Elmer Family



Jacob Elmer                           Barbara G. Elmer


Jacob Elmer (1813-1894) and Barbara Gettendorf (1823-1858) were the progenitors of the Elmer family of Biloxi, Mississippi.  Jacob Elmer was born at Canton Glarus in Switzerland, the same area of the Biloxi Hosli [Husley] and Abbley family origination.  Mr. Elmer came to Biloxi in 1836 and circa 1837, he married Barbara Gettendorf, a native of Winweiler, Rhein Kreis, Bavaria and the daughter of Henry Gettendorf (1784-1837), a native of Keil, Holstein, Germany, and Anne M. Otto (1787-1846), native of Bavaria.  


In 1850, Jacob Elmer was a merchant at Biloxi worth $15,000.  His children with Barbara Gettendorf were:  Helena Elmer Northrop (1838-1917), Anna Elmer (b. 1839), Jacob Elmer Jr. (1843-1885), John P. Elmer (b. 1843), Henry M. Elmer (1844-1868), Frederick William Elmer (1847-1926), Augustus Elmer (1849-1906), Otto Elmer (1851-1926+), and Charles Elmer (1852-1926+). (HARCO Census, p. 27). 



After the demise of his wife in 1858, Jacob Elmer married Louisa B. Wetzel (1844-1894) in January 1863.  She was the daughter of German immigrant, Jacob Wetzel (1802-1860+) and          ?      .  Her mother was dead before 1860.  Their children were: Coresta Elmer m. Thomas Bachino (1866-1891), Effie Elmer Dulion (1868-1947), Clarence Elmer (1868-1901), Percy L. Elmer (1873-1949), Edwin Ross Elmer (1878-1934), and the twins, Albert Elmer (1881-1950) and Arthur Elmer (b. 1881).  Jacob Wetzel's siblings raised by Louisa B. Elmer were: Julia Wetzel (b. 1853), and Catherine Wetzel (b. 1855).(Guice, 1968?, p. 12). 



Jacob Elmer expired at Biloxi, Mississippi on October  1894.  To his children with Barbara Gettendorf, he legated all of his property in Jackson County, Mississippi.  These legatees were: Helena Elmer Northrop; the Heirs of Anna Elmer Farror, deceased; F. William Elmer; Augustus Elmer, Otto Elmer, and Charles Elmer.  Augustus Elmer was executor for his siblings.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, October 20, 1894, p. 8)

Mr. Elmer left all of his personal property and real estate in Biloxi to his children with Louisa B. Wetzel: Coresta Elmer Bachino; Effie Elmer Dulion; Clarence Elmer; Percy Lee Elmer; Edwin Ross Elmer; and Albert Elmer.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, October 20, 1894, p. 8)


Children of Jacob Elmer and Barbara Gettendorf


Helena Elmer

Helena Elmer (1838-1917) was born at New Orleans on .  She married Abner Reuben Knight Northrop (1839-1896), the son of Abner Northrop and Christina Knight,  in Harrison County, Mississippi on June 19, 1869.  Abner was born on July 28, 1839 at Franklin, St. Mary Parish, Louisiana.  Abner's father was born at Hartford, Connecticut and was a West Point graduate.  His mother was the daughter of Reubin Knight, a Louisiana sugar planter.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 6, p. 127 and Land, 1936, p. 165)


A.R.K. Northrop

Abner R. Northrop came to the Mississippi Gulf Coast after the Civil War.  He worked for a dentist in Sherman, Texas before organizing a Calvary Company





Anna Elmer




Jacob Elmer Jr.

Jacob Elmer Jr. (1843-1885) was born at Biloxi.  He died on September 7, 1885 at Mineola, Wood County, Texas.[The Pascagoula Democrat-Star, September 7, 1885.


Augustus Elmer


Augustus Elmer (1849-1906) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi in 1849.  He married Olivia Henrietta Miller (1855-1928) in New Orleans on June 15, 1876.  They were the parents of five boys: August Elmer II (1880-1953) m. Jessie Cazeneuve (; Leonard Jacob Elmer (d. 1968) m. Thelma Paltron; Morel M. Elmer Sr. (1889-1985) m. Jeanne Turegano; Oscar Baker Elmer (1888-1976) m. Irma Rose Schwab; and Alphonse John Otto Elmer m. Corinthia Eunice Thompson.

