Croatian arrivals [also see Biloxi Families]

Biloxi Cemetery


Anthony 'Tony' John Conovich (1876-1918) came to America in 1903 from Croatia. He lived at Biloxi and Handsboro. Tony sought American citizenship in 1918.(The Daily Herald, March 20, 1918, p. 3)

Circa 1906, Tony J. Conovich married Cora Lee (1872-1943). They were the parents of two children: Albertha Conovich m. Anthony S. Jelusich (1905-1949) and Anthony L. Conovich (1909-1976) m. Agnes E. Swetman (1901-1963) and Inez Borries Cavalier (1912-2008).

Tony Conovich died at Biloxi on October 31, 1918.  Cora Lee died on January 13, 1943 and their corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery.


Albertha Conovich

Albertha Conovich married Anthony S. Jelusich (1905-1949), the son of John Jelusich (1871-1945) and Josephine Mikeletich, on January 5, 1926.

Anthony L. Conovich

Anthony L. Conovich () married Agnes E. Swetman in Harrison County, Mississippi on December 16, 1931.

On september 30, 1963, Anthony L. Conovich married Inez B. Borries (1912-2008), the widow of Gus Cavalier Sr. (1909-1948). She was the daughter of Borries and . Her children with Mr. Cavalier were: Elwood A. Cavalier (1934-2011); Barbara 'Beno' Cavalier (1936); and



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Anthony Copaitich (d. 1902) drowned while oystering on the Pass Christian reefs in late March 1902. He was a hand on the Belle Casino, a schooner, captained by Toney Bunicich.(The Biloxi Herald, March 29, 1902, p. 8)




John F. Croncich (1868-1927) was born in Dalmatia.  Came to USA in 1888 and married Frances Hightower (1878-1963), daughter of George Hightower (1840-1932) and Lucinda Perry Hightower (1849-1926).  John F. Croncich made his livelihood as an oysterman working in the Mississippi Sound.

John and Frances were the parents of: John Franklin Croncich Jr. (1896-1956) m. Ethel May Anglada (1896-1968); Teresa Croncich (1898);  Alethia Croncich (1900-) m. Robert Cassanova;  Lena Croncich (1902-1978) m. Henry Breal (1903-1961); Julius Croncich (1904-1923); Frances Josephine Croncich m. Frank John Kirsch;  Esther Croncich (1911-2003) m. Robert Edward Lee (1904-1988); Earl Eugene Croncich (1914-1993)married Olive Bond (1917-1977) and Linnie Lee Hudson Roberts (1914-1984); and George Frances Croncich (1919-1925).


John Franklin Croncich (1896-1956) married Ethel May Anglada (1896-1968) who was born in Harrison County, Mississippi to Louis Anglada (1871-1955) and Lenora Duggan (1875-1948).  They married  in Harrison County, Mississippi on May 18, 1916.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 29, p. 37)

By 1920, the John F. Croncich family was domiciled at 228 Caillavet Street in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Two children had been born: Mildred Croncich m. Robert Joseph Howard and Harold E. Croncich.  John made his livelihood opening oyster in a seafood factory.(1920 Harrison Co., Mississippi Federal census T625_876, p. 12B, ED 42)


Harold E. Croncich

Harold Elbert "Mickey" Croncich Sr. (1919-2013) was born at Biloxi on November 2, 1919.  He married June Terrill Sullivan (1928-1988) and Joan Ryan.  Mickey was the father of Suzanne C. Brown and Betty C. Plummer of Clermont, Florida and Harold E. Croncich Jr. of Navasota, Texas. Mickey lived at Minneola, Florida and passed at Clermont, Florida on December 27,  2013.  He was a US Navy veteran of WW II and a member of the Knights of Columbus and Elks Club.(The Orlando Sentinel, December 27, 2013)


