Bousquet Family



     The Bousquet family of BiloxiMississippi commenced with the union of Jean Bousquet (1822-1850), a French immigrant, and Marie Vallet (1825-1880+), a native of BordeauxFrance.  The Bousquets were residents of New Orleans.  Their son, Jean-Baptiste Bousquet (1814-1848+), married Marie Caillavet (1825-), the daughter of Louis A. Caillavet (1790-1860) and Margaret Fayard (1787-1863) at NBVM Roman Catholic Church in Biloxi on October 4, 1843.  Children: Louis Bousquet (1844-1844); Jean Alphonse Bousquet (1845-1908); Elisa Bousquet (1847-1850+); Rosa Bousquet (1848-1894); and Jean-Baptiste Bousquet (b. 1848).(Lepre, 1991, p. 39)


Jean A. Bousquet

     Jean Alphonse Bousquet (1845-1908) was born August 2, 1845, the son of Jean Baptiste Bousquet, and Marie Caillavet, the daughter of Louis Arbeau Caillavet (1790-1860) and Marguerite Fayard (1787-1863).  He married in November 1867 to Marie Eugenie Sabourin (1852-1898), a native of Canada and the daughter of Charles Sabourin and Jan Thurber.(Lepre, 1991, p. 38)


Mayor 1885-1886

     Jean Alphonse Bousquet served Biloxi as its Mayor from 1885-1886.  He defeated Emile Laudner 161 votes to 148 votes in the 1885 election.  Other elected Biloxi City officials for 1885-1886 were: Secretary: Raymond Caillavet (1838-1898); Treasurer: Edward Glennan (1854-1933); Aldermen: E.L. James; R.M. Balius; Pedro Perez (1866-1927); Phil McCabe; and MarshallCary Holleman.(The Daily Picayune, January 5, 1885)


     In December 1893, John A. Bousquet acquired full interest in the Sun Bakery when he bought his partners vested interest in the company.  Bouquet planned to operate the business himself and retain the services of Fred Quint, who managed the bread making department of the bakery.(The Biloxi Herald, December 2, 1893, p. 8)

 New Orleans 

     The Bousquet family left Biloxi for New Orleans circa 1895 and planned to return August 1, 1897.  They arrived permanently at Biloxi in December 1897.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, July 17, 1897, p. 8 and December 11, 1897, p. 7)


     Jean A. Bousquet and Marie E. Bousquet were the parents of four children: Joseph Arthur Bousquet (1871-1943) m. Georgia C. Rousseaux (1877-1930+); Edgar Gabriel Bousquet (1874-1962) m. Ella Mullen (1875-1930+); Lelia Marie Bousquet (1875-1936) m. James V. Hagan (1879-1929); and Denella Bousquet (1879-1921) m. Sidney L. Cowand (1878-1921+).

Children of Jean A. Bousquet and Marie Eugenie Sabourin

 Joseph Arthur Bousquet (1871-1943) was born at BiloxiMississippi.  He married Georgia Rousseaux (1877-1930+) in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana on July 24, 1899.  Their children were: Nellie A. Bousquet (1901-1910+); Roland Bousquet (1903-1930+); and Alice Bousquet (1906-1930+).  Joseph A. Bousquet and family lived in Slidell, St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana.  After working stores and warehouses, he became an undertaker for a funeral home at Slidell.  Joseph A. Bousquet expired on September 5, 1943 in St. Tammany Parish, Louisiana.  No further information.

 Edgar Gabriel Bousquet (1874-1962) was born at New Orleans and married Ella Mullen (1875-1930+) at there on December 15, 1898.  He made his livelihood in the Crescent City with the Bousquet-Jordan Syrup Company.  Their children were: Kathleen E. Bousquet (b. 1892); James E. Bousquet (1900-1930+) m. Bertha L. Bousquet (1901-1994); Florence Bousquet (and Mercedes Bousquet (.             Edgar G. Bousquet expired at New Orleans in November 1962.  No further information.

 Lelia Marie Bousquet (1875-1936) married James Vinton Hagan (1879-1929), native of New Orleanson June 24, 1897 at the Notre Dame Catholic Church in New Orleans.  Mr. Hagan was the son of James P. Hagan (1875-1852) and Olivia C. Vinten (1853-1918).  After the death of his father, Mrs. Hagan married Charles Golden N. Golden (1836-1913) at New Orleans in January 1881.(The Daily Picayune, July 2, 1897, p. 4 and The Daily Herald, November 30, 1936, p. 5 and The Daily Picayune, January 9, 1881, p. 2)

James and Lelia B. Hagan were the parents of seven children: Elise B. Hagan (b. 1898) m. John P. Tierney; Marie Ruth Hagan (1900-) m. Paul Rosell Brielmaier (1900-1958); Eugenia Soborin Hagan m. George Thompson Cosgrove (1892-1972); Charles Hagan (b. 1904) ; James V. Hagan Jr. (b. 1905) m. Ginette Louise Klein (1910-1980); and Joseph Earl Hagan (1910-1969) m. Yvonne Elizabeth Newmen (1918-1997).(The Daily Picayune, July 2, 1897, p. 4 and The Daily Herald, November 30, 1936, p. 5)

     James V. Hagan made his livelihood at BiloxiMississippi as a merchant; Harrison County,Mississippi deputy sheriff; and City Clerk of Biloxi.  The family resided on West Beach on the corner ofReynoir Street

     In the spring of 19121, Mr. Hagan built a long, recreational pier in front of his home.  It had a large pavilion.  Here he served refreshments, rented bathing suits, and held dances.(The Daily Herald, June 10, 1921, p. 6 and June 18, 1921, p. 8)

 Danella Bousquet (1878-1921) was born at New Orleans.  She married Sidney L. Coward (1878-1930+) at Biloxi on December 9, 1905.  He was born at Bay St. Louis, Mississippi.  In 1920, the Cowands were domiciled at Ocean SpringsMississippi where he owned a cabinet making shop.  They lived on Porter Street with Ada Cowand (1907-1920+), their teenage daughter.(1900 Harrison Co., Ms. MRB 17, p. 275, Harrison Co., Mississippi Federal Census T623_808, p. 3B, ED 28 and 1920 Jackson Co., Mississippi Federal Census T625_879, p. 2B, ED 66)

     Mrs. Cowand gave birth to another daughter on October 11, 1921 at Ocean Springs.  She died on October 15, 1921 only four days after delivery.  Her corporal remains were interred in the BiloxiCemetery.(The Daily Herald, October 14, 1921, p. 6 and October 21, 1921, p. 2)

      In 1930, S.L. Cowand was a widower living in a boarding house at YoungsvilleLouisiana.  He remained a carpenter in the building trade.(1930 Lafayette Parish, Louisiana R 798, p. 2A, ED 24)


     Eugenie Bousquet (1852-1898) died at NOLA on June 21, 1898.  John A Bousquet expired at New Orleans on December 12, 1908.  Their corporal remains rest in the Old Biloxi Cemetery at Biloxi,Mississippi.


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