Dulion Family



Biloxi, Mississippi


Passport of Arnaud Michel Dulion (1819-1870)


Arnaud M. Dulion

Arnaud Michel Dulion (1819-1870) was born July 5, 1819 at Auzas, Haute-Garonne, France, to Joseph Dulion, a game warden, and his wife, Jeanne Marie Gauzence.  On August 26, 1856, he married Mary Ann Keegan or Briscoe (1832-1890), an Irish immigrant, in Harrison County, Mississippi.  Their children were: Julia Dulion (1857-1918) m. Lazaro Lopez (1850-1903); Arnaud Michel Dulion, Jr. (1859-1909) m. Effie Louise Elmer (1868-1947); and Theodore P. Dulion (1861-1907) m. Amy Park (1862-1916).  In May 1866, Arnaud M. Dulion was a retail dealer and sold liquor at this time. 


Birth certificate of Arnaud M. Dulion


Arnaud M. Dulion died at Biloxi, Mississippi on November 3, 1870.  Mary Ann K. Dulion, his spouse, passed on also at Biloxi on November 6, 1890.



Lazaro Lopez (1850-1903) and Julia Dulion (1857-1918)



Julia Dulion (1857-1918) was born at Biloxi on May 25, 1857.  On September 30, 1871, she married Lazaro ‘Laz’ Lopez (1850-1903), a native of Spain, in the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church at Biloxi.  Mr. Lopez had immigrated Texas from Cuba via Spain between 1864 and 1866.  At Biloxi, he became one of its most wealthy and industrious citizens.  Laz Lopez acquired his fortune as a merchant, banker, seafood pioneer, and as an investor in new technology which brought electricity and modern transportation to the Queen City.


Julia Dulion was the mother of ten children: Josephine Mary Angeline Lopez (1872-1892); Teresa Lopez (1873-1951) married Dr. Hyman M. Folkes (1871-1926); Clara Lopez (1875-1895); Lazaro Joseph Lopez(1877-1918) married Eurilda ‘Lilly’ Seal (1879-1966); Arnaud Lopez (1880-1948) married Nellie May Gorman (1895-1952); Erena Lopez (1883-1940) married Edward L. Brady (1874-1939); Julius M. Lopez (1886-1958) married Belle Markey (1887-1946); Juanita Olivia Lopez (1890-1891); Rowena Marie Lopez(1894-1986) married Philip Columbus Caldwell (1892-1920+); and Noreta Julia Lopez (1896-1960) married Rucks Yerger Jr. (1892-1931).


Lazaro Lopez died at Rome, Italy in September 1903 from a kidney ailment.  He was on an extended European vacation with Julia and three of their children.  Mr. Lopez’s body was shipped from France via New York City to Biloxi for burial on October 1903. Julia Dulion Lopez expired at Biloxi, Mississippi on June 30, 1918.  Her corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, September 25, 1903, September 26, 1903, October 17, 1903, October 19, 1903, and The Daily Herald, July 1, 1918)


Arnaud Michel Dulion, Jr. (1859-1909)



Arnaud Michel Dulion Jr. (1859-1909) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on August 8, 1859.  He married Effie Louise Elmer (1868-1947), the daughter of Jacob Elmer (1812-1894) and Louisa B. Wetzel (1844-1894) on June 20, 1892 in the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church at Biloxi.  Effie Elmer was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on November 24, 1868.(Lepre, 1991, p. 99)


A.M. Dulion Jr. and Effie L. Elmer were the parents of seven children: Esther Mary Dulion (1893-1960) m. John Alexander McNamee (1885-1947);  Ione Eloise Dulion (1894-1969) m. George W. Henry; Arnaud Michel Elmer Dulion (1895-1896); Eugenia May Dulion (1896-1896); Myrtle Helen Dulion (1897-1973) m. Dilworth Q. Easterling (1908-1978); Aimee Dulion (1903-1953); and Effie Dulion (1907-1981) m. Edward J. Kraft Sr. (1904-1974).     



A.M. Dulion Jr. made his livelihood in the livery and undertaking business at Biloxi.  His business was situated on the corner of Lameuse Street and Water Street.      




