Clower Family



    The Clower family at Biloxi, Mississippi had its origins in Scott County, Mississippi where Josiah C. Clower (1859-1930) and the children of Thomas H. Clower (1838-1906), his brother, would settle on the Mississippi Gulf Coast in the 1890s and early 1900s.  J.C. Clower was the first to arrive and was followed by Mary J. ‘Molly’ Robbins Clower (1855-1930+) and her children.  Molly was the widow of Thomas H. Clower.  Thomas S. Clower and John Robbins Clower, her sons, would be long time business partners in the retail furniture business at Biloxi and Gulfport with J.C. Clower, their uncle.

Josiah C. Clower

    Josiah Coger Clower (1859-1930) was born on November 22, 1859, at Hillsboro,  Scott County, Mississippi to John K. Clower (1820-1880+) and Mary Addison (1813-1880+).  Circa 1890, J.C. Clower married Mary Thornton (1866-1963), also a Mississippi native.  Their children were: Jessie Lee Clower (1891-1971) m. Sergeant Major Robert Laurie Brinson (1887-1967); Aida Clower (1895-1990) m. James L. Yates (1889-1975); and Maybelle T. Clower (1898-1973) m.  Amos Lamar Byrd (1896-1988).  In 1900, Bonnie Clower (1882-), a niece and the daughter of Thomas H. Clower (1838-1906), lived with the J.C. Clower family on Front Street [Beach Boulevard] at Biloxi, Mississippi.(1900 Harrison Co., Mississippi Federal Census T623_808, p. 1A, ED 31 and The Biloxi Daily Herald, 1902, p. 59)

Jessie T. Clower

            Children: Joe Mill Brinson; Robert L. Brinson II;  Woodruff Brinson.

Religion and Politics

       The Clower family was devoted to the Methodist Church and was probably one of its earlier supporters at Biloxi.  Even in his incipient days on the Mississippi Gulf Coast, Josiah C. Clower was involved in his religion.  In May 1895, he was elected to the Board of Trustees of the Seashore Campground, at the time west of Biloxi, with Dr. E.F. Griffin, J.L. Dantzler, and J.A. McLeod.(The Biloxi Herald, May 4, 1895, p. 1)

Biloxi Store

       J.C. Clower was in the ‘plain and fancy furniture and house furnishings business’ at Biloxi, Mississippi as early as 1895.  At this time, salient characteristics of persona were evident in the community as he was described in 1902 as: ‘a through business man, a careful financier, and punctual in all his methods’.  Mr. Clower was also a civic dynamo and an entrepreneur of the first magnitude.  In his early years at Biloxi, he belonged to the Odd Fellows, Woodmen of the World, and the Biloxi Commercial Club.(The Biloxi Daily Herald, 1902, p. 59)

      The Biloxi Herald lauded the Clower furniture store in September 1895 as follows:  Those contemplating making purchases of furniture and house furnishing goods can find no better place than the large store of J.C. Clower where the stock is large and complete and prices right.  Buying for cash direct from the factories, he can compete with the large New Orleans’ merchants.(The Biloxi Herald, September 28, 1895, p. 8)

Gulfport Store

       In November 1911, J.C. Clower opened another furniture store in Gulfport, Mississippi.  It was located at 1311 26th Avenue.  The company organization was as follows: J.C. Clower, president; Thomas S. Clower, secretary; and John R. Clower, treasurer.  They sold carpets, matting, rugs, linoleum, house and office furniture, stoves, ranges, and furnishing and fixtures of every description.(The Daily Herald, September 26, 1912, p. 11)

Malcolm G. Clower

         Malcolm Graham Clower (1881-1957) was born in Scott County, Mississippi on January 27, 1881.  His parents were Thomas H. Clower (1838-1906), an Alabama native, and Mary J. ‘Molly’ Robbins (1855-1930+), a Mississippi lady.  In 1900, the Clowers were farming for their livelihood in Beat 1, Scott County, Mississippi.(1900 Scott Co., Mississippi Federal Census T623_827, p. 18A, ED 88)

         After the demise of Thomas H. Clower in mid-November 1906, at Hillsboro, Scott County, Mississippi, Molly Robbins Clower relocated the family to Biloxi, Mississippi.

440 East Howard Avenue

Malcolm died August 1, 1957.

Elizabeth Latimer Clower



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Clower Family Notes

Malcolm G. Clower (1881-1957) d. August 1, 1957.

 Thomas H. Clower , buried July 16, 1969.

MC  Clower-December 14, 1967.

Mary Clower-October 13, 1962.

Joseph Clower-February 19, 1944.

Molly Robbins Clower

Fifth Addition- Blk 13, Lots 282-307

Josiah H. Clower  (1859-1930)-died January 30, 1930.

Mary Thornton Clower (1866-1963)

James Lewis Yates (1889-1975)

Aida Clower Yates (1895-1990)

Amos Lamar Byrd (1897*-1988)

October 1, 1896     February 29, 1988 [*military burial marker does not agree with birth year on tombstone]

Maybelle Clower Byrd (1898-1973)

Fifth Addition- Blk 13, Lots 282-307

Josiah H. Clower  (1859-1930)-died January 30, 1930.

Mary Thornton Clower (1866-1963)

James Lewis Yates (1889-1975)

Aida Clower Yates (1895-1990)

Amos Lamar Byrd (1897*-1988)

October 1, 1896     February 29, 1988 [*military burial marker does not agree with birth year on tombstone]

Maybelle Clower Byrd (1898-1973)

Another Clower plot that I found

Joseph Coga Clower

September 26, 1894        February 17, 1964

Catherine Foxworth Clower

June 7, 1897           September 23, 1981


Charles D. Clower

May 30, 1951                      December 2, 1993


Lois W. Dennis                

July 13, 1896                      November 11, 1972