Augustus Elmer made his livelihood as 


He was the son of Augustus Elmer (1849-1906) and Olivia Henrietta Miller (1855-1928). His father was the founder of the Miller-Elmer Manufacturing Company Limited ississippi.(The Daily Picayune, July 24, 1906, The Times-Picayune, February 11, 1917, p. 16 and March 19, 1953)


[from The Times-Picayune, March 19, 1953, p. 3]

August Elmer II

Augustus Elmer III (1880-1953) became president of the family candy business upon the demise of his father in July 1906. His four fraternal siblings were also owners and officers in the company: Leonard Jacob Elmer (d. 1968) m. Thelma Paltron; Morel M. Elmer Sr. (1889-1985) m. Jeanne Turegano; Oscar Baker Elmer (1888-1976) m. Irma Rose Schwab; and Alphonse John Otto Elmer m. Corinthia Eunice Thompson.


August Elmer married Jessie Cazeneuve, a native of Bay St. Louis, Mississippi. They were the parents of three children: August Elmer III (1913-1983); Joseph Cazeneuve Elmer (1915-1975) m. Ruth Murphy; and Martha Olivia Elmer (1918-2010) m. Shelton Evans Hicks (1906-1983).


August Elmer II expired at New Orleans on March 18, 1953. He was general manager of the Elmer Candy Company at the time of his demise. He was survived by his spouse; three children; and four brothers.
Mr. Elmer's funeral was under the auspices of Jacob schoen & Son Funeral Home of New Orleans. Services were held at Our Lady of the Holy Rosary Catholic Church followed by internment in Metairie Cemetery.((The Times-Picayune, February 11, 1917, p. 16, March 19, 1953, and December 8, 1975)



Henry M. Elmer

Henry M. Elmer



Frederick W. Elmer


Frederick William Elmer (1847-1926) was born at Biloxi on January 23, 1847.  He was the son of two European immigrants, Jacob Elmer (1813-1894) and Barbara Gettendorf (1823-1858).  F.W. Elmer married Elizabeth Carson Maycock (1850-1905) in May 1871.  She was the daughter of Captain James Maycock (1825-1892) and Mary Emily Carson (1827-1900), born at Cape May, New Jersey.  Captain Maycock was a native of Hull, Yorkshire, England and arrived at Biloxi on an English vessel in 1839.(Guice, 1968?, p. 19 and The Biloxi Herald, March 19, 1892, p. 4)


Captain Maycock was a seafood pioneer at Biloxi.  In 1881, he and Lazaro Lopez (1850-1903), F. W. Elmer (1847-1926), W.K.M. Dukate (1853-1916), and William Gorenflo (1844-1932) with a capital stock of $8,000 organized the Lopez, Elmer and Company, which became the Biloxi Canning Company.  This factory was situated on the Back Bay of Biloxi, at the head of Reynoir Street.  



Elizabeth Maycock Elmer-Biloxi Cemetery


F.W. Elmer and his spouse were the parents of ten children.  Eight survived into the 20th Century.  The known Elmer children are: Marie Ann Elmer Sichirich (1872-1946); Ida L. Elmer (1873-1891); Nina V. Elmer Scott (1877-1937+); Cora V. Elmer (1878-1962) married Byrd Enochs (1875-1940); F.W. Elmer II (1881-1948) m. Alys Halliday (1886-1970); James Chester Elmer (1883-1920) m. Hazel Thompson (1890-1974);  Inez F. Elmer Ebersole (1885-1937+); Margueryte Elmer Cole (1887-1965) m. Myron Asa Cole (1876-1957) ;and Edward E. Elmer (1892-1900+).



Frederick William Elmer was elected Mayor of Biloxi on January 6, 1891.  He defeated two opponents, Zachary Taylor Champlin and A.B. DeLamarre.  Of the votes cast, Mr. Elmer received 392, Champlain 102 and DeLamarre 74.  Mr. Elmer was lauded in the local journal with these words: "[F.W. Elmer is] a man of sound ideas, liberality of opinion, energy and progressive tendencies, and during the years he has previously served his constituency, both as a municipal officer and state legislator, has proven fidelity to Biloxi, his interest inher welfare and displayued an executive ability which fits him for the office to which he had been called."(The Biloxi Herald, January 10, 1891, p. 1)


