Croatian arrivals from Hvar [Lesina], Croatia-Jelusich, Kovacevich, Kuluz, Rosetti, and Soljan.





Stari Grad [Old City]


Kovacevich family home at Starigrad, Hvar, Croatia

[Courtesy of Michele Maranville Meyers]





Mateo Kovacevich (1886-1959) and Francisca 'Franina' ? Kovacevich (1892-1969) 

[Courtesy of Michele Maranville Meyers-March 2014]



Mateo Kovacevich (1886-1959) was born at Stari Grad, Hvar, Croatia on December 13, 1886. He left Trieste, Austria aboard SS Kaiser Franz Joseph I with his sister, Mira Kovacevich (1891-1965) in November 1912 and they landed at New York City on December 3, 1912.  In Biloxi, Mateo lived with Sima Kovacevich Rosetti (1884-1942), his widowed sister, and her children at 1510 1st Street on Point Cadet.  Matio married Francisca 'Franina' ? Kovacevich (1892-1969), whom the family relates was not a blood relative although she was born Kovacevich.  She had two siblings at Biloxi: Mira Kovacevich and They were the parents of two daughters: Frances Mary Kovacevich (1922-2008) and Gloria L. Kovacevich (1929-2008) m. Edward Daniel Maranville (1931-2006).(Declaration of Intention No. 774-Southern District Court-South Mississippi-May 1924)


Mateo Kovacevich made his livelihood as a fisherman.  He worshipped at St. Michael's Catholic Church and socialized with members of the Slavonian Benevolent Association.  Mateo expired at Biloxi, Mississippi on June 24, 1959.  He was survived by his wife, two daughters, Mira Kovacevich Barhonovich, a sister, and Peter Kovacevich, a brother domiciled at Stari Grad, Hvar.



Frances Mary Kovacevich (1922-2008)

[Courtesy of Michele Maranville Meyers]


Frances Mary Kovacevich (1922-2008), age 86 years, of Biloxi, Mississippi died on Wednesday, August 13, 2008 in Biloxi. She was a native and lifelong resident of Biloxi and a lifetime member of St. Michael's Catholic Church and a member of the Altar Society. She was a founding member of the Slavic Benevolent Association Ladies Auxiliary and instrumental in producing the Slavic Ladies cookbook. Frances was retired Civil Service from KAFB and a member of N.A.R. F. E.


Ms. Kovacevich was preceded in death by her parents, Mateo and Franina Kovacevich; and brother-in-law, Edward D. Maranville.   She is survived by her sister, Gloria Maranville of Biloxi; three nieces, Sandra (Anthony) Starcher, Michele (Peyton) Myers, Cheryl (Gary) Conley; three great-nieces, Gina Digirolamo, Hope Myers, Holly Myers and one great-nephew, James Myers.


A Mass of Christian Burial was said for the repose of her immortal soul on Friday, August 15, 2008 at 12:00 p.m. at St. Michael's Catholic Church where friends may visit one and half hours prior to service. In lieu of flowers the family prefers memorials to: St. Michael's Catholic Church Building Fund.   Bradford-O'Keefe Funeral Home, Howard Ave. is in charge of arrangements. (The Sun Herald, August 14, 2008)


Gloria Kovacevich (1929-2008) and Edward D. Maranville (1931-2006)

[Courtesy of Michele Maranville Meyers]


Gloria Kovacevich

Gloria Kovacevich (1929-2008) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on April 2, 1929.  She married Edward Daniel Maranville (1931-2006), a native of Assembly Point, Lake George, Warren County, New York, in Harrison County, Mississippi on May 3, 1953.  They were the parents of: Sandra Ann Maranville (b. 1959) m. Anthony DiGirolamo and Anthony Starcher; Michele Maraville (b. 1963) m. Peyton G. Myers; and Cheryl F. Maranville (b. 1964) m. Gary Conley.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 93, p. 317 and Michele Marvanville Myers at Hattiesburg, Mississippi-March 2014)





Mira Kovacevich (1891-1965) was the sister of Mateo Kovacvich.  She married Frank Barhonovich (1889-1963) at Nativity B.V.M. Catholic Church on November 14, 1914.  Frank Barhonovich (1889-1963) was born May 21, 1889, at Supetar, Brac, Splitsko-Dalmatia County, Croatia the son of Frank Barhanovich and Maria Barhanovich (1856-1940).  They were the parents of:  Marie V. Barhonovich (1917-2000) m. Peter M. 'Mutt' Jurich (1914-1981); Frances Pauline Barhonovich (1919-1919); Anthony R. Barhonovich (1920-1994) m. and Ruth Alice Hormanski (d. 1999); Antonia BarhonovichJohn F. Barhonovich (1924-1988) m. Gladys Marie Stoute Broussard (); Frank J. Barhonivich m. Amelia Lechner; and Peter Matre Barhonovich (1931-1991) m. Annette Louise Melancon.


Frank Kovacevich (1899-1971) 

[Courtesy of Michele Maranville Meyers]



Frank Kovacevich (1899-1971) was born in Croatia.  He married Katrina 'Katie' Mihojevich (1907-1999) in Harrison County, Mississippi on June 24, 1925.  Katie was the daughter of Steven [Stip] Mihojevich (1872-1947) and Frances 'Frankie' Martinich (1872-1956), both native of Brac, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB      )


Ivan "Nane" Kovacevich (1900-1980) 

[Courtesy of Michele Maranville Meyers]


Ivan Kovacevich (1900-1980) according to family lore landed at New York City and then left on a ship that took him to Tampico, Mexico rather than the Gulf Coast of America.  He married here and had a family with at least three sons: Ivan 'Pancho' Kovacevich Jr. (1928-1986) m. Beverly Williams; Roberto Kovacevich; and Francisco Kovacevich.




Ivan Kovacevich Jr.

Ivan "Pancho" Kovacevich (1928-1986) was born on August 10, 1928 at Tampico, Mexico.  In his youth, he would come to Biloxi and spend summers with his Kovacevich family from Hvar.  Pancho met Beverly Jane Williams (b. 1928), the daughter of  Carroll ‘Peck’ Everitt Williams (1900-1977) and  Ophelia Langlinais (1907-1995).  They were married in Harrison County, Mississippi on October 25, 1953. (Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 95, p. 499)


Pancho Kovacevich declared his intentions to become an American citizen at Biloxi, Mississipi on June 9, 1950.  He traveled from Tampico, Mexico by Greyhound Bus entering the USA at Laredo, Texas on January 18, 1949.[Declaration of Intention No. 1109-Southern District Court-South Mississippi-June 1950]


At Biloxi, Pancho Kovacevich made his livelihood for 27 years as the local distributor for The Times-Picayune. He died at Biloxi on August 5, 1986 and corporal remains interred at Southern Memorial Park.(The Sun Herald, August 7, 1986, p. A-2)


Pancho and Beverly had a large family.  They were the parents of three sets of twins.  The Kovacevich children born at Biloxi, Mississippi were: twins-Carroll Kovacevich m. Sybil Gutierez and     ; Ivan James Kovacevich m. Mary Lee ? m. Kari Clair Sekul m. Betty Ann Misko m. Debra Jane Gunter; Beverly Jane Kovacevich; twins-Michael Eugene  Kovacevich m. Roxanne Fillingame and Maria Lisa Gollott and Maria Kovacevich;  Laurie Ann Kovacevich m. Wallace H. Gollott and Kurt F. Kuluz; Jeffrey Thomas Kovacevich m. Vonda Kay Steinwinder; and twins-Robert Kovacevich and Porfiria Ann Kovacevich m. Lavoughn Bryant Stokes.



