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Oscar Jordan

Oscar Jordan (1881-1967) was born June 5, 1881 at Chmestar, Al Beqaa, Lebanon.  When he entered the United States at New York City from Naples, Italy aboard the SS Europa on September 18, 1907, he carried the name Jamedni Chedid.  Oscar also used the name Assid Jadid, sometimes spelled Assad Jadeed.  He chose as his American name ‘Oscar Jordan’.

He married Jessamine ? Jordan (1891-1975) at Chmestar, Lebanon on October 20, 1906.  Jasmine was born January 10, 1891.

Hammet Jordan



Box Factory




Main Street hotel and mini-mall

In August 1952, Oscar Jordan, Henry L. Schwan Sr. (1889-1956) and Robert Harrison (1886-1956) were completing a two-story, tile building on the corner of Main Street and Murray Street in Biloxi. The first floor consisted of seven store compartments and a hotel lobby while the upper story was a Colored hotel with 36-rooms.  The structure was 50 feet by 67 feet and built with Arkansas tile.  Subcontractors for the building erection were: Pisarich Plumbing, Schwan Electrical and Jalanivich Kool Vent awning.  Some of the original tenants were: Mickey Poulos’ Buy and Sell Shop; Curet Flower Shop; and the Deluxe Shoe Store of Roosevelt Williams.(The Daily Herald, August 8, 1952, p. 8)

Oscar Jordan acquired this hotel property on Main Street in Biloxi with his two partners in May 1951 for $8000 from Elizabeth Bachman of Cincinnati, Ohio.  She had to clear the title in the Chancery Court of Harrison County, Mississippi with the Lopez heirs before vending to Mr. Jordan et al.  The tract had 168 feet on Main Street and 75 feet on Murray Street.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Land Deed Bk. 338, p. 74, Bk. 343, p. 478 and Bk. 343, p. 396)

When the Main Street property was sold to Dr. Roy L. Irons in April 1987, Oscar Jordan had expired as well as Henry L. Schwan Sr. and Robert H. Harrison Jr.  The owners at this time were Naif Jordan, Henry L. Schwan Jr.  (1911-1989) and Woodrow D. Cowart (1913-1987).(Harrison Co., Mississippi 2nd JD Land Deed Bk. 183, p. 180)



Naif O. Jordan

Naif Oscar Jordan(1907-1993) was born November 11, 1907 at Chmestar, Al Beqaa, Lebanon.


On the first day of 1931, Naif O. Jordan married Marie Lambrecht, a native of Coy, Wilcox County, Alabama, in the Church of the Redeemer.  She had been in Biloxi for eight months as a student nurse at the Biloxi Hospital.  This marriage was short lived as the young couple divorced on May 26, 1932.  In their marriage dissolution settlement, Naif agreed to pay Marie an alimony of $25 per month for 6 months.(The Daily Herald, January 2, 1931, p. 2 and May 27, 1932, p. 2)

Naif O. Jordan married


Naif expired February 26, 1993


In Memoriam




Oscar R. Jordan

Oscar Robert Jordan(b. 1935) was born on March 1935 at Biloxi, Mississippi.  He attended schools at Ocean Springs and graduated from St. Martin High School in 1953.  Oscar matriculated to Mississippi Southern College and graduated from the University of Mississippi in 1958, where he was a member of the Sigma Phi Epsilon fraternal organization.  Upon graduation, he entered the US Army as a 2nd Lieutenant and completed the Officers Training Course at Fort Benning, Georgia.  The 15-week school prepared Lt. Jordan for his duties and responsibilities as an infantry unit commander.(The Ocean Springs News, October 21, 1958)

Circa 19    , Oscar R. Jordan married Judith Cash, native of Dearborn, Michigan.

Eleanor Jordan

Eleanor ‘Cissy’ Jessamine Jordan (b. 1940) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi.  In 1962, she was engaged to Don Porter, son of Mr. and Mrs. J.H. Porter of Zephyrhills, Florida, and married on February 24, 1967.  Hassen Jordan, her uncle, who had not seen his brother, Oscar Jordan, since 1907 came to Eleanor’s wedding.  Hassen was in the stock business in Lebanon dealing with sheep and cattle.  He planned to remain in America for six months before returning to the Levant.(The Ocean Springs News, February 15, 1962, p. 5 and March 8, 1962, p. 1)



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