Esther M. Dulion

Esther Mary Dulion (1893-1960) was born on April 2, 1893 at Biloxi, Mississippi.  She married John Lafayette McNamee (1885-1947), an employee of the St. Charles Hotel, on April 12, 1915 at New Orleans.  At this time, they were domiciled in a bungalow at 1911 Lafayette Avenue in the Crescent City.(Lepre, 1991, p. 99 andThe Daily Herald, April 15, 1915, p. 2 and April 26, 1915, p. 2)

By 1920, little had changed in the McNamee’s life as John continued to be employed by  the St. Charles Hotel as the superintendent of hotel services.  Aimee Dulion (1903-1953), Esther’s sister, was living with them on Lafayette Avenue.(1920 Orleans Parish, Louisiana Federal Census T625_622, p. 20B, ED 159)


In April 1930, John L. McNamee and family were domiciled on Post Street at Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida.  He was superintendent of transportation of a hotel at this time and their rent was $50 per month.  Myrtle H. Dulion (1897-1973), Esther’s sister, was in the household.  John and Esther D. McNamee were the parents of two daughters: Mary Ellen McNamee (b. 1921) m. T. Walter Crosby and Patricia Ann McNamee (1929-1995) m.  Mr. Perry.  It appears that Patricia Ann McNamee graduated from the Eleanor McMain Girls High School in January 1948.(1930 Duval Co., Florida Federal Census R 313, p. 2B, ED 30 and The Times-Picayune, January 21, 1948, p. 26)


Ione E. Dulion

Ione Eloise Dulion (1894-1969) was born on February 25, 1894 at Biloxi, Mississippi.  She married George W. Henry.  No children??  Ione E. Henry died on July 1, 1969 at Metairie, Louisiana.  Her corporal remains were buried at the Garden of Memories.  No firther information.(Lepre, 1991, p. 99 and The Times-Picayune, July 2, 1969, p. 21)   


Arnaud M.E. Dulion

Arnaud Michel Elmer Dulion (1895-1896) was born March 31, 1895 at Biloxi, Mississippi.  He was baptized at the Nativity of the B.V.M. Catholic Church on May 19, 1895.  Arnaud M. Elmer Dulion expired on June 28, 1896 from pneumonia.(Lepre, 1991, p. 99 and Biloxi Cemetery Bk. A, p. 36)


Eugenia M. Dulion

Eugenia May Dulion (1896-1896) was born on May 30, 1896 at Biloxi, Mississippi.  She lived only ten days and died on June 8, 1896.(Lepre, 1991, p. 99 and The Biloxi Herald, June 13, 1896, p. 8)


Myrtle H. Dulion

Myrtle Helen Dulion (1897-1973) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi in 1903 on August 26, 1897.  When Esther D. McNamee, her sister was domiciled at Jacksonville, Florida with her family in the late 1920s and early 1930s, Myrtle relocated to Florida and lived with them on Post Street.  Here she met and married Dilworth ‘Doc’ Q. Easterling (1908-1978) in 1936 in Baker County, Florida, which is just west of Jacksonville. 


Dilworth Q. Easterling was born at Savannah, Georgia on December 31, 1908 to Algrine Easterling (1884-1920+) and Mildred Easterling (1882-1935+), also Georgians.  His father made his livelihood as a machinist in a local shipyard to support his wife and their six children.  Dilworth matriculated to college and became a pharmacist.  By 1935, Dilworth was employed as a pharmacist at Jacksonville and residing with his mother in Jacksonville next to Albert G. McRae (1908-1983), his brother-in-law, and Lille Mae Easterling McRae (1908-1935+), his sister.(1920 Chatham Co., Georgia Federal Census T625_241, p. 9B, ED 66 and 1935 Florida State Census, S5, R9, p. 65)

Myrtle H. Dulion and Dilworth Q. Easterling were the parents of a son who died before adulthood.  Myrtle expired in Duval County, Florida on August 6, 1973.  Doc Easterling followed her in death passing on March 21, 1978.(Marcia D’Amico, December 29, 2010)


Aimee M. Dulion

Aimee Mercedes Dulion (1903-1953) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi in 1903.  She died at New Orleans on April 8, 1953 from cancer.  Her corporal remains were interred in the Garden of Memories in Metairie, Louisiana. No further information.(The Times-Picayune April 9, 1953, p. 2 and Marcia D’Amico, December 29, 2010)


Effie Dulion

Effie Dulion (1907-1981) was born May 2, 1907 at Biloxi, Mississippi.  She married Edward J. Kraft (1904-1974), the son of Frank J. Kraft (1876-1929) and Elizabeth Adolph (1876-1957).  Mr. Kraft made his livelihood at Metairie, Louisiana as a realtor.  The Krafts lived at 3205 Metairie Road and their children were: Marcia Kraft (b. 1935) m. Frank D’ Amico; Edward J. Kraft II; and Arnaud J. Kraft (1936-1953). 