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Olga, Louisiana 1938

Olga, Louisiana 1938-Olga was a small fishing community situated on the Mississippi River in Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana.  It was very typical of many fishing villages on the east side of the Mississippi River in that many Croatian immigrants were employed in the oyster industry.  The Mateo Kuluz family settled at Olga and Ostrica, Louisiana from Sucuraj, Island of Hvar, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia.  On November 12, 1929 at Biloxi, Mississippi, the Kuluz Brothers, Anthony M. Kuluz, Vincent Kuluz, and Matthew Kuluz, all natives of Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana, incorporated their seafood business, The Kuluz Brothers Packing Company, located on Point Cadet.


The Mateo Kuluz family came to Biloxi circa 1920 from Ostrica, Plaquemines Parish, Louisiana where they were oystermen.  Mateo is believed to be the son of Mateo Kuluz and Helena Brdovich. He married Frances Dragavich or Dragicevich, the daughter of Nick Dragicevich (Dragavich??) and Frances Alesich. She was the mother of: Anthony ‘Toney' M. Kuluz, Ellen Kuluz (Taliancich), Nicholas ‘Nick' Thomas Kuluz, Vincent Matthew Kuluz, Dominick Kuluz, Mary Kuluz, and Katherine ‘Katie' Kuluz


Frances Dragicevich was born at Sucuraj, Island of Hvar, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia. Her sister, Teresa Dragicevich (1872-1949), married Anton Protich (1861-1924) and reared a family at New Orleans: Nick Protich; Angela P. Vosbien; Leo Protcich; Frank Protich; and Anthony Protich. Teresa died on December 6, 1949 at NOLA and her corporal remains interred in St. Louis Cemetery No. 3 in the Crescent City.(The Times-Picayune, December 8, 1949, p. 3)


Kuluz Brothers Packing Company

At Biloxi, Mississippi, the Kuluz Brothers, Anthony M. Kuluz, Vincent Kuluz, and Matthew Kuluz on November 12, 1929 incorporated their seafood business, The Kuluz Brothers Packing Company Incorporated.(The Daily Herald, November 15, 1929, p. 8)


Kuluz Brothers Packing Company Boats



1930-Indian Girl $5000 loss

The Indian Girl was launched in July 1904 at Lazarus, now called D’Iberville, Mississippi by the Trochesset Brothers. It appears that the Kuluz Brothers Packing Company acquired the Indian Girl in August 1929 after she had been converted to a gas screw.  On May 17, 1930, the vessel was fishing in Louisiana waters when she blew up and burned near Mitchell [sic] Island.  Captain Vincent [Visco] Kuluz was badly burned and the crew rescued by the USCG.(Matthew Kuluz M.D on July 26, 2016 The Biloxi Daily Herald, July 19, 1904, p. 5 and The Daily Herald, May 18, 1930)


Indian Girl was listed in the annual Merchant Vessels of the United States, 1934 under "vessels lost" (p. 1007) as burned on May 17, 1930 near Martin Island, Louisiana. Three crew members, no lives lost according to the report.  Her last owner of record in the 1933 annual was Visco Kuluz of Biloxi (documented at Gulfport) as a fishing vessel with a crew of 5 and a 37 hp gas engine. Her register dimensions were 47.2 ft x 17.5 ft x 3.9 ft 17 tons gross and 11 tons net. (pp. 366-367)



[from The Daily Herald, July 31, 1933, p. 7]







On April 8, 1944, the A.W. Covacevich shipyard on Back Bay launched the Matthew Kuluz, a streamlined, cabin, type trawler, for the Kuluz Brothers.  A 100 HP Caterpillar engine powered the vessel, which was 58-feet in length, had a 16-foot beam, and hold depth of 4 1/2 feet with the capcity of 180 barrels of shrimp.   Marie Kuluz (b. 1933), daughter of Anthony Kuluz (1891-1956) and Annie Mozaro Kuluz (1901-1979), sponsored the shrimp boat.  Covacevich has now has two boats under construction: a 52-foot trawler for the Biloxi Canning Company and a 55-foot vessel for Louis ThorntonFrank BroussardAlex McCaleb, and Gene Ryan assisted A.W. Covacevich in the vessel's vonstruction.(The Daily Herald, April 10, 1944, p. 7)


Family Histories







Peter James ‘Peterboy’ Kuluz (1935-2014) was born at Biloxi on February 6, 1935. He graduated from Notre Dame High School in 1952 as Salutatorian of his class. He attended the University of Southern Mississippi and received a Bachelor of Science degree in both Accounting and Business Administration. After graduation, he served with the United States Army and then began a long and distinguished career as a prominent coast banking executive. 


Mr. Kuluz was a member of St. Michael Catholic Church, the Slavic Benevolent Association, past member of the Benevolent Protective Order of the Elks, past member of the American Bankers Association, Executive Board Member of the Boy Scouts of America, past Chairman of the Biloxi Development Commission, and past President of the Mercy Cross Booster Club. Mr. Kuluz was a plain spoken person who never pretended to be anything other than what he was, a man who worked hard all his life and was devoted to his family and friends. He acquired these traits from his parents and instilled them into his children.  Mr. Kuluz was preceded in death by his parents, Vincent (Visco) and Marguerite Kuluz; in-laws, Bill and Clara Cosmich; sisters-in-law, Jeanette Filipich Kuluz and Leanna Besse Cosmich; brother-in-law, Jim Tinley; and nephew, Matthew Kuluz, Jr.


Mr. Kuluz is survived by his loving and caring wife of 55 years, Patricia Cosmich Kuluz; sons, Peter (Carmen) Kuluz of Ocean Springs, Kenny Kuluz of Ocean Springs, Carl (Belinda) Kuluz of Olive Branch, MS, Tommy (Lynn) Kuluz of Ocean Springs, Kurt (Laurie) Kuluz of D'Iberville, and Kevin (Bridgette) Kuluz of Biloxi; daughter, Karen (Hayden) Hubbard of Destin, FL; 10 grandchildren, Brooke, Kurt, Tommy, Madeline, Regan, and Ally Kuluz, Avery and Jack White, Hayden and Piper Hubbard. He is also survived by his brothers, Dr. Matthew Kuluz of Pascagoula, Vincent (Jean) Kuluz of Biloxi, and Pat (Linda) Kuluz of Biloxi; and sisters, Francis (Jerry) Creel and Donna Watts of Biloxi; and brother-in-law, Junie (Doris) Cosmich of Edgewater, FL; and many nieces and nephews.


The family would like to thank Dr. Edgar Hull, Dr. John McCloskey, Dr. Robert Burns, and the Staff at Hospice of Light, especially Glenda, Teresa, and Nicki for the compassionate care they provided.


Visitation will be on Friday, January 2, 2015 from 9am till 11am with a Mass of Christian Burial at 11am at St. Michael Catholic Church. Burial will follow at Biloxi National Cemetery.






Peter James Kuluz




Carl J. Kuluz

Carl Joseph Kuluz, age 56 years, a proud business owner and long-time resident of Olive Branch, Mississippi died unexpectedly on November 27, 2018 at Methodist Germantown Hospital.


Carl Kuluz was born in Biloxi, Mississippi on June 1, 1962. He graduated from Notre Dame High School in 1980 as a star baseball and football player. In 1980, the baseball team won the State Championship with Carl Kuluz as the winning pitcher in both games of the state finals. Throughout his life, Carl was a passionate tennis player, church member and business owner. He was an active member of Maples Memorial United Methodist Church where he enjoyed serving the church and community with his friends in the Mens Club. Some of Carl’s favorite memories were spent on the Mississippi Gulf Coast and on the tennis court with his family and friends.


Carl was preceded in death by his father Peter James Kuluz, Sr., grandparents Vincent (Visco) and Marguerite Kuluz; and Bill and Clara Cosmich; in laws, C.T. and Katherine Gilreath and cousin Matthew Kuluz, Jr. 


