Sablich Family


Julius Joseph Sablich(1872-1947), sometimes known as “Zudie Hightower”, was born at New Orleans on       .  He married Alphonsine Roux or Rouez (1874-1960), a native of Alabama, on May 16, 1894 at Nativity BVM Catholic Church in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Their children were: Edward Sablich (b. 1889);  Leona Sablich;  Aline Lucinda Sablich (1895-1977);  Julius Joseph Sablich Jr. (1896-1972) m. Mary Amelia Louise Jalanivich (1900-1991);  Marie Louise Sablich (1898-) m. Lawrence Runfalo (1886-1956);  William ‘Willie’ Joseph Sablich (1899-1979) m. Alphonsine Cannette; Loretta Alphonsine Sablich  (1901-1992) m. Nosery Mark Abraham (1898-1969);  George Joseph Sablich (1902-965) m. Irma Augusta Williams (1903-1987); and Joseph J. Sablich (1907-1922).(Lepre, 1991, p. 289)

Julius J. Sablich

Julius Joseph Sablich(1896-1972) was born at Biloxi on    .  He married Mary Amelia Louise Jalanivich (1900-1991), the daughter of Luca Jalanivich (1861-1902) and Manuella Morrano Jalanivich (1858-1929), at Nativity BVM Catholic Church on June 5, 1918.  John Matthew Jalanivich (1895-1967), her brother, walked Miss Jalanivich to the altar.  Other members of the wedding party were: Edward Caillavet, groomsman, Fay Bellande, Emile Fallo and Ewell St. Amant, ushers; Althea Wentzell, flower girl, and Sidney McDonnell Jr., ring bearer; and Miss Sablich.(The Daily Herald, June 6, 1918, p. 3 and Lepre, 1991, p. 289)


Nosery Mark Abraham (1898-1969)

Loretta A. Sablich

Loretta Alphonsine Sablich (1901-1992) was born at Biloxi on August 17, 1901.  On April 7, 1926, she married Nosery Mark Abraham (1898-1969), the son of William Abraham (1863-1941) and Virginia Abraham (b. 1873), both immigrants from Syria.(The Daily Herald, April 8, 1926, p.  

Nosery M. Abraham was born at Mount Lebanon, Syria on January 25, 1898.  His parents and sister Virginia Abraham (b. 1897) came to America in 1901 and 1902 respectively.   Nosery joined them in 1909 or 1910 at Ocean Springs, Mississippi where his parents made their livelihood as fruit merchants on Washington Avenue.  Mr. Abraham became an American citizen on August 20, 1917 in the Federal Court at Biloxi, Mississippi.(1910 Jackson County, Mississippi Federal CensusThe Daily Herald, August 21, 1917, p. 1)

Superior Seafood Company

Nosery M. Abraham moved to Biloxi in 1926 and by 1930 was the proprietor of the Superior Seafood Company.  By 1933, he was employing seventy people during the oyster season and shipping fresh seafood via three trucks to seafood dealers in Mississippi and Louisiana.  His trucks went as far north as Oxford, Mississippi and west to Monroe, Louisiana.(The Daily Herald, October 14, 1933, p. 2 and


Nosery M. Abraham and Loretta A. Sablich Abraham were the parents of two sons: Nosery Mark Abraham Jr. (1927-2011) and Joseph Edward Abraham (1929-1976) m. Jo Ann St. Pe’.(The Sun Herald, September 4, 2011)

Joseph J. Sablich

Joseph J. Sablich (1907-1922) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on


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