Mildred Croncich

Mildred Croncich (1919-1995) married Robert J. Howard on July 10, 1939.  She later married Richard L. Schroeder (1922-1994).  Mildred had lived in New Orleans since 1955.  She passed on July 12, 1995 at NOLA and her corporal remains entombed in the Greenwood Mausoleum wit those of Richard L. Schroder who died ilate May 1994.  Mildred was survived by stepdaughters, Rosalie Talbot Grasso and Camille Talbot; stepsons Richard Schroeder and Michael Schroeder; brother, Harold E. 'Mickey' Croncich of Minneola, Florida; and two sisters, Thelma C. Suponic (b. 1921) of Sarasota, Florida and Doris C. Penn (1924-2004) of Biloxi.(The Sun Herald, July 16, 1995, p. C-2)

Thelma A. Croncich

Thelma A. Croncich (1921-) married John M. Suponic (1919-2003), native of Cleveland, Ohio.

Doris Croncich

Doris Helen Croncich (1924-2004) married Charles F. Penn (1923-1994).



Julius Croncich (1904-1923) never married.  He was born November 21, 1904 and worked in the local fishing industry.  On November 22, 1923, Julius fell from the schooner Anais off Gulfport, Mississippi and drowned.  His body was found on December 9, 1923 on the east end of Horn Island.  After burial on the island, his corporal remains were brought to Biloxi for internment on December 14, 1923 in the Biloxi Cemetery.(The Times-Picayune, November 26, 1923, p. 6, December 12, 1923, p. 20 and December 14, 1923, p. 4 and Bradford-O’Keefe Burial Book 12, p. 266)


Earl Eugene Croncich (1914-1993) married Olive Bond (1917-1977) on December 28, 1944.  He married Linnie Hudson Roberts (1914-1984)



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Toma Devcich-Biloxi Cemetery


Toma [Thomas] Devcich (1882-1918) was born at Podlapaca, Zadar-Knin County, Croatia in 1882.  Resided in Biloxi, Mississippi for eighteen years and lived at 138 Delaunay Street where he expired on November 30, 1918.  Thomas was a well-known  boatman.(The Daily Herald, November 30, 1918)


The Daily Herald,“Thomas Devicich [sic] is dead”, November 30, 1918.


Biloxi Cemetery

John Jelusich (1871-1945) was an 1895 Croatian immigrant probably coming from Starigrad, Hvar.



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6th Addition-Biloxi Cemetery

Alexander Kasovich(1860-1929), the son of Gabriel Kasovich and Mary Brazevich, and Sophia Otherlovich (1870-1950), the daughter of Joseph Otherlovich and Jeanette Otherlovich, were both Croatian immigrants to America and Biloxi, Mississippi.  They were the parents of: Mary Kasovich m. Peter Lesso (1893-1920+); Lena Kasovich (1905-1920+); and Gabriel Kasovich (1909-1975) m. Doris M. Ferguson (1913-1999).  In 1920, Alexander Kasovich made his livelihood at Biloxi as a rigger in a shipyard. The family was domiciled at 412 Copp Street. He died at Biloxi, Mississippi on March 6, 1929.(1920 Harrison Co., Mississippi Federal Census T625_


Mary Kasovich(1899-1920+) married Peter Lesso (1893-1920+), probably the brother of Sam Lesso (1887-1966), a native of the village of Kukljica on the Island of Ugljan in the Zadar Archipelago off the Croatia coast.  Peter Lesso arrived at Biloxi, Mississippi before November 1914, as at this time, he contributed money for the relief of ill and disabled Austrian soldiers and their families.  Their nuptials occurred on January 5, 1919 at N.B.V.M. Catholic Church at Biloxi, Mississippi.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 30, p. 483 and The Daily Herald, January 13, 1919, p. 3)

Circa 1905, Peter Lesso came to America on the Eugenia, an Austro-American passenger ship that landed at New Orleans.  He planned to file a petition for American citizenship before June 1, 1920.(The Daily Herald, November 17, 1914, p. 9 and March 4, 1920, p. 4)