Carl is survived by his mother Patricia Kuluz; his wife of 28 years, Belinda Gilreath Kuluz; his daughter, Madeline Kuluz and son, Regan Kuluz; his brothers Peter James Kuluz, Jr., Kenny Kuluz, Tommy (Lynn) Kuluz, Kurt (Laurie) Kuluz, Sr., Kevin (Bridgette) Kuluz and sister Karen Kuluz White. He is also survived by many nieces, nephews, family members and friends.


The family would like to thank Dr. Paxton Dickson, Dr. Brad Somer, Jerry McClarty, RNP and all the nurses and staff of Germantown Methodist Hospital and the West Clinic for the compassionate care they provided. 


Visitation will be on Friday, November 30, 2018 from 9am till 11am with a Funeral Service beginning at 11am at Maples Memorial United Methodist Church in Olive Branch, Mississippi. A private burial service will be the following day at Crestlawn Memorial Park in Ocean Springs, Mississippi. A celebration of Carl’s life will be held at St. Michael Catholic Church Family Life Center in Biloxi, Mississippi at 11 am, following private burial.[The Sun Herald, 'Carl Joseph Kuluz', November 2018]




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Biloxi Cemetery

[image made June 2012 by Ray L. Bellande]




Antonio Joseph ‘J.T.’ Rosetti (1870-1935) married Antonia Luxich or Lusich (1864-1959) circa 1897.  Children: Vincent Rosetti (1897-1968) m. Sophia Frank (1897-1930) and Nora Grantham (1899-1989); and Anna Rosetti (1901-1924) m. Martin P. Baronich (1895-1964); and Mary [Marya and Maritza] Rosetti (1906-1975) m. Anthony M. Pitalo (1892-1966)




Biloxi Cemetery-2013


Vincent T. Rosetti

Vincent T. Rosetti (1897-1968) was born at Stari Grad on February 16, 1897.  He married Sophia Frank (1897-1930), a native of Baltimore, Maryland, in Harrison County, Mississippi on April 24, 1916 and Nora Grantham in Harrison County, Mississippi on October 23, 1934. (Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB    and MRB 45, p. 432) 


Vincent and Sophie Frank Rosetti were the parents of : Antonia M. Rosetti (1916-1975) m. Oscar Hanson Jr. (1895-1952) and Lawrence M. Skrmetta Jr. (1920-1999); Anthony J. Rosetti (1919-1974) m. Margaret Puzz (b. 1921); Frederick Rosetti (1924-2011) m. Mary Ann Glavan (1921-1997) m. John Konish and Agnes Rosetti; Joseph Marine Rosetti (1927-2007) m. Elizabeth 'Bettie' Melonie Arguelles, Betty Necaise DeSilvey, and Hazel Winterstein Carpenter. 



Antonia M. Rosetti


Antonia M. Rosetti (1916-1975) was born December 8, 1916 at Biloxi, Mississippi.  She married Oscar A. Hanson Jr. in April 1939 and Lawrence 'Ham' M. Skrmetta Jr. (1920-1999) in November 1948.  Ham married Ethel Marie Landry Foret (1926-2006), former spouse of Camille Foret, after Antonia's demise.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB   49, p. 542 and MRB 78, p. 241)


Antonia lived at 1320 East 4th Street at Biloxi.  She was a lifelong resident and was active in the Slavonian Ladies Auxiliary, Ladies Auxiliary of the VFW, and was a Lady Colonel on the staff of Governor William Waller. Antonia was the mother of two daughters, Jo Ann Hanson m. Edward Conway and Cheryl A. Hanson (1945-1997) m. Robert E. Hickey II (1942-1991).(The Daily Herald, June 22, 1975, p. A2)


Antonia Rosetti died at Howard Memorial Hospital on June 20, 1975.  She was survived by Lawrence Skrmetta, her spouse; two daughters, Mrs. Jo Ann Conway of New Orleans and Mrs. Cher Hickey of Biloxi; three brothers, Vincent Rosetti Jr. and Joseph Rosetti of Biloxi and Frederick Rosetti of Lakewood, California; her stepmother, Nora Grantham Rosetti (1899-1989) of Biloxi; three stepbrothers, Raphael 'Ray' Skrmetta (1915-2006), Cecil B. Skrmetta (1918-1997) m. Vivian Bosarge (d. 2006), and Paul Skrmetta (1916-1991), all of New Orleans; and four grandchildren.  Mrs. Skrmetta's corporal remains were entombed in the Biloxi Cemetery after services at St. Michael's Catholic Church.(The Daily Herald, June 22, 1975, p. A2)


Anthony J. Rosetti


Anthony Joseph Rosetti (1919-1974) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on January 24, 1919.  He married Margaret Norita Puzz (1920-2016) on January 1, 1939 in Harrison County, Mississippi.  She was the daughter of Andrew Puzz (1895-1971) and Gertrude  Anglada (1898-1980).(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 49, p. 368)


At Biloxi, Anthony J. Rosetti made his livelihood as a salesman for American National Life Insurance Company.  He was a veteran of World War II and a member of St. John Catholic Church.  Anthony and Margaret Puzz Rosetti were the parents of: Linda Lee Rosetti m. May 1961 to Francis Joseph Lawrence; Anthony 'Bubby' J. Rosetti Jr. (1942-2012) m. July 1962 to Mary Dell Ross; Gary David Rosetti m. June 1968 to Martha Elizabeth Helm; Myra Jean Rosetti (1949-2013); and Bryan Paul  Rosetti m. in June 1986 Laura Ann Quave .


Mr. Rosetti died on May 30, 1974 at Howard Memorial Hospital at Biloxi, Mississippi following a heart attack at his residence, 931 Thomas Street.  He was survived by his spouse; children; Nora Rosetti, his mother; and three brothers: Vincent Rosetti and Joseph Rosetti of Biloxi and Fred Rosetti of California; and a sister, Antonia Rosetti Skrmetta of Biloxi.(The Daily Herald, May 31, 1974, p. 2)


Margaret Norita Puzz Rosetti

Nearly a century has been witnessed by a dear Biloxian who has departed from this life. Margaret Norita Puzz Rosetti died on Sunday, May 15, 2016. Margaret was born July 26, 1920, at the home of her parents on Chartres Street (Bayview Avenue) in the Biloxi neighborhood affectionately remembered as "Back Bay". She was baptized in St. John Catholic Church, now Blessed Seelos, and was educated in that same parish school. She met the love of her life, Anthony J. Rosetti, while strolling on Wachenfeld Pier and then married him in 1939. She lost her beloved "Tony" in 1974 after 35 years of marriage. He suffered a massive heart attack while aboard a vessel in the Gulf, shrimping for the Blessing of the Fleet Fais Do-Do. Margaret was blessed with the longevity and good health to know and love four generations of progeny: Children, Linda Lee Rosetti Lawrence (Francis), Anthony Joseph Rosetti, Jr., deceased (Mary Dell Ross), Gary David Rosetti (Elizabeth Helm), Jeanie Rosetti, deceased, and Bryan Paul Rosetti (Laura Quave); 9 grandchildren; 14 great grandchildren; 5 great great grandchildren. Margaret is survived by one sister and her husband, Iris Puzz Vierling and William 'Buddy" Vierling and one sister-in-law, Shirley Usey Puzz. She is preceded in death by her brothers and their wives, Andrew Puzz, Donald and Betty Puzz, and Larry and Delores Puzz; and her sisters and their husbands, Violet and Steve Bowen and Helen Dale and Guy Mansi. Margaret was truly a member of the greatest generation and all that title suggests. She has a strength, courage and independence that comes with the experiences of 95 years of life. She was the matriarch of a large, loving family. Though she was petit in stature, she possessed a quiet authority. Her children and their families were her life's work and joy. Their health and well-being were her primary concern even until her final days. Margaret had the grace and dignity that defines the word 'lady". She will be missed and her memory cherished by all that knew and loved her. A Mass of Christian Burial will be held at Blessed Seelos Catholic Church at 11am on Wednesday, May 18, 2016. Family and friends are invited to visit from 10-11am. Burial will follow at Biloxi City Cemetery. The Howard Avenue Chapel of Bradford-O'Keefe Funeral Home is in charge of arrangements.[The Sun Herald, May 17, 2016]




Linda Lee Rosetti


Anthony J. Rosetti Jr.

