie, Louisiana and expired at Ocean Springs, Mississippi on July 17, 2005.  Her corporal remains were interred at New Orleans in the St. Louis No. 3 Cemetery.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 37, p. 102 and The Ocean Springs Record, July 21, 2005, p. A5)     



Violet Anna Magas (1910-1986) was described as 'a dark-eyed, diminutive Miss" when she won Biloxi's First Oyster Festival on September 3, 1934.  The event was sponsored by the Biloxi Lodge of Elks.  Miss Magas represented the Anticich Packing Company.  Miss Elizabeth Misko of DeJean packing Company placed 2nd, and Josephine Tremontana of the Sea Coast packing Company was third.(The Daily Herald, August 28, 1934, p. 1 and September 3, 1934, p. 1)

Veronica A. Magas married Peter George Omas in Harrison County, Mississippi on June 14, 1936. Children: George Omas (b. ca 1942);  (Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 47, p. 63)



George Magas (1926-1926) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on February 14, 1926 and died on Septmber 9, 1926.



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JOHN SAM MAVAR (1880-1960)


New Orleans   

The Mavar family that came to America from Molat, a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea, in the late 19th Century and settled at New Orleans, Louisiana and Biloxi, Mississippi were the children of Sam Mavar and Antonia Pesuvich: John Sam Mavar (1880-1960) m. Olivia Skrmetta (1888-1955); Mary Mavar (1896-1981) m. George Joseph Vodanovich (1888-1958); Herbert Mavar; Sam Mavar (1881-1974) m. Sara Stamac; Anna Mavar (18-1969) m. James Mario Biskopovich (1954); and Vladimir ‘Miro’ Mavar (1893-1975) m. Iva Grmoja (1933-1985).


Children of Sam and Antonia that did not leave Molat were: Stephania Mavar Pirc; Katica Mavar Matulich; Josephine Mavar Stamac.



The founder of the Mavar family at Biloxi, Mississippi was John Sam Mavar (1880-1960).  He was born on April 14, 1880 at Molat, a Croatian island in the Adriatic Sea off the Dalmatian Coast.  John S. Mavar arrived at New York City in 1897.  He was naturalized in the Civil District Court at New Orleans, Louisiana on December 1, 1905.  Witness to this event were John Gentilich and Anthony M. Masich both domiciled in the Crescent City.(La. Naturalization Index P2087-Roll 10)


On January 6, 1907, John S. Mavar married Olivia Skrmetta (1888-1955), the daughter of Nicholas A. Skrmetta (1855-1918) and Margaret [Jacich, Jakoich and Jaksic] (1862-1947).  Their children were: John S. Mavar Jr. (1907-1973) m. Antonia Gentilich (1909-1991); Antonia Mavar (1909-1991) m. Pascal F. Taliancich (1902-1976); Marguerite Rita Mavar (1910-2002) m. Joseph Lawrence (1902-1975);  Samuel Joseph Mavar (1912-1993) m. Lucy Sekul (1916-2004); Nick Mavar (1914-2003) m. Irma Sumerlin (1919-2001); Victor Vadrian Mavar (1926-) m. Claire Gayle Donlon.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 18, p. 438 and 1910 and 1930 Harrison Co., Mississippi Federal Census T 624_740, p. 18B, ED 33 and R 1146, p. 12B, ED 6)


Oyster Poaching

Captain John S. Mavar (1880-1960) aboard Electricity, a schooner owned by Lopez & Dukatewas caught poaching oysters in St. Bernard Parish, Louisiana in mid-April.  He pleaded guilty and his crew of Simon Mavar, Simon Mavar Jr. and John Matozich was released.  Bond was set at $300 and the authorities in St. Bernard Parish wanted the schooner forfeited as part of the penalty for having six barrels of Louisiana oysters.(The New Orleans Item, April 14, 1907, p. 2, April 16, 1907, p. 12, and May 7, 1907, p. 1 and The Daily Picayune, April 14, 1907, p. 12)


Master John S. Mavar

John S. Mavar continued as the captain of a Biloxi fishing schooner until about 1919.  Some of the vessels that a Mavar was named master were: Desoto (1913)-Joe Mavar; Wonder (1914)-John Mavar; Sailor’s Joy (1915)-John Mavar; Kanugo (1916)-John Mavar.(The Daily Herald, November 22, 1913, p 8; may 18, 1914; November 9, 1914, p. 8; September 23, 1915; and August 17, 1916)


Reynoir Street Grocery

John S. Mavar acquired a lot from Miguel Sagas on July 27, 1914 on the south east corner of Reynoir Street and Bradford Street for $880.  Miguel Sagas had been legated this tract from Miguel Perez.  The Mavar lot had 96 feet on Reynoir Street and ran east on Bradford Street for 120 feet(The Daily Herald, July 31, 1914, p. 8 and Harrison Co., Mississippi Land Deed Bk. 108, p. 456)


In May 1925, John S. Mavar acquired for $240 an eastern addition to his Reynoir Street property when he added a 48-foot wide parcel that ran south from Bradford Street for about 103 feet to the land of  Judith Jackson.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Land Deed Bk. 146, p. 90)


Other Croatian families settled acquired real estate along Reynoir Street were Marco Vuyovich; Lille Luxich; Peter Negovetich; Rerecich; James Bukupovich (1926); George Vodanovich (1925);


In July 1947, John S. Mavar sold the south half [48 feet] of his Reynoir Street property to Walker McDonnell for $3000.  The north half [48 feet] was conveyed to John S. Breland and Yertie Breland for $3500 in September 1947 for $3500.( Harrison Co., Mississippi Land Deed Bk. , p.  and Bk.    , p.    )