Lena Kasovich


Gabriel Kasovich

Gabriel Kasovich (1909-1975) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on May 10, 1909.  He married Doris M. Ferguson (1913-1999), the daughter of     Ferguson and ,  on March 20, 1938 in the Catholic Church at Biloxi, Mississippi.  They were the parents of three children: Gabriel Kasovich (b. 1941); Gerald Alex Kasovich (b. 1944)  m. Mary Jo Marinovich and Margaret Suzanne Hankins; and Darlene Maggie Kasovich m. Melvin J. Landry II.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 48, p. 483; MRB 137, p. 222 and 2nd JD Circuit Court MRB 11, p. 344; and 2nd JD Circuit Court MRB 4, p. 597)


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Sam Lesso

Sam Lesso (1887-1966) was born March   1887 in the village of Kukljica on the island of Ugljan in the Zadar Archipelago, Croatia.  In late April 1905, he arrived at New Orleans from Trieste aboard the Caroline.  In January 1918, Sam Lesso filed his Declaration of Intention to become an American citizen.  He was described as being: 5 feet, 9 inches tall, weighing 170 pounds, with light brown hair and blue eyes.  He was domiciled at 322 Elmer Street and married.(Southern District Court-Mississippi, Declaration of Intention, No. 389, January 16, 1918)

 In January 1917, Sam Lesso had married in Harrison County, Mississippi to Jeanette Philomena Gabrich(1897-1957), the daughter of Ivan ‘John’ Gabrich and Aeoline Pavolinni.  They were the parents of six children: John S. Lesso (1917-1919); Mary ‘May’ L. Lesso (b. 1920) m. Morris C. Arguelles Sr. (1920-2005); Rudolph Anthony Lesso (1921-1990) m. Gloria Melba Wilson (1925-2007); Sam August ‘Polly’ Lesso (1923-1995); Joseph Berblin Lesso (1924-2010) m. Lucille Adams and Barbara Ann Middleton (1938-2006); Elizabeth ‘Betty’ Lesso (1927-2004) m. Edwin L. King Sr. (1922-1981); and Shirley R. Lesso (1927-2003).(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 29, p. 213)

Beirut, Lebanon

In May 1956, two vessels, Jackson Creek and Red Creek, owned by Dantzler & Herring Inc. of Pascagoula, Mississippi were seized by the American Embassy at Beirut during the rioting that was occuring.  The boats were chartered to Western Geophysical and doing seismic oil exploration work in the Persian Gulf and had come to Lebanon for supplies.  They were used to evacuate American citizens from the dangerous situation at Beirrut. Among the crews were locals: Sam Lesso, Joe Lesso (1924-2010), George S. Trochesett, Nelo Koskela; Peter Barhonovich, and Joe Scholtes.(The Daily Herald, May 15, 1958, p. 1)

Peter Lesso

Peter Lesso (1893-1920+) arrived at Biloxi, Mississippi before November 1914 as at this time, he contributed money for the relief of ill and disabled Austrian soldiers and their families.  Peter Lesso came to America on the Eugenia, an Austro-American passenger ship that landed at New Orleans.  He planned to file a petition for American citizenship before June 1, 1920.(The Daily Herald, November 17, 1914, p. 9 and March 4, 1920, p. 4)

Peter Lesso married Mary Kasovich (1899-1920+), the daughter of Alexander Kasovich (1860-1929) and Sophia Kasovich (1870-1920+), at N.B.V.M. on January 5, 1919.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 30, p. 483)



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John J. Luxich (1809-1884) and Mary Catherine Johnston (1824-1910) were the progenitors of the large Luxich family at Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.


John J. Luxich

John J. Luxich (1852-1911), a carpenter, married Armance Favre (1859-1908).  Children: Teresa Luxich (b. 1879); Alfred Luxich (b. 1884); Rodney Luxich (1886); Henry Luxich (b. 1888); Willis Luxich (b. 1891); and Lillian Luxich (1898-1942).[1900 Hancock Co., Mississippi Federal Census R808, p. 1A-ED 28)







['Old' Biloxi Cemetery-Section H. Image made July 2013]


Lucas [Luka] Mozaro (1861-1910) was born at Lopud, County Dubrovnik, Croatia in 1861.  