F.W. Elmer Home-216 West Beach


In Ocotber 1904, Mayor F.W. Elmer (1847-1926) contracted with J.E. Greene to build a two-story, 2500 square-ft. home on Magnolia and Front Beach for between $3000 and $4000.  The lot was 1,.37 acres in size.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, October 20, 1904, p. 5)


The F.W. Elmer House was completed after the death of Mrs. F.W. Elmer, Elizabeth Carson Maycock (1850-1905), which occurred in late January 1905 and prior to June 1909.(see Sanborn Insurance Maps-Biloxi-1904 Sheet 4 and 1909 Sheet 8).  The Elmers resided at No. 120 Water Street at the time of her demise on January 21, 1905.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, January 21, 1905, p. 5).


Marguerite Elmer  was a single woman when she acquired the F.W. Elmer home in July 1925.  The warranty deed from her father, F.W. Elmer Sr., stated, "for constant attention to me, during my sickness extending over two years, I sell and convey".  F.W. Elmer Sr. expired on December 23, 1926.(HARCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 165, p. 526)


[for complete history of the F.W. Elmer Home see Homes on this website]



F.W. Elmer-Biloxi Cemetery

Frederick W. Elmer expired at Biloxi, Mississippi on 



Marie Anne Elmer

Marie Anne Elmer was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on    .  She married Nicholas Sichirich 


Ida L. Elmer

Biloxi Cemetery

Ida L. Elmer (1873-1891) was born June 20, 1873 at Biloxi, Mississippi.  She expired on April 14, 1891 at Biloxi.  Her corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery.


Lizzie Helena Elmer

Biloxi Cemetery

Lizzie Helena Elmer (1874-1878) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on December 15, 1874.  she expired here on October 23, 1878.


Nina V. Elmer

Nina V. Elmer and Cora Elmer, her sister, attended the University of Mississippi in 1897.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, June 5, 1897, p. 8)



Cora V. Elmer 

[Biloxi Cemetery]

Cora V. Elmer (1878-1962) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on November 28, 1878.  She and Nina V. Elmer, her sister, attended the University of Mississippi in 1897.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, June 5, 1897, p. 8)

Cora married Byrd Enochs (1875-1940) in Harrison County, Mississippi on May 17, 1910.  Byrd Enochs (1875-1940) was the son of Captain I.V. Enochs (1828-1895) and Julia Harriet Byrd (1839-1911).  He was born at Terry, Mississippi on January 7, 1875 and came to Biloxi as a young lad.(The Daily Herald, May 


F.W. Elmer II

F.W. Elmer Jr., known as William F. Elmer Jr. (1881-1948) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on March 31, 1881.


1932 Federal appointment

In early 1932, W.F. Elmer was appointed a US Commissioner of the Southern District at Biloxi.  His first court trial was held on March 30, 1932 in Biloxi.(The Daily Herald, March 31, 1932, p. 5)




James Chester Elmer (1883-1920) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on     1883, the son of Frederick W. Elmer (1847-1926) and Elizabeth Carson Maycock (1850-1905).  Jacob Elmer (1812-1894), his grandfather, was a native of Canton Glarus, Switzerland while Barbara Gettendorf (1823-1858), his grandmother, was born in Bavaria.


J.C. Elmer was educated in the Biloxi public school system and graduated from the Poplarville High School, Pearl River County, Mississippi.  He attended Alabama Polytechnic Institute [Auburn] for three years before going to Charlottesville, Virginia to study law.  After a year at the University of Virginia, he continued his legal studies at the University of Mississippi.  J.C. Elmer returned to the Mississippi Coast after his law studies, he assisted his father in his lumber exporting enterprise at Gulfport.  James Chester Elmer was admitted to the Mississippi bar in May 1907.(The Daily Herald, January 4, 1911, p. 1)



J.C. Elmer was a fine football player.  He played the rugged sport at every college that he attended and was a member of the highly touted University of Virginia squad of 1903.  He was a team mate of future Harrison County Sheriff, Cleveland Pol Huggins (1885-1933), at the University of Mississippi.(The Daily Herald, January 6, 1909, p. 2)

Political career

James C. Elmer began his most successful political career at Biloxi in May 1908, when he defeated Zachary T. Champlin, veteran adjudicator, for the office of Police Judge.  J.C. Elmer garnered 487 votes compared to Judge Champlin’s 247 ballots.   Judge Elmer took office in early January 1909 and heard his first case on January 4th.(The Daily Herald, July 15, 1908, p. 1 and p. 2 and January 4, 1909, p. 1)