Anthony "Tony" Joseph Rosetti, Jr. (1942-2012), age 69 years , passed away to eternal life on Thursday, January 19, 2012 at Biloxi Regional Medical Center, after a long illness, surrounded by his devoted family.   Tony was born in Biloxi, Mississippi to Anthony J. Rosetti and Margaret Puzz Rosetti on September 22, 1942. He graduated from Notre Dame High School in 1960. He had medically retired from Mississippi Power Company in Gulfport, Mississippi after many years of service and had served his country in the Army National Guard. He most enjoyed the challenge of working on cars, electrical equipment, motors or any moving part and readily shared his knowledge and assistance. He was a loving husband, father, father-in-law, grandfather and great-grandfather. He cherished and was devoted to his family and in his later years, spending precious time with his grandchildren, which brought him great joy and indeed the inspiration to keep on surviving after many illnesses.   He was preceded in death by his father, Anthony J. Rosetti, Sr. and his father-in-law and mother-in-law, L. W. "Pat" and Gertrude Garber Ross.   Tony is survived by his wife of 49 years, Mary Dell Ross Rosetti, whom he adored and loved deeply; his two sons, Anthony "Tony" Joseph Rosetti III and wife Jeannie Wescovich Rosetti, Jared Ross Rosetti and wife Kimberly Saucier Rosetti; three grandsons and one granddaughter, Anthony Joseph Rosetti, IV and wife Amanda Keener Rosetti, Nicholas Philip Rosetti, Jared "Ross" Rosetti, Jr. and Ava Noel Rosetti; and two great-grandsons, Gaige Hunter Rosetti and Brayden Christopher Byers, whom he loved and cherished.   He is also survived by the first love of his life, his mother, Margaret Puzz Rosetti; two sisters, Linda Lee Rosetti Lawrence and husband Francis Lawrence and M. Jeanie Rosetti (1949-2013); two brothers, Gary David Rosetti and wife Elizabeth Helm Rosetti, Bryan Paul Rosetti and wife Laurie Quave Rosetti; as well as much loved nieces, nephews, friends and neighbors.   Funeral services will be held Monday, January 23, 2012 at 11:00 am at the Howard Avenue Chapel of Bradford-O'Keefe Funeral Home in Biloxi where friends may visit from 9:00 am until service time. Burial will follow at D'Iberville Memorial Park on Gorenflo Road in D' Iberville.(The Sun Herald, January 22, 2012)

Myra J. Rosetti


Myra Jean ‘Jeanie’ Rosetti (1949-2013) passed from this life, Tuesday, December 17, 2013. She was 64 years old. Born in Biloxi on July 9, 1949, Jeanie was a lifelong resident. She attended St. John Elementary School, graduated from Sacred Heart Catholic Girls High School and Phillips Business College. Miss Rosetti was employed for almost 30 years as a budget analyst at Keesler Air Force Base before her retirement. Jeanie loved her family and dedicated her life in recent years to caring for her mother. Her nieces, nephews and great-nieces and nephews would tell you that Jeanie was a wonderful aunt. She loved to bake and to travel and she was a loyal supporter of Biloxi Main Street.  Jeanie is preceded in death by her father, Anthony 'Tony' Joseph  Rosetti and her brother, Anthony 'Tony' Joseph Rosetti Jr. (1942-2012).  She is survived by her mother, Margaret Puzz Rosetti; her sister, Linda Rosetti Lawrence (Francis); her brothers, Gary Rosetti (Elizabeth) and Bryan Rosetti (Laurie) and sister-in-law, Mary Dell Ross Rosetti. She is also survived by a very special niece, Linda Lawrence Cagnolatti (Guy) and 17 more nieces and nephews.  A private graveside service will be held at Biloxi City Cemetery.  Southern Mississippi Funeral Services, Ocean Springs is in charge of arrangements. (The Sun Herald, December 22, 2013)



Frederick Rosetti

Frederick Rosetti (1922-2011) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on October 9, 1922.  He married Mary Ann Glavan (1921-1997) in Harrison County, Mississippi on     1941.  They were the parents of Frederick Rosetti Jr. (1941-1941).


Joseph M. Rosetti

Joseph M. Rosetti

[Courtesy of Stephanie P. Rosetti-2013]


Joseph Marine Rosetti (1927-2007), called Rosy and Joe, was born at Biloxi, Misssissippi on September 6, 1927.  He married Elizabeth Melonie Arguelles (1928-1975) in Harrison County, Mississippi on December 21, 1945.  They were the parents of: Sophia Marlene Rosetti (b. 1949) m. Ronnie Kimble and Stephanie Patricia Rosetti (b. 1953) m. Kenneth Dale Guilbeau and Winnon Ray Crosby.


Elizabeth Melonie Arguelles 

[Courtesy of Stephanie P. Rosetti-2013]

Later Joseph M. Rosetti married Betty Necaise, from Ocean Springs, Mississippi.  They were the parents of Toni J. Rosetti, and twins, Tina M. Rosetti and Gina Maria Rosetti m. Louie M. Ladner and Gary S. Blaize.  They divorced and Mr. Rosetti's third wife was Hazel Eugenia Winterstein Carpenter with whom he had no children together. 


Mr. Joseph (Joe) Marine Rosetti, age 79 years, of Biloxi, Mississippi, went to live in God's eternal garden on August 20, 2007.   Mr. Rosetti, also known as "Rosy", was born September 6, 1927, at home on First Street, in Biloxi, Mississippi.   Joe began working at age 13 years as a shrimper alongside his father.   He worked in the piping department at Ingall's Shipyard at Pascagoula, Mississippi during World War II.   He also salmon fished in Bellingham, Washington. After spending time rough necking for Rowan Drilling Company and Noble Drilling, he worked for and retired from Avondale's Shipyard in Louisiana as a pipefitter.(The Sun Herald, August 23, 2007)


Joe was a 3rd Degree of the Knights of Columbus and enjoyed playing the harmonica, being a "master whistler" and kidding with folks to make them smile and brighten their day.   In his love of the outdoors, he enjoyed grafting pecan and persimmon trees, raising chickens and turkeys (donating the turkeys to the Sheriff's department for the soup kitchen).   His favorite and most life-affecting trip was to Medjugorje, Croatia (sic). His family always enjoyed his mischievous grin along with his claim to be the "Godfather" of the Coast Mafia. His deepest devotions were to his family and praying the Rosary. One of his great joys was sitting with the Eucharist at Church. Though, eventually, his health prevented him from sitting with the Eucharist, he continued to pray the rosary daily at home.(The Sun Herald, August 23, 2007)


Mr. Rosetti was preceded to Heaven by his parents, Vincent T. Rosetti  and Sophia Frank Rosetti, one sister, Antonia (Tonina) and two brothers, Anthony (Tony) Rosetti and Vincent (Vicki) Rosetti.  He leaves to cherish his memories: his devoted wife, Hazel Eugenia Winterstein Carpenter Rosetti, of Biloxi; one brother, Frederick "Freddie" Rosetti and wife, Agnes, of Lakewood, California; five daughters: Sophia Rosetti Kimble and husband, Ronnie Kimble, Apopka, Florida; Stephanie Rosetti Guilbeau Crosby of Biloxi; Toni J. Rosetti, Biloxi, Gina Rosetti and Tina Burgess, Kiln; one stepdaughter, Dyanne Kelly and husband, Mike, Biloxi; 5 grandchildren and 1 great-grandchild.(The Sun Herald, August 23, 2007)