He married Annie Zelz (1864-1945), also a Croatian immigrant, possibly on Lopud.


Children: Mary A. Mozaro (1889-1956) m. Charles D. Medanich (1881-1934); Anthony M. Mozaro (1892-1971); Helena Margarite Mozara (1895-1954) m. Marco G. Glavan (188-1957); Romana Frances Mozaro (1897-1921); Annie L. Mozara (1901-1979) m. Anthony M. Kuluz (1892-1956); Herbert Mozaro (1903-1995); Walter J. Mozaro (1904-1957) m. Eva M. Talianicich (1912-1990);  and Volta Mozara (b. 1905).


[from Catholic Church Records Diocese of Biloxi (1991)-p. 216, p. 233, and p. 234]

Mary Antonia Mozarra born October 12, 1889      f. Luck m. Anna

Samuel Lukas Mozara born May 28, 1892              f. Lukas   m. Annie Zitz

?sa Marguerite Mozara born February 5, 1895      f. Lukas  m. Annie Zetz

Samuel Lukas Mozara born May 28, 1892              f. Lukas   m. Annie Zitz

Helena Margarite Mazerat born April 16, 1896     f. Luke  m. Annie Zelz

Romana Gabrielle Mozara born March 24, 1899  f. Lucas   m. Annie Zitz


[from 1900 Harrison County, Mississippi Federal Census]

Mary Mozarra   born October 1889

Tony Mozarra born May 1892

Elina Mozarra born April 1896

Romana born March 1899

Mozaro Children Biographies

Mary Antonia Mozaro

Mary Antonia Mozaro (1889-1956) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on October 12, 1889.  On April 4, 1907 at Biloxi, Mississippi, she married Charles D. Medanich (1881-1934), the son of John Medanich and a native of Pula, Istria County, Croatia.  Pula is a large winemaking and shipbuilding center in the Istrian region of northern Croatia.  Charles was employed in New Orleans at the time of their nuptials.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, April 4, 1907, p. 2 and Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB  19, p. 51)

Charles D. Medanich was born on November 4, 1880.  He left Glascow, Scotland aboard the SS Aina and arrived at New York City on June 16, 1899.  When Charles submitted his application to become an American citizen in April 1911, he related that he lived at 3222 Oak Street in Biloxi, Mississippi and made his livelihood as a ship carpenter.  His height was given as 5 feet 2 inches.(Declaration of Intention No. 93-Southern District Court of Mississippi-April 1911)

Charles D. and AnnieM.  Medanich were the parents of: Nicholas A. Medanich (1908-1987) m. Dessa Leona Medanich (1904-1962); Margaret Medanich (b. 1912); Elizabeth Medanich (b. 1914); Charles Paul Medanich (1917-1984); Frank J. Medanich (1921-2009) m. Jean King; and John Medanich (1928-1983).

Anthony M.  Mozara

Anthony 'Tony' M. Mozaro (1892-1971) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on May 28, 1892.  He made his livelihood as a commercial fisherman and resided at 329 Pine Street on Point Cadet.  In late December 1919, The Daily Herald reported that "Tony Mozaro became violent for the third time Tuesday morning and it was necessary for [Police] Chief Bills to take charge of him until transportation can be secured to carry him to Jackson where he will receive treatment."  (The Daily Herald, December 24, 1919, p. 3)

Tony Mozaro may have been the family member that changed the spelling of the family name to Mazara' from 'Mozaro'. Tony died on October 26, 1971 in the Howard Memorial Hospital at Biloxi where he had been a patient for 36 days.  His corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery.(The Daily Herald, October 26, 1971, p. 2)

