Arguelles Family




Francisco Arguelles married Bridgett McNerney (1830-1917).  Children: Augustine Arguelles (1858-1888) m. Dudley H. Lang (1856-1885); Mary Arguelles (1860-1926); Francis Arguelles (b. 1861); Bridgett Arguelles (1863-1877); Joseph P. Arguelles (1865-1944) m. Louise Eva Bellman  (1867-1958); Jane Arguelles (b. 1869); John Arguelles (1870-1892) m. Alphonsine Roux m. Julius S. Sablich; Rose Ida Arguelles (1874-1941) m. Andrew J. Whelan (1868-1933).


Augustine Arguelles

Augustine Arguelles(1858-1888) was born in Biloxi, Mississippi.  She married Dudley Hubbard Lang (1856-1885) April 28, 1880 at Nativity B.V.M. Catholic Church in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Their children were: Robert D. Lang (1881-1885); Nettie Eugenie Lang (1882-1971) m. Charles M. Wilkes (1880-1946); and Warren Joseph Lang (1884-1977) m. Katherine Hecht (1885-1978).


Mary Arguelles

Mary Arguelles (1859-1926) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on September 24, 1859.


Francis Arguelles

Francis Arguelles was born October 11, 1861.


Bridgett Arguelles

Bridgett Arguelles (1863-1877) was born December 11, 1863 to Francisco Arguelles and Bridget McNerney.   She was baptized January 23, 1864 at Nativity B.V.M. Catholic Church in Biloxi, Mississippi.(Lepre, 1991, p. 9)


Bridget expired on May 18, 1877. Her corporal remains were interred in the Old Biloxi Cemetery, Section C-Lot 5.(Lepre, 1991, p. 8 and City of Biloxi Cemetery Records-Annette Melancon Barhonovich-September 2013)



Joseph P. Arguelles and Louise Eva Bellman

[Courtesy of Mike Arguelles-January 2016]


Joseph P. Arguelles Family circa 1905


[L-R standing: Albert Arguelles (1892-1943); Warren Arguelles (1893-1973); and Frank Charles Arguelles (1894-1943); L-R seated: George H. Arguelles (1896-1934); Lillian Arguelles (1902-2000); Joseph P. Arguelles (1866-1944); Florence Arguelles (1899-1979); Louise Eva Bellman Arguelles (1867-1958); Bernadine Arguelles (1904-1989); and Ethel "Tina" Arguelles (1897-1938).  Courtesy of Mike Arguelles.


Joseph Peter Arguelles (1865-1944) was born January 25, 1866.  He married Louise ‘Lou’ Eva Bellman (1867-1958), the daughter of Charles W. Bellman (1841-1885), a native of Biloxi, Mississippi  and Almina Eagan (1851- 1881), a native of Hanover, Germany, on February 4, 1891 at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church in Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  They were the parents eleven children of which nine were living when they celebrated their Golden Wedding Anniversary in February 1941 : Warren P. Arguelles (1891-1972) m. Fay Husley (1896-1984); Albert J. Arguelles (1892-1943) m. Elenore Frederick; Francis 'Frank' Charles Arguelles (1894-1943) m. Alice Rayburn (1898-1969); George H. Arguelles (1896-1934) m. Winnie C. Morris (1900-1980) m. Frederick D. O’Brien (1895-1958); Ethel A. Arguelles (1897-1938); Florence T. Arguelles (1899-1979); Lillian M. Arguelles (1902-2000); Bernadine W. Arguelles (1904-1989); Donald W. Arguelles (1906-1969) m. Margaret Reta Webster, Maisie Olivia Kelly King  (1911-1986) m. Hugh E. Kirkland (1912-1992) and Abbie I. Anderson (1904-2002); Cecile A. Arguelles (1908-1994) m.  George Pavlov (1910-1963); and Louise Arguelles (1910-1983).


Warren P. Arguelles

Warren Phillip Arguelles (1891-1972) was born November 12, 1891, the son of Joseph Peter Arguelles (1865-1944) and Louise E. Bellman (1867-1958). He married Fay Husley (1896-1984). Warren and Fay resided at 611 Kuhn Street in Biloxi, Mississippi. Warren had made his livelihood as a transit operator. He commenced his transportation career with the Mississippi Coast Traction Company as a street car operator. When it was acquired by Mississippi Power Company he continued in the industry and retired after fifty-three years when he worked for the Municipal Transit Lines.   Mr. Arguelles was survived by his wife; Dorothy 'Dot' Arguelles (1916-1978) m. Harold M. Seitz, his daughter, and five sisters: Florence T. Arguelles (1899-1979); Bernadine W. Arguelles (1904-1989); Lillian M. Arguelles (1902-2000); Louise Arguelles (1910-1983); and Cecile A. Pavlov (1908-1994) m. George Pavlov (1910-1963).(The Daily Herald, August 13, 1972)


Warren P. Arguelles expired on August 1, 1972.


Albert J. Arguelles

Albert Joseph Arguelles (1892-1943) was born December 11, 1892.  He married Elenore Frederick.  Children: Ruth Bernadine Arguelles (1919-1922);



Francis C. Arguelles

Francis Charles Arguelles (1894-1943) was born June 26, 1894.  He married Alice Rayburn (1898-1969), a native of New Orleans.  Children: Douglas J. Arguelles (1917-1921); Lytle Arguelles; Frank C. ‘Mullett’ Arguelles Jr. (1923-2003); Rayburn Arguelles; Melonie “Betty’ Arguelles (1928-1975) m. Joseph Marine Rosetti (1927-2007) and John L. King.