The Mass of Christian Burial will be 3:00 p.m., Friday, August 24, 2007, at St. Alphonsus Catholic Church, Ocean Springs, Mississippi with Father Henry McInnery presiding.  Visitation will be at the church one hour prior to service time. Burial will follow in Biloxi City Cemetery under the auspices of Bradford-O’Keefe Funeral Home of Biloxi, Mississippi.(The Sun Herald, August 23, 2007)


Marya Rosetti

Marya Rosetti (1895-1986) m. Anthony 'Tony' M. Pitalo (1892-1966).  She was known as Mary, Marica and and Maritza.  Anthony M. Pitalo (1892-1966), called Tony, was born at Bobovisce, Isle of Brac, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia on February 1, 1892. He left Palermo, Italy in November 1907 aboard the SS Campania, a Cunnard liner, for New York City arriving here on December 5, 1907.  Anthony settled on 1326 1st Street at Biloxi, Mississippi with Marica Rosetti (1895-1986), a native of Starigrad, Hvar, Croatia.  They were married at Gulfport, Mississippi on January 6, 1915.   Tony became an American citizen at Biloxi, Mississippi on June 20, 1912 receiving No. 1511995.[Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 27, p. 230 and Petition for Naturalization-South District Court-South Mississippi Certificate No. 256, January 14, 1921 and June 20, 1921, The Daily Herald, January 7, 1915, p. 6]


Children: Stephen J. Pitalo (1916-1980) m. Dorothy M. Pitalo (1923-1989) Anthony M. Pitalo Jr. (1920-1995) m. Marguerite Vickery Parker; and Mandina Pitalo (1924-1975) m. Charles Vincent Polite (1917-2005). 


Tony M. Pitalo made his livelihood at Biloxi as a fisherman.  He had been secretary of the Slavonian Benevolent association, member of the Biloxi Benevolent Association, East End Volunteer Fire Company and the Croatian Fraternal Organization.  Tony expired on May 6, 1966 at the US Public Health Service Hospital in New Orleans where he had been a patient for three days.  Mr. Pitalo was survived by Marcia [sic] Pitalo, his widow; one daughter, Mrs. Charles Polite of Biloxi; a foster daughter, Mrs. George Little of McAllister, Montana; two sons, Steve Pitalo and Tony Pitalo Jr., both of Biloxi; five sisters: Stella Yurich of New York City; Mary Bilic of Camden, New Jersey; Angelina Trevizjon of South America; and Mrs. Frances Skrmetta and Miss Anna pitalo, both of Yugoslavia; and eight grandchildren.  Burial was in Biloxi Cemetery.(The Daily Herald, May 6, 1966, p. 2)



Anna Rosetti

Anna Rosetti (1901-1924) was born at Starigrad, Hvar, Zadar County Croatia on March 5, 1901.  On June 30, 1921 in Harrison County, Mississippi, she married Martin Paul Baronich Sr. (1895-1964), who  was born at Molat, Zadar County, Croatia.  They were the parents of Martin P. Baronich Jr. (1922-1943); Leopold ‘Poley’ M. Baronich (1924-1974); and Harold J. Baronich Sr. (1924-2001) m. Cecelia R. Manno (1924 -2007).(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 33, p. 224)


Martin P. Baronich made his livelihood as a fisherman for the local seafood canneries. The family homestead was at 223 Sophie Street on Point Cadet.  Antonia R. Baronich expired at Biloxi on October 5, 1924.  Her corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery. 


After the death of Anna Rosetti Baronich on October 5, 1924, Martin P. Baronich married Antonia L. Jelusich (1903-1988), the daughter of John Jelusich (1871-1945) and Josephine Mickletich (1878-1945+) in Harrison County, Mississippi on August 15, 1925. They were the parents of: Jessie Baronich (1926-1927); Victor ‘Mitt’ A. Baronich (1927-2003) m. Amy Ann Christian; Rudolph ‘Cotton’ Carl Baronich (b. 1930) m. Tommie Gentry; Burnett ‘Sookie’ J. Baronich (1934-1983) m. Sybil White; Robert 'Bobby' W. Baronich (b. 1939) m. Germaine Kay Duncan (1944-2010). (Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 37, p. 216)




Marino Rosetti (1882-1956) was born August 15, 1882 at Stari Grad, Hvar, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia.  He left Havre, France and arrived at New Orleans on September 20, 1905.  Marino's mother may have been born Cvitanich.(Declaration of Intent No. 421-Southern District Court-South Missisippi)


Circa 1914, Marino Rosetti married Domina Sekul (1892-1968).  Marguerite Rosetti (b. 1915)and Olivia Rosetti (b. 1919) were born at Biloxi, Mississippi.  The family moved to San Jose, California circa 1919 and three children, Vincent Rosetti (1919-1980), Lucy Rosetti (b. 1922), and Paul Rosetti (b. 1926) were born here.(Santa Clara Co., Calofornia 1930 Federal Census R219, p. 16A, ED 75)


Marino Rosetti died at San Jose, California on February 18, 1956. Domina lived intil April 23, 1968.





Jakov 'Jake' Philip Rosetti (1884-1959) was born August 24, 1884 at Starigrad, Hvar, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia to Vincenzo Rosetti (1845-1900) and Margarete Cvitanovic (1845-1919).  Jake left Starigrad, Hvar in 1903 and arrived at Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on November 7, 1903.  He became an American citizen on February 25, 1910 at Biloxi, Mississippi. It is interesting to note that his first applcation for citizenship was rejected on August 10, 1909, because his two witnesses, John Fallo and Jacob Covacevich, could not read or write the English language.(Southern District Court-South Mississippi Petition for Naturalization No. 10 and No. 11-August 1909 and February 1910)


Circa 1907, Jake P. Rosetti married Pauline Pitalo (1890-1965), a native of Bobovisce, Brac, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia.  Pauline was the daughter of Pitalo.  Children: Vincent J. Rosetti (1908-1983); George Rosetti (1909-1981) m. Edna Mary Melvin (1914-1979); Anthony J. ‘Tony’ Rosetti (1912-2000) m. Eloise Reeves (1915-2000); and Louis J. Rosetti (1915-1971) m. Ruby Broussard (1915-1969).


Rosetti's Restaurant and Lounge


In 1933, Jake P. Rosetti after toiling in the Biloxi seafood industry as an oysterman, factory operator and later grocery store proprietor and service station owner, opened a restaurant and lounge  on East Howard near Myrtle Street.  Jake is credited with being the first to sell the Po-Boy sandwich, a New Orlean's creation, at Biloxi.  At this time, Mr. Rosetti was operating Rosetti's Shell service station and vending the iconic New Orleans' sandwhich, in particular the Ham Po-Boy, which lead to the family entering the restaurant industry.(The Sun Herald, October 7, 1984, Sec. II, p. 13)


Rosetti's most famous Po-Boy became 'the Vancleave Special'.  This unique sandwich owes its origin to Clifton 'Kipp' Malachi Dees (1927-2011) of Vancleave and Vincent "Vici" Rosetti (1908-1983) of Biloxi.   Rosetti was the proprietor of Rosetti’s, a neighborhood café, located on "the Point" in Biloxi. The business is extant today [1999] on East Howard Avenue, but it is now owned by another family and known as The Biloxi Schooner. 