Edward J. Kraft died on March 28, 1974.  Effie D. Kraft expired at Metairie, Louisiana on June 20, 1981.  Their brother, Arnaud J. Kraft, a student at Fortier High School, was killed in a motorcycle accident on December 9, 1953.  Members of this family are interred in the Garden of Memories at Metairie, Louisiana. (Lepre, 1991, p. 99 and The Times-Picayune, Decemebr 20, 1953, p. 5, March 30, 1974, p. 20 and June 21, 1981, p. 22)



Theodore Paul Dulion (1861-1907)



 Theodore Paul Dulion (1861-1907) was born October 18, 1861.  On March 20, 1886, he married Amy H. Park (1862-1916), the daughter of Barton Park (1822-1903) and Harriet Harkness, in the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church at Biloxi.  Children: Ura Clare Dulion (1887-1956); Theodore Roy Dulion (1889-1949+); Harriet Fay Dulion (1891-) m. Herbert J. Herrmann; Barton Park Dulion (1893-1936); Theodore Paul Dulion (1895-1949) m. Virginia Osborn (1902-1951); and Julia Abbey Dulion (1907-1984).


Baseball team

The T.P. Dulion baseball squad was organized in early April 1892 with Jack King, president; William Straub, secretary; and E. DeLamarre, treasurer.  Louis Hahn (1868-1937) was elected team captain and Ed Henley served as the team water boy.  By position, the T.P. Dulion baseball team was composed of the following players: S. Fayard, pitcher; J. Clark, catcher; Peter Bellande, 1st baseman; Jack King, 2nd baseman; Louis Hahn (1868-1937), 3rd baseman; W. Henley (1869-1924), shortstop; A. Bourdon, left fielder; J. Hildebrand, center fielder; and R. Holleman, right fielder.(The Biloxi Herald, April 9, 1892, p. 4)


L. Lopez & Company

The new L. Lopez & Company building on Reynoir and Howard Avenue opened in late April.  Two-story structure built by Owens &     from a design by Theodore Brune (1854-1932), New Orleans architect.  T.P. Dulion (1861-1907) was the store manager.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, April 27, 1901, p. 8)


New T.P. Dulion Mercantile Company building

In August 1898, the T.P. Dulion Mercantile Company opened in its new three-story edifice on the northeast corner of Howard Avenue and Reynoir Street.  The structure was owned by Lazaro Lopez and built by


Buy out

In  William V. Joyce (1887-1954)


BYC Officers for 1901-02

John Carraway, pres.; John J. Kennedy, v. pres.; H.F. Sawford, sec.; Byrd Enochs, treas.; Theodore P. Dulion, commodore; George H. Dunbar, vice commodore; Dr. Daniel A. Nash, rear commodore; Dr. H.R. Bohn, fleet surgeon.  Other known members: Albert B. Austin; Ernest Desporte (1853-1931); Martin Haas; Isidore Heidenheim; Harry T. Howard; W.M. Levy; H.F. Sawford; and W.F. Swan.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, May 4, 1901, p. 1)




Theodore Paul Dulion

Theodore Paul Dulion (1895-1949) was born November 24, 1895 at Biloxi, Mississippi.  He attended Biloxi Public schools and graduated from the Gulf Coast Military Academy in 1915.  Mr. Dulion went to Houston, Texas and worked in shoe sales for Krupp & Tuffly and the Scoggins Shoe Company.  He later went to NYC where he was employed with the Hanan Company and  by Lord, Taylor & Altman and other 5th Avenue merchants.  At the time of his demise at Harrington Park, New Jersey on 15 February 1949, Theo was working for Saks Fifth Avenue.  He had married in 1925 to Miss Virginia Osborn (1902-1951).  Mr. Dulion's body was sent to Biloxi for commitment in the Biloxi Cemetery.(The Daily Herald, February  17, 1949, p. 6)



Julia A. Dulion

Julia Abbe Dulion was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on 1907.



