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Joseph Pablo (1833-1905) was a native of Spain and an 1848 immigrant.  Circa 1864, he married Anna Sanz (1850-1911), an 1851 Spanish immigrant.  It appears that this couple married at New Orleans circa 1864 and had eight children born at New Orleans before 1900 of which six were living at this time: Josephine Pablo (1868-1938); Joseph Pablo (1869-1932?) m. Amelia Campos (1877-1919); Michael Pablo (1872-1904); Richard Pablo (1882-1902); John Pablo (1884-1947); Angel or Agnes (1888-1902); and Clarence Joseph Pablo (1904-1908).


Josephine Pablo(1868-1938) was born at New Orleans on December 5, 1868.  She never married and expired at 418 Copp Street, her residence in Biloxi, on March 11, 1938.

Joseph Pablo

Joseph Pablo (1869-1932?) was born at New Orleans on August 20, 1869.  He married Amelia Campos (1877-1919), the daughter of Bernardo Campos (1842-1892) and Marie L. Morano (1851-1917).  Their children were Noreta Lucile Pablo (1901-1994) m. Philip P. Dellinger and Earl ‘Blackie’ Pablo (1910-1985) m. Madeline Borries (1912-1999).

Noreta Lucile Pablo (1901-1994) married Philip Paul Dellenger (1899-1979) in Harrison County, Mississippi on July 27, 1921. Their children were: Noreta L. Dellenger (1922-2009) m. Jack V. Besst; Philip P. Dellenger Jr. (1924-2009) m. Edith Jane Kennedy (1924-2012); Leonard Dellenger (b. 1927); Kenneth M. Dellenger Sr. (1929-2009) m. Joy Wyndham (1930-1993); Stanley C. Dellenger (b. 1932) m. Mary Evelyn Anglada.

Joseph Pablo may have become ill, as there is a 'Joe Pablo' in the 1930 Federal Census similar to Joseph Pablo of Biloxi domiciled as a patient and orderly at the US Marine Hospital in Carville, Iberville Parish, Louisiana.  He died here on December 29, 1932.(1930 Iberville Parish, Louisiana Federal Census R795, p. 1B, ED 15)

Michael Pablo

Michael 'Mike' Pablo(1872-1904) was born at New Orleans in January 1872.  He came to Biloxi with his family circa 1889.   Mike Pablo after an illness of several weeks died on October 20, 1904 at the age of 32 years and 9 months.  His funeral was from the family home at 435 East Howard Avenue.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, October 21, 1904, p. 5)

Richard Pablo

Richard Pablo (1882-1902) was born at New Orleans on July 14, 1882.  On August 19, 1902, he was found dead at his home on Howard Avenue.  Richard passed from heart failure believed to have been cuased by a bout with typhoid fever.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, August 19, 1902, p. 6)

John Pablo

John Pablo

John Pablo (1884-1947) was born at New Orleans on September 19, 1884.  He made his livelihood in Biloxi as a sign painter and artist.  John never married and lived with Josephine Pablo, his spinster sister, at 418 Copp Street.  Mr. Pablo passed on February 25, 1947 and his corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery by the O'Keefe Parlors after services at Nativity B.V.M Catholic Church.  John was a member of the Woodmen of the World and was survived by Noreta L. Dellinger, a niece, and Earl Pablo, a nephew.(The Daily Herald, February 26, 1947, p. 5)

Angel Pablo
Angel or Agnes Pablo (1888-1902) was born at New Orleans in August 1888. She was the youngest daughter of Joseph Pablo (1833-1905) and Anna Sanz (1850-1911).  Angel expired at Biloxi on  July 16, 1902.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, July 18, 1902 and July 19, 1902, p. 1)

Clarence J. Pablo

Clarence Joseph Pablo (1904-1908) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi in 1904.  He expired in his childhood on November 21, 1908.  The funeral was held at the residence of his parents, Mr. and Mrs. Joseph Pablo, at 407 West Water Street.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, November 21, 1908)



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