In 1947, late one night, Kipp Dees and several amigos were completing an evening of partying and dancing at Sie’s Place in Biloxi. They developed a healthy appetite, the kind resulting from drinking beer and dancing. The Vancleavers stopped at Rosetti’s, a legendary eatery, best known for its roast beef po-boy, to satisfy hunger pangs before heading northeast to Vancleave. Kipp Dees ordered a crabmeat po-boy with cheese. In subsequent visits to Rosetti’s, Kipp, who was facetiously called "Vancleave" by Vici Rosetti, again ordered the crabmeat po-boy and requested cheese. Rosetti tasted Kipp’s concoction and was so delighted with the results that he placed the po-boy sandwich on his menu calling it "The Van Cleave Special", in honor of his friend "Van Cleave" Dees. At this time, Dees' culinary creation costs a whopping $1.75 making it the most expensive sandwich in the house. In recent times, "The Van Cleave Special" has been observed on restaurant menus as far east as Miami, Florida. (Kipp Dees, January 6, 1999)



Vincent J. Rosetti





George E. Rosetti

George Eudie Rosetti (1909-1981) married Edna Mary Melvin (1914-1979).  They were part-owners of a restaurant named "Rosetti Poor Boys" at the Ocean Springs Bridge. Children:  George Rosetti Jr. (b. 1935) m. Barbara Bacon; Wayne Lynn Jacob Rosetti (1937-2024) m. Helen Jurta Bates (b. 1935); Larry B. Rosetti (1941-2016) m. Maureen Kay Vlahov (b. 1943).




George Rosetti Jr.

George Rosetti Jr. (b. 1935) graduated from Biloxi High School and matriculated to Mississippi Southern College. He completed Law School at Tulane University and served two years in the USAF in the Judge Advocate Corps. While stattioned at Lincoln AFB, Nebraska, he married Barbara Bacon of Kearney, Nebraska.  Their first child, Lisa Rosetti was born in April 1962.(The Daily Herald, December 8, 1962, p. 14)


Wayne L.J. Rosetti Sr.

Wayne Lynn Jacob Rosetti was born in Biloxi, Mississippi on January 23, 1937 and raised on Point Cadet. His parents, George Rosetti (1909-1981) and Edna Mary Melvin Rosetti (1914-1979), part-owners of a restaurant named "Rosetti Poor Boys" at the Ocean Springs Bridge.  Like many children of that era, he helped out at the restaurant during his teenage years, until graduation from Biloxi High School in 1954.


He matriculated to the University of  Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg that fall, but his college career was cut short by a chance encounter.  In his fourth month a friend reported he was getting ready to join the army.  Wayne decided to drop out of school to serve his country too, and, by the way, take advantage of the GI Bill tuition benefits on his return.  After obtaining his parents’ permission, he launched a three-year army stint.


Army life provided sufficient "down" time for Wayne to engage in his favorite activity, reading.  His diverse interests ran to both fiction and non-fiction, especially history.  Near the end of his stent he went into town on leave and saw the movie, Lust for Life, with Kirk Douglas.  This show, about the life of Vincent Van Gough, included a scene with Van Gough’s brother Theo, an art dealer.  Vincent couldn’t sell many of his paintings, so they accumulated at his brother’s apartment, presenting a habitation loaded with paintings.  The scene touched something inside Wayne and at that moment he decided he wanted to be a painter.  Prior to that inspiration he’d never had that feeling, nor had there been a painter in the family.


While in town he bought a sketchbook, pencils, and a paperback book with an introduction to art whose first rule stated, "Sketch everything!"  He took that to heart.  His first sketches were of his combat boots and towel on his bunk.  The results pleased him enough that he soon graduated to cardboard canvas and an inexpensive oil painting set.  At the time he was stationed in Texas, and, upon attending a bullfight, went back to the base and painted his first large piece, the fight, and found himself gratified with his results.


Discharged from service in 1957, he returned home, searching for a job that would give him time to paint.  His uncle owned a wholesale plumbing and electric supply on Howard Ave.  and suggested he go into the family trade.  With credit given by his uncle he rented a small building on 25th Ave.  and hung a homemade sign.  In two years he was doing so well he moved his business, "Rosetti Supply Co.", into a larger space on 28th St.  Once the business was established he found he had spare time to devote to his art.


In December 1964 he married his one and only, Helen Jurta Bates.  From the very beginning she had a strong influence on his art, Wayne consulting her on such things as color choices.  Their marriage has survived happily to this day, with two grown successful offspring: Wayne L. Rosetti Jr. (b. 1964) m. Terry Oberhausen and Victoria Rosetti (b. 1969) m. Roger Applewhite.


In the late 1960s he discovered an art shop in Edgewater Mall that sold him clay for sculpting.  Similar to his painting, he decided he would pursue his sculpture without any formal training.  "My first one, a frog, came out so well I wanted to do more," Wayne recalled.  "Next I created a seal, just from memory" from Biloxi High School.

Larry B. Rosetti 

Larry 'Butch' Bryant Rosetti (1941-2016) graduated from Biloxi High School.  In Harrison County, Mississippi, Larry married Maureen Kay Vlahov (b. 1943) on August 30, 1964. Children: Kevin Rosetti and Claudine Rosetti (b. 1971) m. John Robinson.


Larry B. Rosetti (1941-2016), age 75 years, of Biloxi, MS passed away Monday, August 22, 2016 in Biloxi.  Mr. Rosetti was a native and lifelong resident of Biloxi, MS. He was a graduate of Biloxi High Class of 1959 and he attended Perkinston Junior College. Mr. Rosetti graduated from USM in Hattiesburg with a Master's Degree in Chemistry. He worked for Courtaulds Chemical in Mobile, Alabama and Reichold Chemical in Gulfport.  Mr. Rosetti was co-owner of American Distillation Inc. in North Carolina and owner of Eudie's Po Boy in Biloxi with his brother, Wayne. He continued to work as a consultant until his 70's. Mr. Rosetti enjoyed fishing, crabbing, family, especially his grandchildren and preparing his po boys for family and friends. A great moment in his life was celebrating the 50th Anniversary with family.  He is preceded in death by his parents, George Eudie Rosetti, Sr. and Edna Melvin Rosetti.  Mr. Rosetti's survivors include his wife of 52 years, Maureen Kay Vlahov Rosetti of Biloxi; his daughter, Claudine (John) Robinson of Rogers, Arkansas; his son, Kevin Rosetti of Denver, Colorado; his granddaughters, Emily and Olivia Robinson; his brothers, George (Barbara) Rosetti, Jr. and Wayne (Helen) Rosetti, Sr.  Funeral Services will be held at the Pass Road Chapel of Bradford-O'Keefe Funeral Home on Saturday, September 3, 2016 at 2:00 pm. Friends may visit from 1:00 pm until service time. Interment will follow at Southern Memorial Park.(The Sun Herald on September 1, 2016)


Anthony J. Rosetti

Anthony 'Tony'  J. Rosetti (1912-2000) graduated from Biloxi High School and matriculated to Ole Miss where he was awarded its pharmacy degree in May 1937.  Tony went to work in Jackson, Mississipppi as a pharmacist in June 1937.  He married Eloise Reeves (1915-2000).  Two children:  Pauline 'Polly' Rosetti Meaut and Anthony J. Rosetti Jr.(The Daily Herald, June 14, 1937, p. 3)


Anthony J. "Tony" Rosetti, age 87 years, died Tuesday, March 28, 2000, in Biloxi.  Mr. Rosetti was a lifelong resident of the Coast and was the owner-operator of the Grand Drug Store in Biloxi for 57 years.


Tony was a third degree member of Knights of Columbus Council 1244 and a fourth degree member of D'Iberville 23-0557 Assembly. He had been a member of the Ole Miss "M" Club since 1936 for boxing and baseball, a member of Elks BPOE No. 606, Slavic Benevolent Association of Croatia, the Biloxi Sports Hall of Fame, and the Biloxi Lions Club for over 43 years. He was the co-founder of Professional Drug Company and was a member of Nativity B.V.M. Cathedral in Biloxi.


Mr. Rosetti was preceded in death by his wife, Eloise Reeves Rosetti; and three brothers, Vincent Rosetti, George Rosetti, and Louis Rosetti.  Survivors include a daughter, Pauline ‘Polly’ Meaut of Biloxi; a son, Tony Rosetti of West Point; seven grandchildren; and six great-grandchildren.  Mr. Rosetti's funeral service was at Nativity B.V.M. with entombment in Southern Memorial Park mausoleum.