Biloxi Trading and Packing Company

John S. Mavar became a principal in the Biloxi Packing & Trading Company when it was  incorporated on September 20, 1920 at New Orleans, Louisiana. The company was organized as follows:  W.H. Anticich,  president and Grego Anticich (1886-1954), secretary.  Other principals were: Mary Skrmetta Anticich (1898-1947), Jake Rosetti, John Mavar, John Skrmetta, Vincent Rosetti, Mike Kulwan, Frank Bosarge, and Vlocho Milion.(Orleans Parish, Louisiana MOB, 1246, p. 286 and The Daily Herald, September 19, 1920, p. 4)


Mavar Packing Company-Point Cadet

John S. Mavar began acquiring land on the Biloxi Channel at Point Cadet in July 1922 when he paid Carl Matthes $3000 for Lot 6-Block 1 of the Summerville Addition.  This tract, which was formerly owned by Lazaro Lopez (1850-1903), had 80 feet on the water and ran north for about 600 feet.  Maple Street was to the east; 1st Street to the north; and the Lopez property to the west.  Mr. Mavar immediately conveyed a ½ undivided interest in this tract to Olivia Mavar, his wife.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Land Deed Bk. 135, p. 137 and Bk. 135, p. 138)

In September 1922, the Dunbar-Dukate Company quitclaimed to John S. Mavar Lot 7-Block 1 of the Summerville Addition.  This parcel was inland and had a width of 80 feet and 200 feet deep.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Land Deed Bk. 137, p. 22)


Veronica Anticich Cangemi v. Anticich Canning and Packing Company

In late October 1954, Judge Dan M. Russell accepted the petition of Ralph Harold, Nick Mavar and Glenn L.   Swetman (1901-1994) to sell in a private sale the real estate and property of the Anticich Canning and Packing Company to John Mavar Jr., Sam Mavar and Victor Mavar.  The selling price was $70,000 and included the copyright brands-American Beauty and Silver Spray and the following vessels: Adriatic, Europa, Lillian; Lillian B., Louise, Mary, Baltic, Pacific, On Time, and Veronia.( Harrison Co., Mississippi Land Deed Bk.  387, p. 483)


The sale of the Anticich Canning and Packing Company to the Mavars was effected on November 5, 1954.( (Harrison Co., Mississippi Land Deed Bk.  387, p. 483)



‘Mock Wedding’

On the morning of May 2, 1941, the final day of the oyster packing season, Mavar’s employees celebrated by having a ‘mock wedding’ ceremony.  The wedding party assembled and marched into the general work rooms where the ‘ceremony’ was performed.  Theodore Strickland and Maggie Tisdale were the groom and bride and both appropriately dressed for their ‘nuptials’.  Mary Provizda gave the groom away while Emile Freeman gave the bride away.  Mrs. Kate Senseney served as the minister.  Misses Anna Budnich, Elvera Hartman and Ethlyn Hamm acted as ring bearer, flower girl and shotgun bearer respectively.  Bernard Senseney was best man and the maids of honor were Misses Catherine Thibodeaux and Nola Oliver.  Bridesmaids were Misses Ertha Veillion; Yvonne Seymour; Celie Bosarge; Marie Allen; Inez Powell and Elvera Powell.   Mrs. Vivian Coffee, sister of the bride, sang and Mary Provizda gave the groom away.  The Mavar Shrimp and Oyster Company provided refreshments following the ‘wedding’.(The Daily Herald, May 2, 1941, p. 5)



Sam Mavar

Sam Mavar (1881-1974) was born at Molat, County   on August 10, 1881.  He left Trieste aboard Julia, a ship of the Austria-American Line, and arrived at NYC on October 2, 1904.  Sam made his declaration of intent to become an American citizen at NOLA in April 1917.  In April 1920, he made his petition for naturalization in the Federal Court at Biloxi, Mississippi.  At this time Sam was married to Sara Stamac and they were domilced at 816 Reynoir Street with Maria Mavar, their daughter, who was born October 29, 1913.[Petition for Naturalization No. 213-Southern District Court-S. Mississippi-April 1920]



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Another family of southern European origin to settle in the St. Martin community of Jackson County, Mississippi before 1920, was the Savin brothers, Antonio Savin, (1881-1920+), John M. Savin (1885-1940), and Marion Savin (1889-1920+).  They were from the island of Molat off the Dalmatian coast of Croatia.


John M. Savin arrived at Ellis Island with his uncle and brother in September 1906 and disembarked from the SS Pennsylvania.  He had difficulty with his immigrations papers as he applied for his citizenship declaration in February 1914 in another region.  At Biloxi, Mississippi in 1921, he had to re-apply and anticipated a wait of two years before acquiring American citizenship.(The Daily Herald, March 2, 1921, p. 2)


In the St. Martin community north of Back Bay, Tony Savin had a truck farm, John toiled as a garage mechanic, probably for James Ferguson (1897-1920+), and Marion Savin fished.  The Savin place was north of St. Martin Bayou between the lands of Van Eaton Seymour and Charles Dundolph and also south of the Ocean Springs-Biloxi Road, now LeMoyne Boulevard.


John M. Savin

In April 1922, John M. Savin married Mary Jane Elizabeth Latimer (1895-1949).  She was the daughter of Judge James A. Latimer (1859-1922) and Jane Seymour.  Judge Latimer may have been the first person to own an automobile in the eastern St. Martin community.  They may have had a son, John L. Savin (1922-1983).



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