Ella M.  Mozara

Ella Marguerite Mozaro was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on February 5, 1895.  She married Marko George Glavan (1885-1957).  Marko G. Glavan was born March 25, 1885, in Privlaka, a fishing village on the Dalmatian Coast about twelve miles northwest of Zadar, Croatia. It was from Zadar that Marco G. Glavan immigrated to America landing at New Orleans, Louisiana.  On January 20, 1915 he applied for naturalization papers at the U.S. District Court in Biloxi.  Mr. Glavan resided at 118 Jackson Street.(The Daily Herald, January 21, 1915, p. 2)

Marco and Ella M. Glavan settled at 199 Oak Street in Biloxi.  Here they reared their five children: Eurylda Glavin aka Sister Joseph Frances Glavan (1915-2002); Sylvia Rita Glavan (1918-2004); Mary Ann Glavan (1921-1997) m. John Konish; Herbert Anthony Glavan m. Toni Darlene Ellis (1944-1970); and Marco G. Glavan II (1923-1986) m. Fern McCaleb (1930-1994).(The Daily Herald, March 12, 1954, p. 12)

Annie L. Mozaro

Annie Lukrecia Mozaro (1901-1979) was born at Biloxi on October 18, 1901.  Annie married Anthony ‘Tony’ Kuluz (1892-1956) in Harrison County, Mississippi on January 30, 1922.  In 1930, Tony Kuluz and his two brothers organized the Kuluz Brothers Packing Company on Point Cadet.

Walter J. Mazara

Walter J. Mazara(1904-1957) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi December 12, 1904.  He married Eva Marie Talianicich (1912-1990) in Harrison County, Mississippi on December 19, 1939.  Children: Brenda Joyce Mazara (1941-1941); Sherry Mazara (b. 1942) m. James A. Vollmuth; and Anthony Michael Mazara (1944-1989) m. Carol Rene Porterfield m. Paul Edward Vaughn.


[Tombstone with wrong death date in 'Old' Biloxi Cemetery-Section H]

Stevono Mozaro (1862-1899) was born circa 1862.  He died in on September 6, 1899 at Biloxi, Mississippi after an illness of several months.  His funeral and internment in the Biloxi Cemetery was under the auspices of the Spanish Benevolent Association from the residence of L. Mozaro on Jackson Street.(The Biloxi Herald, September 7, 1899, p. 8)

[Biloxi Cemetery 7th Addition-Block 41-Lot 10]


John Mozarro (1883-1951) married Viola ‘Katie’ Kasovich (1893-1929) on May 13, 1912 in Harrison County, Mississippi.  Children: Mary A. Mozaro (1915-1942) m. Delbert 'Country' J. Franklin (1914-1987) and Stephen A. Mozara (1915-1998) m. Clarice Elizabeth Fountain (1918-2005).  

Mary A. Mozaro

Mary A. Mozaro (1915-1942) married Delbert J. Franklin (1914-1987) in Harrison County, Mississippi on September 20, 1935.  They were the parents of John L. Franklin (1937-1999) m. Rita Mae Krieger (19-2003) and Patricia Franklin m. Mr. Lambert.

Stephen A. Mozaro and Clarice E. Fountain

[courtesy of Ronnie Fountain-August 2013]

Stephen A. Mozaro (1915-1998) married Clarice Elizabeth Fountain (1918-2005), the daughter of Walter Fountain and Winnie Diaz Fountain, in Harrison County, Mississippi on December 26, 1937.  In 1938, Stephen and Clarice F. Mozaro relocated from Biloxi to Galveston, Texas where he was the captain of a yacht.  Here he and Clarice reared their four children: John Stephen Mozaro (1938-1938); Carol Ann Mozaro (b. 1941) m.  Mr. Case; Professor Stephen A. Mozaro Jr. (b. 1942) m. Karen M. Kovacevich (b. 1951); and Captain Ronald Gregory Mozaro (b. 1952) m. Mildred R. Simon (b. 1961).