by Debra Downs

Julia Dulion's father, T.P. Dulion, died on the day she was born.  I have her baby photo album showing their summer home in Michigan which looked very grand.  If you would like, I can send you some copies of the photographs I have.  Julia was an excellent swimmer in her youth and I believe tried out for the Olympic swim team.  She was also a physical therapist and served in the military in the Pacific theater during World War II.(I have letters she sent during the War). She worked as a physical therapist in the Chicago area for the Chicago Public School System at the  Spalding Crippled Children's School.  She received her Bachelor of Science from Northwestern University in 1940 and her Master of Arts in 1942 (I have her diplomas). 
 After the war, she and my great Aunt lived in Chicago, IL and always had a summer home which they graciously shared with my family for wonderful get togethers.  After she and my Aunt retired, they moved to Orlando Florida, but still kept a summer home in the midwest.  Julia became an avid fisherwoman and won prizes in fishing contests.  They took me on several vacations when I was a teenager.  We would drive to Florida so they could figure out where they wanted to retire.  Julia told us that when she was a child her Mother would take her up north to Boston and New York to buy clothes for school.  It sounded like the family lived quite well for some time after her father died, but eventually the money ran out.  She rarely spoke of her family and maintained some contact with nieces and nephews but really became a member of our family and was present in our lives, very much loved and dearly missed when she died.  The date of her death, that you have in your records is incorrect.  My Aunt kept Julia's ashes for 6 years before having them interned at Acacia Park Cemetery and they put the wrong date on the plaque.  If I can be of any further assistance, please let me know.  If you want the pictures, would you prefer hard copy duplicates or should I just send them as attachments in an email?  I have also read the book about her uncle, Lazaro Lopez, who married her father's sister Julia, who I believe Julia Abbey was named after.  I sent the book to my sister who now lives in Florida.  He was an amazing person too.  I enjoyed seeing Julia's father's picture and I think she resembled him (especially her eyes).[from Debra Down via e-mail June 1, 2017]



Antoine B. Dulion


Carol Mills-Nichol at Madisonville, Lousiana



Antoine B. Dulion (1817-1884) was born Antoine Blaize Dulion on 14 November 1817 at Auzas, Haute-Garonne, France, to Joseph Dulion, a game warden, and his wife, Jeanne Marie Gauzence. (1) 


Antoine received a passport at Bordeaux, Gironde, France, on 20 November 1847 to travel to New Orleans to work as a merchant. He arrived in the city on 21 January 1848 from Bordeaux on board the ship Victoria. After a short time in New Orleans he moved across Lake Ponchartrain to Madisonville, St. Tammany Parish, LA, where he bought town lot #8, square 11, measuring 60 ft x 120 ft. on Pine street where he established a home and store. He married Irish immigrant Catherine Carroll on 21 November 1857. They were the parents of six children: Paul Joseph Dulion (1855-1932) m. Sophie L. Dulion (1863-1942); Antoine Dulion (b. 1857); Mary Dulion (b. 1858); John Dulion (b. 1860); Vincent Dulion (b. 1865); and Leon Edward Dulion (b. 1873).


Throughout the Civil War, Madisonville, with its strategic place at the mouth of the Tchefuncte River on Lake Ponchartrain, was a central location for illicit trade between occupied New Orleans and the North Shore, still in the hands of the Confederacy. By January 1864, Union General Nathaniel Banks had determined to put a stop to it, so he sent 1000 men to Madisonville, where on 3 January the town was taken without resistance. Federal troops occupied the town for just over a month. They confiscated everything of worth, loading their boats with lumber, turpentine, tar, bricks, and produce, for shipment back to New Orleans. Madisonville was left in virtual ruin, its people destitute, by the Union expedition which consisted of portions of the following regiments: the 12th Maine, 9th Connecticut, two battalions of the convalescents of the XIIIth Corps, the 15th Massachusetts artillery, and the 2nd Louisiana Cavalry, all under the general command of Colonel William K. Kimball of the 12th Maine volunteers.


During that month Antoine Dulion’s store was emptied and his farm animals taken. Dulion and his family recovered from their losses and remained in the town, where Antoine continued his merchandising business. In 1866 he paid Federal taxes as a retail liquor dealer. That same year he bought a lot 60 ft. x 120 ft. south of the Catholic Church formerly belonging to Luca Delpt. A year later he purchased lot #5, in square 11, on St. Mary Street. Ten years later he extended his holdings bying adjacent lots #9 & 10, in square 11 on Pine and St. Tammany streets. Catherine Carroll Dulion died on 30 November 1880 and was interred in the Madisonville Town Cemetery. Antoine followed on 18 July 1884 and was buried with her.


In Antoine and Catherine’s succession sale which took place in late 1884, all of his town property was put up for auction, as well as, ten head of cattle, 187 head of sheep, one carriage, one cart, two mares, one dray, all the merchandise in his store, his claim before the French and American Claims Commission, 760 pounds of wool, and old debts due his store amounting to $1213.17. His estate was eventually paid only a small portion of what he had  claimed as losses incurred in the Civil War. His younger brother, Arnaud Michel Dulion, preceded him to America, and settled in Biloxi, Harrison County, Mississippi.


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