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By Ray L. Bellande

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Vietnamese people and Buddhist's Pagodas


Biloxi Commercial Harbor behind Hard Rock Casino in September 2020





Six of 12 Vietnamese refugees who made their home on the Mississippi Coast came to Biloxi in late May from the Eglin AFB Refugee Center.  Vincent and Margaret Sherry sponsored the families and gave the Vinh family temporary shelter in ther home.  The former South Vietnamese airforce officers and pilots and families were: Nguien Quan Vinh, Tuyet, his spouse, and 18-month old daughter, Van Anh, and Hoang Thanh Nha, Yen, his wife, and 7-year old, daughter, Nhi.  Others expected to arrive were Phan Huu Minh and his family.(The Daily Herald, May 28, 1975, p. 1)



Biloxi's first Buddhist pagoda opened on December 11, 1988 when Monk Chon Thich greeted fifty people at 1100 East Howard Avenue.[The Hattiesburg American, December 13, 1988, p. 3]



Chua Van Duc

179 Oak Street






The Hattiesburg American, 'Birth of a pagoda: Buddhists open temple on Gulf Coast', December 13, 1988.