Death of Alice R. Arguelles

Alice Rayburn Arguelles, widow of Frank C. Arguelles of Biloxi, who was burned in an accident on June 4, 1969, died Friday night, June   1969, at Howard Memorial Hospital in Biloxi where she had been a patient since the accident.  Mrs. Arguelles was 71 years of age.http://www.findagrave.com/icons2/trans.gif  She was burned in an explosion at 3921 Atkinson Road, the residence of Frank ‘Mullet ‘ C.  Arguelles Jr., her son.  Alice was severely injured when she spilled some of the contents of the bucket of gasoline that she was carrying and it was ignited and exploded when contacting the water heater in her son’s home. 

Mrs. Arguelles was born in New Orleans and had been a resident of Biloxi since 1909.  She married Frank C. Arguelles in Harrison County, Mississippi on June 14, 1917.  In addition to Mullet Arguelles, she was the mother of: Peter Arguelles; Mrs. Paul Martin of Albuquerque, New Mexico; and Mrs. John L. King of Gulfport, Mississippi.  Alice was survived by her children; a sister, Mrs. Charles Harvey of Los Angeles, California; and fourteen grandchildren.  She was preceded in death by a son, Douglas Joseph Arguelles (1917-1921).  Bradford-O’Keefe Funeral Home of Biloxi directed the funeral of mrs. Arguelles, which included a Requiem Mass at Our Lady of Fatima Catholic Church follwed by interment in the Biloxi Cemetery.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 29, p. 328 and The Daily Herald,       June 1969, p. 2)


George H. Arguelles

George Henry Arguelles (1896-1934) was born June 30, 1896.  He married Winnie C. Morris in Harrison County, Mississippi on April 2, 1918.  Children: Joseph Arguelles, John ‘Jack’ R. Arguelles m. Dorothy Cobb; Ivon Anthony Arguelles (1925-2005) m. Lou Ella McMath (1928-1992); and Morris Charles Arguelles (2005) m. Mary Louise Lesso (19-2013).  


George H. Arguelles died on July 26, 1934.  On December 23, 1935, Winnie married Frederick Damon O’Brien (1895-1958).  Their daughter, Patricia Ann O’Brien (1943-2004) m. William  Ford.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 46, p. 445) 



Lt. Commander John 'Jack' R. Arguelles, USN, was promoted to Commander on July 1, 1962.  Jack was a graduate of the US Naval Academy and had served aboard the USS Macon and USS Essex.  at the time of his promotion to Commander, he was commanding officer of the USS Walworth County (LST-1164) with the US Fleet in the Mediterranean Sea.(The Daily Herald, July 16, 1962, p. 10)



Ethel A. Arguelles

Ethel Augustine Arguelles (1897-1938) was born December 23, 1897.  She died July 28, 1938 at the Biloxi Hospital following emergency surgery for a ruptured appendix.  Miss Arguelles was a 1916 Biloxi High School graduate.(The Daily Herald, July 28, 1938, p. 1)



Florence T. Arguelles

Florence Theresa Arguelles (1891-1979) was born June 10, 1899.


Bernadine W. Arguelles



Lillian M. Arguelles



Louise Arguelles



Cecile A. Arguelles



Johanna Arguelles

Johanna Arguelles (1869-1946) was born on February 2, 1869* and baptized “Jane” on March 9, 1869 at Nativity B.V.M. Catholic Church in Biloxi.  She married Lars Peter Eskald (1856-1944), a Danish immigrant, on October 23, 1901 in the rectory of Nativity B.V.M.(Lepre, 1991, p. 8 and The Biloxi Daily Herald, October 24, 1901, p. 8)

Johanna and Lars Peter Eskald were the parents of two children: Robert P. Eskald (1902-1995) m. Ethel E. Jones (1906-1975) and Dorothy B. Eskald (1908-2000).



John Arguelles



Rosa Ida Arguelles


Rosa Ida Arguelles (1875-1941) was born on August 31, 1875 in Biloxi, Mississippi.  She married Andrew Joseph Whelan (1868-1933), a native of New Orleans and the son of Andrew Whelan (1832-1883) and Catherine Sullivan (1844-1917), both Irish immigrants, on January 16, 1898, at Nativity B.V.M. Catholic Church. (Lepre, 1991, p. 8)


In 1900, the Whelan family resided at 517 Derbigny Street in the Crescent City and their first son, Father James F. Whelan (1899-1968), had been born.  Andrew like many of Irish ancestry made his livelihood as a drayman at this time.(1900 Orleans Parish, Louisiana Federal Census R571, p. 18B, ED 27)


Rose Arguelles and Andrew J. Whelan had two other sons: Andrew J. Whelan Jr. (1904-1980) m. Bernice Kettenring (1919- 1967) and Daniel J. Whelan (1906-1969) m. Beatrice Muldoon (1917-1995).


When James F. Whelan chose to become a Catholic priest, it probably came as no surprise to the family, as Father James F. Whelan (1881-1919), his uncle and namesake, was ordained in June 1908 as a Lazarist Father of St. Joseph.  Father Whelan drowned while swimming in the New Basin Canal in June 1919.  At the time he was rector at St. Joseph’s Catholic Church and chaplain of the Orleans Parish Prison.(The New Orleans Item, June 27, 1919, p. 11)


Father James F. Whelan SJ (1899-1968) became a Jesuit priest and was ordained at Woodstock, Maryland in 1928.  He taught at Loyola    Father Whelan expired in December 1968 and his corporal remains sent to the Jesuit Fathers Cemetery at Spring Hill College in Mobile, Alabama.(The Times-Picayune, December 17, 1968, p. 18)


Rosa Arguelles Whelan expired in Hotel Dieu in the Crescent City on February 3, 1941.  Internment in St. Patrick Cemetery No. 2.(The Times-Picayune, February 4, 1941, p. 2)



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