OnMarch 26, 1913, James C. Elmer married Hazel Thompson (1890-1974), the daughter of Erastus R. Thompson (1855-1924) and Mary Ellen Aber (1863-1910).  Hazel Thompson was born at Harrisonburg, Catahoula Parish, Louisiana and came to Biloxi in 1908.  At Harrisonburg, Mr. Thompson made his livelihood as a dry goods merchants.  At Biloxi, the Thompson family may have built a large home in the Avondale Subdivision at 2116 West Beach Drive.  The Elmer-Thompson marriage was held in the Thompson home and their nuptial ceremony performed by the Reverend C.B. Crawford of the Church of the Redeemer.  The newlyweds were domiciled on Main Street and Water Street in a home that was given them by Erastus R. Thompson.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, June 11, 1908, p. 2 and The Daily Herald, March 26, 1913, p. 8 and March 27, 1913, p. 8)

Thompson family

Erastus R. Thompson had married Mary Ellen Aber at New Orleans on April 12, 1888.  From this holy union four children were born and three survived: Hazel Thompson (1890-1974); Emmet Ray Thompson (1894-1969) and Louis O. Thompson (1896-1972).


Sheriff J.C. Elmer

James Cleveland Elmer was elected Sheriff of Harrison County, Mississippi in


West Beach Home

In December 1916, J.C. Elmer acquired for $7000 a large residence from Sam W. Taylor at 1918 West Beach Drive in Biloxi.  It was situated in the Bienville Subdivision, in Lot 5 and Lot 6 of Block 1.  At this time, Mr. Taylor also conveyed Lots 5 and 6 in Block 8 and Lots 5 and 6 in Block 9 to J.C. Elmer.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Land Deed Bk. 117, pp. 405-406)


Candidate for State Revenue Agent


District Attorney




J.C. Elmer expired on April 30, 1920 in the Touro Infirmary at New Orleans.  He was survived by his spouse, father, and sisters: Marie Ann Sichirich (1872-1946) of Buenos Aires Argentina; Nina V. Scott (1877-1926+) of Atlanta, Cora V. Enochs (1878-1962) of Biloxi, Inez Elmer Ebersole (1885-1926+) of NOLA, and Marguerite Elmer Cole (1887-1965) of Biloxi; and two brothers, F.W. Elmer II (1881-1920) and Edward E. Elmer (1896-1926+).(The Daily Herald, April 30, 1920, p. 1)


Hazel Thompson Elmer lived until January 1974.


Inez F. Elmer 




Margueryte Elmer Cole 


Margueryte Elmer (1887-1965) married Myron Asa Cole (1876-1957) of West Midway, Massachusetts.  He made his livelihood as an investigator for Office of the Comptroller General at Washington, D.C., retiring in 1943.  In 1945, the Coles relocated from Jackson, Mississippi to Biloxi, and here they resided with her sister, Cora Elmer Enochs, at 138 Magnolia Street.  Mrs. Enochs was the widow of Byrd Enochs (1875-1940).(The Daily Herald, July 12, 1957, p. 2)


F.W. Elmer Home-216 West Beach


Marguerite E. Cole  was a single woman when she acquired the F.W. Elmer home in July 1925.  The warranty deed from her father, F.W. Elmer Sr., stated, "for constant attention to me, during my sickness extending over two years, I sell and convey".  F.W. Elmer Sr. expired on December 23, 1926.(HARCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 165, p. 526)


In September 1934, W.L. Guice, Trustee, sold the F.W. Elmer House and lot to the First National Bank of Biloxi for $2000.  Margueryte Elmer had defaulted on her property taxes and deeds of trust to the First National Bank of Biloxi and to Walter Nixon and Mrs. Harry Laughlin.(HARCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 203, p. 319)


Cora Elmer Enochs, Margueryte's sister,  legated her home on Magnolia Street to her.  After her demise in April 1962, her estate was probated in the Chancery Court of Harrison County, Mississippi.(HARCO Cause No. 45,513-Bk 381, p. 25). 