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Rose G. Nicovich

St. James Catholic Cemetery-2012

Marco Joseph Nicovich (? to October 1, 1893) and Rose Gondroun (1859-1952) were the progenitors of this Mississippi Coast family. Marco J. Nicovich, an 1859 Austrian immigrant, died in the Cheniere Caminada Hurricane of October 1, 1893. He had become an American citizen at New Orleans on June 16, 1885.  Mr. Nicovich’s body was found on Johnson's Island with that of Charles Gondreau [Gondroun?] and Captain Louis Romero and interred there. These men had been fishing in the Chandeleurs aboard the Rosalie, a schooner, sailing from Mississippi City.(The Biloxi Herald, October 7, 1893, p. 1, The Sunday Daily Herald, July 19, 1908, p. 5 and Declaration of Intent No. 391-Eastern District of Louisiana-New Orleans-June 1885)


Following the 1893 Hurricane, The Biloxi Herald related the condition of the Nicovich family of Mississippi City as follows:  ‘The most heartfelt sympathies of the community is with Mrs. Marco Nicovich whose husband perished in the gale at Chandeleur.  He was the whole support of the family, consisting of his wife and several little children.  With husband gone and several little children and schooner destroyed the lot of the widow and orphans is a hard one, but the warm hearts of the countrymen of the deceased will not allow them to suffer while their own countrymen hold out and it is hoped that on the general movement for relief that theses isolated cases will not be forgotten.’ (The Biloxi Herald, October 21, 1893, p. 8)


By 1910, Rosa G. Nicovich, a Louisiana native, was widowed and a resident of Mississippi City, Harrison County, Mississippi. She was the mother of at least five sons: Joseph M. Nicovich (1883-1961) m. Camilia Rosa Anglada (1892-1977); August S. Nicovich (1887-1960) m. Louise Josephine Frichter (1887-1948); Rose C. Nicovich m. Leo J. Lizana (1881-1940); Philip Nicovich (1891-1968) m. Adriana Henrietta Toso (1895-1975); Charles S. Nicovich (1892-1918); and Marco J. Nicovich (1894-1944) m. Marguerite Elizabeth Barthes (1897-1958).(1910 Harrison Co. Ms. Federal Census T624_744, p. 3B, ED 36)




Joseph  M. Nicovich

Joseph Marco Nicovich (1883-1961) was born in Louisiana, probably NOLA. Circa 1915, he married Camelia Rose Anglada (1892-1977), the daughter of William Anglada (1869-1945) and Laura Bosarge (1875-1937). In 1910, he and August Nicovich, his brother, were fish dealers and residents of Mississippi City. In 1918, Joseph Nicovich worked as a machinist for the Gulfport Packing Company and resided at 944 Division Street in Biloxi.


By 1920, the family had moved to Reynoir Street and Joseph M. Nicovich worked as a fisherman. Their children were: Marco W. 'Buck' Nicovich (1916-2002); Emma Jeanette Nicovich (1919-2008); Althea Nicovich Harbison Gleason (1921-1996) m. Ora Reynold Harbison (1917-1988); Dorrell D. Nicovich (1925-1996) m. Jeffie Faye Ladner (1930-2004); Dora E. Nicovich Auerbach (1925-1983) m. Herman L. Auerbach; Annie Mae Nicovich (1926-1926); Mildred Justine Nicovich  m. Billy J. Edwards; ; and Marguerite L. Nicovich  (1928-1993) m. Leo U. Renaud (1932-2007).(1910 and 1920 Harrison Co. Ms. Federal Census T624_744, p. 3B, ED 36 and T625_876, p. 17A, ED and The Sun Herald, February 4, 2008, p. A4)



Marguerite Laura Nicovich [March 1945]