Louis J. Rosetti

Louis J. Rosetti (1915-1971)


Louis J. Rosetti (1915-1971) was born on August 24, 1915 at Biloxi, Mississippi to Jake Philip Rosetti (1884-1959) and Paulina Pitalo. He married Ruby Broussard (1915-1969) in Harrison County, Mississippi on June 26, 1939. They were the parents of four sons: Louis J. Rosetti Jr.; Jake P. Rosetti m. Victoria Ann Rose; Richard Reid Rosetti m. Carolyn Haven Raley and Deborah Gail Upchurch; and Frank M. Rosetti (1956-1961).


Louis J. Rosetti served the people of Biloxi, Mississippi in law enforcement with the Biloxi Police Department for almost thirty years. He began as a desk sergeant and climbed through the ranks to be appointed acting Chief of Police in October 1962 and named Police Chief in December 1963. Mr. Rosetti was a member of the Mississippi Law Enforcement Association; Tennessee-Mississippi Sheriff's and Police Officer's Association; and the Slavonian Benevolent Association. He worshiped at St. Michael's Catholic Church and worked as a trustee of the New Biloxi Hospital to handle indigent care cases.


Louis J. Rosetti died on March 24, 1971 at his home at 203 Rose Street of an apparent heart attack. Ruby Broussard, his wife, expired on March 18, 1969.



Nikola Peter Buda Karuza (1888-1975) and Marya Rosetti (ca 1890-1961)

[courtesy of Peggy Karuza (b. 1946)]




Mary (Marya) Rosetti (ca 1890-1961) was born at Stari Grad, Isle of Hvar, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia to Vincenzo Rosetti (1845-1900) and Margarete Cvitanovic (1845-1919).  She married Nikola Peter Buda Karuza (1888-1975) in Harrison County, Mississippi on December 27, 1910 in the Catholic Church.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 23, p. 97)

The Karuza family moved to Bellingham, Washington where they reared five children: John Marko Karuza (1911-2003); Vincent Karuza (1914-1988); Mike Andrew Karuza (1915-2007); Nicholas Peter Karuza (1917-1989); and Frank Karuza (1919-1996).

Marya Rosetti Karuza passed on at Bellingham, Washington on May 19, 1961.




Sima Kovacevich (1884-1942)

[Courtesy of Michele Maranville Myers-March 2014)


John Paul Rosetti (1878-1918) married Sima Kovacevich (1884-1942).  John was born at Stari Grad, Hvar on June 24, 1878.  He left Bremen, Germany on the SS Necka and arrived at Baltimore, Maryland on February 27, 1909.  John P. Rosetti declared his intention to become an American citizen in December 1917.  His death on November 13, 1918 precluded his naturalization.(Southern District Court-South Mississippi Petition for Naturalization No. 341 and The Daily Herald, November 14, 1918, p. 3)


Sima Kovacevich was born August 14, 1884 at Stari Grad on Hvar, an island in the Dalmatian Archipelago.  She arrived at New York City aboard SS Martha Washington on August 25, 1910 and settled at 1510 1st Street in Biloxi, Mississippi.  Sima took her oath of allegiance to the United States on February 18, 1932.[Petition for Citizenship No. 468-Southern District Court-S. Mississippi-February 1932]


Their children were: Margarita Rosetti born June 26, 1906 at Stari Grad; Vincent 'Vicho' Paul Rosetti (1908-1979) was born March 13, 1908 at Stari Grad; Franjica [Frances]  Rosetti (1909-1975) born November 21, 1909 at Stari Grad m. Frank A. Knebel (1909-1977);  John M. Rosetti (1912-1980) b. February 5, 1912 at Biloxi; Peter F. Rosetti (1914-1974) b. February 12, 1914 at Biloxi m. Lois Kelly; infant boy Rosetti (1915-1915); and Emily Rosetti (1917-1918).




Vincent P. Rosetti


Vincent 'Vicho' Paul Rosetti (1908-1979) was born March 13, 1908 at Stari Grad, Hvar, Split-Dalmatia County, Croatia.  He left Trieste aboard SS Martha Washinton and arrived NYC on August 21, 1910.  Vincent settled at 1510 1st Street in Biloxi, Mississippi where he worked as a fisherman.  He declared his intention to become an American citizen in June 1927 at Biloxi.  Vicho took his oath to become an American on February 17, 1930, also at Biloxi, Mississippi.[Petition for Citizenship No. 452-Southern District Court-South Mississippi-February 1930]


Vincent was reared in Biloxi, Mississippi but later moved to Handsboro where he opeated Rosetti's Grocery Store for 39 years.  He was a member of St. James Catholic Church and the Slavonian Lodge.  


Marie 'Mary' Breaux Rosetti


Vincent P. Rosetti married Marie 'Mary' Breaux (1915-2009), a native of Carencro, Lafayette Parish, Louisiana and the daughter of John Breaux and Isabelle Breaux,  in Harrison County, Mississippi on April 22, 1935.  They were the parents of: John Ray  Rosetti (1936-2014) m. Vivian Lenore Brumfield; George F. Rosetti (1938-2012) m. Claudetta Needham; of Gulfport; two daughters, Isabelle M.  Rosetti (1940-2016) m. Paul Michael Bishop (1937-2015); and Diann Rosetti m. Cliff Ladner.


Vincent P. Rosetti expired at Gulfport, Mississippi on February 12, 1979.  Mary Breaux Rosetti lived until March 31, 2009.  Their corporal remains were interred in Floral Hills Memorial Gardens in Gulfport, Mississippi.




John R. Rosetti

John R. Rosetti (1936-2014)


John R. Rosetti (1936-2014), age 77 years, of Gulfport, entered his Heavenly rest on January 9, 2014, in Gulfport.  He was preceded in death by his parents, Vincent and Marie Rosetti and his brother, George F. Rosetti.  He is survived by his loving wife of 50 years, Vivian Brumfield Rosetti; a daughter, Renee (Mike) Lizana, Slidell, LA; a son, Matt Rosetti, Gulfport; four grandchildren, Captain Curt Lloyd, Chase Lizana, Kaiden Rosetti, and Kiley Lizana; his sisters, Isabelle (Mike) Bishop of Long Beach and Diann (Cliff) Ladner of Ocean Springs; a sister-in-law, Claudetta N. Rosetti; and numerous nieces, nephews, many family members and friends.  He was an avid sports fan and never missed Kaiden's Ladner of Ocean Springs; a sister-in-law, Claudetta N. Rosetti; and numerous nieces, nephews, many family members and friends.  He was an avid sports fan and never missed Kaiden's ballgames.A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated on Tuesday, January 14, 2014, at 1:00 p.m. at St. James Catholic Church. Friends may visit from 11:30 a.m. until service time. Interment will follow at Biloxi National Cemetery.(The Sun Herald, January 12, 2014)


