Five Centuries on the Mississippi Sound: A Chronology of Biloxi, Mississippi

Learn more about the past of Biloxi and Ocean Springs, Mississippi, through the historical and archival research of Ray L. Bellande at biloxihistoricalsociety.org and oceanspringsarchives.net.

Ray offers his 20 years of research experience to help you learn more about the past of the Gulf Coast area and perhaps your family. Contact us to start on the path to discovery with our historical research services.



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About Biloxi

Join Ray L. Bellande, already in the process of uncovering the history and genealogy of Biloxi, Mississippi, a wonderful and diverse community on the Gulf of Mexico. Named for the local Sioux Indian people, the Ocean Springs and Biloxi areas has been inhabited by Europeans since being founded by Iberville and his French Canadian soldiers of fortune and their French cohorts with the establishment of Fort Maurepas, in April 1699. The fascinating history of Biloxi is an unparalled adventure spaning five centuries.


Archival Research

Unearth the history of the Biloxi area through a number of archival and historical research methods. Libraries are great storehouses of information of all sorts about the past. City directories from the past can help you find out where your grandparents lived, for example. If you need to find an obituary, Ray scours local newspapers going back for more than a century. There is a copious amount of information about all of the towns that existed in the past in the Biloxi area, waiting to be found whenever you like.


Court Records

Ray searches the records of the courthouses and archives of Jackson, Harrison, and Hancock County, Mississippi to find out about the past. With Ray's help, you can learn specific information about the area and your family's place in history through this archival research. He finds valuable facts hiding in: Land Records • Marriage Records • Probates, Wills and Divorce Records • Local Cemetery searches and tombstone images can also be made.



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Ray L. Bellande ca.2005