Marguerite Laura Nicovich (1928-1933) married Leo U. Renaud (1932-2007) in Harrison County, Mississippi on June 6, 1954. They were the parents of: Robert Michael Renaud m. Nancy Lou Feese Kennedy; Laura Leigh Renaud m. Jerry Wayne Atkinson; Marco Francis Renaud m. Susan Marie Allen; Janet Maria Renaud m. Eugene Patrick O'Grady Sr.; and Carol Ann Renaud m. James Lee Demourelle Jr.; all of Biloxi.(Harrison Co., Mississippi, Circuit Court MRB 98, p. 17)


Biloxi Cemetery


August  S.  Nicovich

August Samuel Nicovich (1887-1960) married Louise Josephine Frichter (1887-1948) on July 7, 1915 in Harrison County, Mississippi. They were the parents of three children:Dorothy Nicovich (1916-1996) m. Mr. Adkins; Charles Augusta  Nicovich m. Alvin Rene Mitchell; and Claire E. Nicovich  (1922-1962) m. Albert Layman (1914-1968).


Rose C. Nicovich


Philip Nicovich



St. James Catholic Cemetery-2012


Charles S. Nicovich

Charles Stephen Nicovich (1892-1918) was born September 28, 1892 at Mississippi City, Harrison Co., Mississippi to Marco Nicovich, an Austrian immigrant, and Rosa Gondroun (1859-1952), a native of Louisiana. He was a single man and an employee of the Southern Pacific Railroad at Algiers, Louisiana and a resident of 5077 Dauphine Street in New Orleans when he registered for the military draft in 1917. Charles S. Nicovich passed on October 8, 1918 at Camp Merit, New Jersey, a victim of the Spanish influenza. His corporal remains were interred in the St. James Cemetery at Handsboro, Mississippi.(The Daily Herald, October 9, 1918, p. 3, October 14, 1918, p. 3)


Sergeant Nicovich was lauded by Major J.I. Sloat, his commander, as follows: “Sergeant Nicovich was an excellent soldier who was universally liked his officers and fellow soldiers, and his untimely death is a source of genuine sorrow to all. His death occurred in the line of duty, and is no less honorable that had it occurred on the field of battle.”(The Daily Herald, October 15, 1918, p. 3)


Marco J. Nicovich



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There is a high degree of certitude that in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, John Radovich, born Austria, married Ella Lingoni (1874-1959), a native of Daisy, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana and the daughter of Jack Lingoni (1837-1900+), an 1854 Italian immigrant, and Louisiana Mason (1849-1900+), a native of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. John Radovich died before 1900. Ella L. Radovich then married very likely in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, to James Spencer (1877-1946), a native of Homeplace, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana. He was the son of Louis Spencer (1839-1915) and Mary Spencer (1844-1919). Two Radovich children had been born in Louisiana: Anna F. Radovich (1893-1920+) and Marco Radovich (1895-1927) m. Loretta Ross.(1900 Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana Federal Census T623_576, p. 4A, ED 40)

In Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, the Lingoni and Spencer families lived at Grand Prairie, a fishing village on the east bank of the Mississippi River, opposite Port Sulphur. Circa 1902, James Spencer and Ella L. Radovich Spencer relocated to Biloxi, Mississippi were their children were born: Louis J. Spence (1903-1903); Vernette Spencer (1904-1984) m. Royal Hevenor (1903-1976); Sadie Ellen Spencer (1906-1908); Clement C. Spencer (1909-1979) m. Louise J. Darsse; and James Spencer (1913-1913). They Spencer family was domiciled on Dorries Street and Claiborne Street at Biloxi, Mississippi.(Harrison County, Mississippi T624_470, p. 13B, Ed 33)

Marco Radovich

Marco Radovich married Loretta Ross (1904-1983), the daughter of Denney Ross (1875-1907) and Delia Lamey Ross Walker (1880-1920+), at Biloxi, Mississippi in November 1922. They were the parents of: Doris Helen Radovich m. Patrick Wallace Franko (1923-1994); James Radovich m. Rita Hormanski (1925-2002); and Betty Radovich m. Clinton Tapper. Marco Radovich died in auto accident on June 5, 1927, at Biloxi. (The Daily Herald, November 22, 1922, p. 3, June 6, 1927, p. 1 and Harrison Co., Mississippi MRB 34, p. 347)