In July 1962, Margueryte Cole sold the Magnolia Street home to A. Jake Mladinich for $14,000.HACO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 500, p. 110) 


Mr. Mlandinich conveyed the property to to Mary C. Mahoney in          .(HARCO, Ms. Land Deed Bk. 514, p. 68)



Children of Jacob Elmer and Louisa B. Wetzel

Coresta Elmer m. Thomas Bachino (1866-1891), Effie ElmerDulion (1868-1947), Clarence E.  Elmer (1868-1901), Percy L. Elmer (1873-1949), Edwin Ross Elmer(1878-1934), and the twins, Albert Elmer (1881-1947+) and Arthur Elmer (b. 1881).  Jacob Wetzel's siblings raised by Jacob Elmer were: Julia Wetzel (b. 1853), and Catherine Wetzel (b. 1855).(Guice, 1968?, p. 12). 



Coresta Elmer

Coresta Elmer, called Cora, was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on    .  She and Nina Elmer, her sister, attended the University of Mississippi in 1897.  Cora had married Thomas Bachino in Harrison County, Mississippi on February 12, 1885.

Cora expired at Chicago on February 2o, 1949. Her corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery.(The Daily Herald, February 23, 1949, p. 7)




Clarence E. Elmer 


Clarence Ernest Elmer (1868-1901) was born September 8, 1868 at Biloxi, Mississippi.  His health began to deteriorate and he expired at Hotel Dieu in New Orleans on January 9, 1901.  Clarence's corporal remains were sent to Biloxi, Mississippi on the L&N Coast Train for internment in the Biloxi Cemetery.  He was remembered as a "man of exemplary character and universally beloved in Biloxi."(Lepre, 1991, p. 102, The Biloxi Daily Herald, January 1o, 1901, p. 8, January 11, 1901, p. 8 and January 12, 1901, p. 8)



Effie Elmer

Effie Louise Elmer (1868-1947) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on November 24, 1868.  She married Arnaud Michel Dulion Jr. (1859-1909), who was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on August 8, 1859.  He married Effie Louise Elmer (1868-1947), the daughter of Jacob Elmer (1812-1894) and Louisa B. Wetzel (1844-1894), on June 20, 1892 in the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary Catholic Church at Biloxi.  (Lepre, 1991, p. 99)


A.M. Dulion Jr. and Effie L. Elmer were the parents of seven children: Esther Mary Dulion (1893-1960) m. John Alexander McNamee (1885-1947);  Ione Eloise Dulion (1894-1969) m. George W. Henry; Arnaud Michel Elmer Dulion (1895-1896); Eugenia May Dulion (1896-1896); Myrtle Helen Dulion (1897-1973) m. Dilworth Q. Easterling (1908-1978); Aimee Dulion (1903-1953); and Effie Dulion (1907-1981) m. Edward J. Kraft Sr. (1904-1974).     


A.M. Dulion Jr. made his livelihood in the livery and undertaking business at Biloxi.  His business was situated on the corner of Lameuse Street and Water Street.      



Percy L. Elmer

Percy Lee Elmer

Percy Lee Elmer (1983-1949 was born May 28, 1873 at Biloxi, Mississippi.  He was united in marriage at Nativity BVM Catholic Church at Biloxi on April 9, 1896 to Mary 'Mamie' Griffin (1872-1957).  They were the parents of three daughters:  Iris Elmer (1899-1969) m. John A. Dacy (1892-1948);  Vera Elmer m. Mr.  Daugette; and May Elmer (1905-1984) m. Leonard Garner.(Lepre, 1991, p. 103 and Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 10, p. 443)


In 1902, Percy Lee Elmer was described as follows: "Probaby no young man in this community is better known and more popular with his fellows than Percy Lee Elmer. Born and raised in this city, and educated at the Catholic Convent School, he has grown up with new and progressive Biloxi, and numbers his friends by the legion. Mr. Elmer was born in 1873, and although quite a young man is prominent in public affairs, and is now serving his second term as alderman of the second ward. He also takes quite a lively interes in affairs pertaining to the fire department of the city and has filled several positions of honor and responsibility in that body. He is also a member of the Knights of Honor. Mr. Elmer was married in 1896 to Miss Mamie Griffin of this city, and as a result of this union one child was born - a daughter. As the junior member of the firm of Collins & Elmer he is engaged in the general blacksmithing and horsehoeing business, and in his chosen calling there is none better." (The Biloxi Daily Herald, Business and Professional Men, (The Biloxi Daily Herald: Biloxi, Mississippi-1902), p. 69)


Percy L. Elmer made his livelihood as a blacksmith and was associated with the firm of Collins & Elmer.  He was educated at the Catholic Convent school at Biloxi.   Mr. Elmer was a City alderman for six years and former City treasurer.  Percy took an avid interest in civic affairs and was especially active in the local fire department.  At the time of his demise on January 25, 1947, he was the last charter member of the Mississippi Hook and Ladder Company No. 1 of which he was an officers for many years.(The Daily Herald, January 26, 1949, p. 2)


Percy L. Elmer was survived by his spouse; three daughters: Mrs. John A. Dacey of Biloxi; Mrs. Leonard Garner of Washington D.C.; and Mrs. Vera Daugette  of Mobile, Alabama; a brother, Albert Elmer at Jacksonville, Florida; Cora Bachino of Chicago; and two grandchildren, Gordon Dacey, Biloxi city commissioner, and Commander John Dacey, Boston, Massachusetts; and a great grandchild.(The Daily Herald, January 26, 1949, p. 2)


Mamie Griffin Elmer expired on October 10, 1957.  Their corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery.



Southern Memorial Park


Edwin R. Elmer


Edwin Ross Elmer (1878-1934) was born September 5, 1878 at Biloxi, Mississippi.  He married Dona Henderson Liddle (1867-1918), a native of Columbus, Mississippi, in Harrison County, Mississippi on June 7, 1911.  She was the daughter of Biloxi Postmaster, William Gaston Henderson (1828-1902), a native of  Milton, Caswell County, North Carolina. and Dona Hubbard (1834-1909), the daughter of David Hubbard, a US Representative from Alabama, at the Hubbard home known as Kinlock.  Her siblings were: Mrs. J.E. Moseley; William Gaston Henderson II; and Mrs. George P. Hewes of Gulfport.(Harrison County, Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 23, p. 237)


In November 1902, Dona Henderson Liddle, the daughter of recently deceased Postmaster Henderson applied for the position as Biloxi’s postmistress to complete the unexpired term of her father.  She was touted by the local journal as “a lady of fine business qualifications and should she receive the appointment will administer the affairs of the office in a manner that will be creditable to the government as well as herself”.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, November 20, 1902, p. 6)


Dona L. Elmer expired at her West Beach Biloxi domicile on December 26, 1918.  Her corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery.(The Daily Herald, December 27, 1918, p. 1)


Before 1930, Mr. Elmer married Annette V. Gillespie (1881-1940+), a native of Indiana.  She had two sons, James O. Gillespie (b. 1912) and John C. Gillespie (b. 1915).  In 1930, the Elmers and Gillespie children were domiciled at 270 Beach Street in Mississippi City. Edwin R. Elmer was the proprietor of Kinloch-On-The Beach, probably a small hotel or inn.(1930 Harrison Co., Mississippi Federal Census R1146, p. 10B, ED 19)


In 1932, Edwin Ross Elmer and spouse returned to Biloxi.  He expired at the Tivoli Hotel on East Beach from an apparent heart attack on April 16, 1934. His wife was the manager of the hotel.  He was survived by his spouse; two brothers, Albert J. Elmer of Jacksonville, Florida and Percy Elmer of Biloxi; and two sister, Effie Elmer Dulion of New Orleans and Coral Elmer Bachino of Chicago.  Funeral services were at the Episcopal Church of the Redeemer followed by internment in at Southern Memorial Park.(The Daily Herald, April 16, 1934, p. 1) 


In 1940, Annette V. Gillespie Elmer was a resident of Pass Christian, Mississippi.


Albert J. Elmer 
Albert Joseph Elmer (1881-1950) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on October 8, 1881 at Biloxi, Mississippi. He left Biloxi before 1910 and lived the remainder of his life in Jacksonville, Duval County, Florida.  Circa 1906, he married Libbie Morin (1882-1940+), a native of New York and the daughter of George C. Morin (1837-1910+), a French Canadian immigrant, plumber.  albert and Libbie were the paents of two sons: Albert M. Elmer (1908-1992) and Harold Elmer (1913-1967).
Arthur Elmer
Arthur Elmer (1881-1881?) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on October 8, 1881 as a twin brother to Albert J. Elmer.  Internment Biloxi Cemetery.


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