After Marco’s demise in June 1927, Loretta Ross married John Paul Harbison at Biloxi in August 1930.(Harrison Co., Mississippi MRB, 42. P. 408)



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Biloxi Cemetery [August 2012]

Casimir Rerecich (1857-1918) and Antonia Rerecich (1867-1952), both ‘Austrians’, were the progenitors of the Rerecich family of Biloxi. Federal Census data indicate that they both immigrated to America in 1892 and arrived at Biloxi, Mississippi circa 1896 from Louisiana. Their children were: Catherine Rerecich (1893-1914+) m. Frederick LaMarque; John Rerecich (1894-1963) m. Margaret Duggan (1896-1981); Albert R. Rerecich (1897-1975) m. Stella Garlotte (1907-1998); Mary A. Rerecich (1900-1957) m. William E. Lund (1896-1954); Louis Rerecich (1903-1962) m. Mae ‘Gee’ Rerecich (1898-2002) m. Arthur A. Christiansen (1904-1972).


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Frank Mateo Subat (1876-1944) was born October 26, 1876 at Kostrena, Zagreb, Croatia.  He left Trieste and arrived at New York City.  



Frank M. Subat married Anna Polovich, a native of New Orleans.  Children: Ralph Frank Subat m. Venita Post, Marion Seeling and Irene A. Patterson; Olga Subat; Gladys Subat (1908); Julius Joseph Subat (1911-1944); Wilda Louise Subat (1915-1976); and Albert P. Subat m. Jacqueline Vignes (1927-2002).


Frank M. Subat was committed to the East Louisiana Mental Hospital at Jackson, Louisiana between 1930 and 1940.  he expired here on April 3, 1944.(The Times-Picayune, April 4, 1944



Julius J. Subat

Julius Joseph Subat (1911-1944) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi.  Before he enlisted in the US Army at Camp Livingston, Louisiana on May 



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The progenitors of the Surdich family at Biloxi, Mississippi were Steffano O. Surdich (1847-1912), an 1874 Austrian immigrant to Louisiana and Wilhelmina Emilia Konzelmann (1857-1929), a native of NOLA and of German parents. They were married in the Crescent City in April 1876. Steffano and Emilia K. Surdich were the parents of twelve children: Wilhelmina Antonette Surdich (1877-1878); Frederick E. Surdich (1880-1880); John Surdich (b. 1880); Steffano O. Surdich Jr. (1881-1883); George Surdich (1884-1971); Matteo Surdich (1886-1973) m. Anna Lou Brown (1886-1953); Lea Antonette Surdich (1889-1890); Conrad Emile Surdich (1892-1893); Albert Joseph Surdich (1894-1965) m. Marilla Clara Fryou and Lottie Giadrosich; and Irby Surdich (1896-1970).(1900 Orleans Parish, Louisiana Federal Census T623_572, p. 4B, ED 50)


From New Orleans, Steffano O. Surdich relocated his wife and four sons to Biloxi, Mississippi before 1910. They settled on West Water Street. In the Crescent City he had been a ship captain.

George Surdich

George Surdich was born at New Orleans

Matteo Surdich

Matteo 'Mat' Surdich (1886-1973) was born at New Orleans on October 5, 1886. He married Ann Lou Brown (1886-1953), a native of Framingham, Massachusetts, in Harrison County, Mississippi on September 10, 1913. At Biloxi. Mat Surdich worked in the fishing industry and in 1913 he was master of the Ida May H., a Biloxi schooner.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 25, p. 416 and The Daily Herald, September 11, 1913, p. 8)

Albert J. Surdich



Irby Surdich

Irby Surdich married Mrs. Bessie Stauter in Jackson County, Mississippi on April 16, 1927.(jackson Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB Bk. 17, p. 466)


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