George F. Rosetti

George F. Rosetti (1938-2012), age 74 years, passed away peacefully Wednesday, September 19, 2012, after a lengthy illness, Lewy Body Dementia. He was preceded in death by his parents, Vincent C. Rosetti and Maria Breaux Rosetti; and his son, George Michael Rosetti. He is survived by his high school sweetheart of 53 years, Claudetta Needham Rosetti of Gulfport; his children, Michelle Parker and her husband Dwayne of Gulfport, and Melinda Rosetti-Spence and her husband, Joe, of Long Beach; his brother, John Rosetti and his wife Vivian of Gulfport; his sisters, Isabelle Bishop and her husband, Mike,of Long Beach and Diann Ladner and her husband, Cliff, of Biloxi; his brother-in-law, Harold W. Needham and his wife, Joann, of Daytona Beach Shores, Florida; three grandchildren, Jennifer Hunter, Alicia Parker, and David M. Spence; three great grandchildren, Cole Hunter, Grant Hunter and Cooper Powell; and his dog, LyLy. Coach Rosetti, a native of Gulfport, graduated from Gulfport High School (Commodores) in 1956. He continued his education at William Carey College in 1957, transferred to Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College Perkinston from 1957-1958 and transferred back to William Carey College, playing basketball at both locations and graduating with a BS degree in Mathematics in 1961. During his coaching and teaching years he also received his Masters in Physical Education and in Mathematics. He was an outstanding basketball player at Gulfport High, University of Southern Mississippi and William Carey College as a point guard. With his love of teaching and sports, he immediately began his coaching career and teaching math at West Junior High School in 1962. He continued his career at West Junior High until September 1965, when Gulfport East High School opened their doors. He taught math, was the boys' head basketball coach for nine years and also served as an assistant football coach and head baseball coach for a few years. His career continued when Gulfport High and Gulfport East merged to become one school, at that time he became the head coach of the Gulfport Lady Admirals from 1977-1982 and captured two Big "8" titles. However, he was offered an opportunity to coach on a college level and began coaching the girls' basketball team, Phillips College Patriots for three years and won the 1984 and 1985 Little College Woman's National Championship. During the years of 1983-1993 he was a math teacher for Harrison Central High School and was offered the job of coaching the Harrison Central High School Red Rebelettes. From 1993-1995 he taught math and coached the Harrison Central High School Rebelettes team to three 5-A South State Championships and the 5-A state title in 1995. From 1995-2003 he coached the St. John Eagles boys' basketball team and won the Division "8" 2-A title in 2003. He also had the privilege of coaching the Sharks and the Gamblers, two semi-pro men's basketball teams that were here on the Mississippi Gulf Coast. After 42 years of coaching and teaching and many accomplishments, he finally decided to retire in 2004. 


Special thanks to Dr. Thomas Blanks, Dr. Peter Bernheim, Dr. Lennon Bowen, Dr. Paul Mullen, the staff at Camelia Home Health and Hospice, and the staff of Canon Hospice for their care and kindness during his illness. Memorial donations may be made to the American Heart Association at 2159 East Pass Road Gulfport, MS 39507; American Cancer Society at 417 Security Square Gulfport, MS 39507; the Humane Society of South Mississippi at 615 25th Avenue Gulfport, MS 39501; or a charity of your choice. 


The visitation will be held on Sunday, September 23, 2012, from 5:30-9:00 p.m. at the RIEMANN FAMILY FUNERAL HOME, 11280 Three Rivers Road, Gulfport. The Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 11:00 a.m., Monday, September 24, 2012, at St. James Catholic Church, 366 Cowan Road, Gulfport, where friends may visit one hour prior to the service. Burial will follow at Floral Hills Memorial Gardens. (The Sun Herald, September 23, 2012)


Isabelle Rosetti


Isabelle M. Rosetti


Isabelle Mary Rosetti (1940-2016) died on March 8, 2016 at Long Beach, Mississippi.  She married Paul Michael Bishop (1937-2015) in Harrison County, Mississippi on May 24, 1962.


She worked in accounting services, as well as co-owned and operated PM Enterprises with her husband. She was a member of St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church. 


Isabelle was preceded in death by her husband, Mike Bishop, her parents Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Rosetti, her siblings George and John Rosetti. Survivors include her sister, Diann Ladner, her children, Paul Michael (Melanie) Bishop, Jr., Barbara (Scott) Lemon, and Tony Vincent (Penny) Bishop, 7 grandchildren, Christine, Cathryn, Michael, Sara, Meghan, Lauren, and Tony Vincent, Jr., 1 great-grandchild, Charlie, and numerous other relatives and friends.


A Mass of Christian Burial will be celebrated at 10am, Friday, March 11, 2016, at St. Thomas the Apostle Catholic Church, 720 East Beach Blvd., Long Beach.



Frances Rosetti

Frances Rosetti (1909-1975) was born November 21, 1909 at Stari Grad, Hvar. Frances left Trieste for America on the SS Martha Washington and arrived at NYC on August 21, 1910.  She married Frank A. Knebel (1909-1977) in Harrison County, Mississippi on April 27, 1931.(Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 43, p. 104)


Frances and Frank A. Knebel were the parents of three daughters: Lillian S.A. Knebel (b. 1932) m. Claude F. Garner; Barbara Mae Knebel (b. 1936) m. Jerries Bosarge; and Anita Selema Knebel (b. 1941) m. Frank Carroll Gutierrez.


Frances Rosetti Knebel became an American citizen on February 17, 1942 at Biloxi, Mississippi. Her certicicate number was 5430855.(Petition for Naturlization Southern District Court-South Mississippi No. 563)


Mrs. Knebel died in October 1975.  She was survived by her spouse and children and two brothers, Vincent Rosetti (1908-1979), Handsboro and John Rosetti, Biloxi.  Frank A. Knebel survived until August 1977.  Their corporal remains were interred at Southern Memorial Park in Biloxi, Mississippi.(The Daily Herald, October 21, 1975, p. A2)


John M. Rosetti


John "Bruno" M. Rosetti

[Mary Ellen Thornton and John M. Rosetti-June 20, 1937]


John Mark “Bruno” Rosetti (1912-1980), founder of Quality Poultry and  Seafood Market at Biloxi Mississippi died 1 June 1980 at his business on Caillavet Street repairing his boat for the shrimp season.  Bruno, a native of Biloxi and a life-long resident of the Coast, was born February 5, 1912.  He was formerly a commercial fisherman.  Bruno was a member of the Sacred Heart Catholic Church in North Biloxi and the Slavonian Benevolent Association.   Bruno and spouse, Mary Ellen Thornton (1920-2002), the daughter of William Thornton (1878-1953) and Mary E. Thornton (1890-1971), married in Harrison County, Mississippi on June 20, 1937 and were the parents of three sons:  John Mark Rosetti Jr.; Clell Morris Rosetti m. Rhonda Anne Rushing and Linda Garbo; and Nicholas William Rosetti.  Their grand children were: John M. Rosetti III, Donna Rosetti, Troy Rosetti, Todd Rosetti and Nicole Rosetti.


Peter F. Rosetti


Peter F. Rosetti (1914-1974) and Sima Kovacevich Rosetti (1884-1942)

[Courtesy of Michele Maranville Myers-March 2014]


Peter F. Rosetti

Peter F. Rosetti (1914-1974) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on February 12, 1914. During WW II, he served in the US Coast Guard.  Peter married Lois Kelly in Harrison County, Mississippi on March 28, 1948.  They were the parents of two daughters: Sema Ann Rosetti m. Edward Dennis Pleasant and Mary Jane Rosetti m. Thomas Wayne Moore and Norman Bela Nyray.[Harrison Co., Mississippi Circuit Court MRB 76, p. 555)


Peter F. Rosetti expired on September 15, 1974 at his residence 1510 East 1st Street at Biloxi, Mississippi.  His corporal remains were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery.(The Daily Herald, September  , 1974, p. 2)


Infant boy Rosetti

This male infant Rosetti  (1915-1915) was born and died on December 29, 1915.


Emily Rosetti


Emily Rosetti (1917-1918) was born at Biloxi, Mississippi on Feb  5, 1917 and passed on March 2, 1918.



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Mato Anton ‘Mike’ Soljan (1898-1971) and Margarete Marie Rosetti (1906-1975)


Mato Anton ‘Mike’ Soljan (1898-1971) was originally from the town of Stari Grad on the island of Hvar and immigrated to America in 1921. He was the only member of his family to come to Biloxi. On April 13, 1925, he married Margarete Marie Rosetti (1906-1975), called Mary, in Harrison County, Mississippi.  Mary Rosetti was the daughter of the widow Sima Kovacevich who married Mr. Rosetti. The Kovaceviches were also from Stari Grad with some members living in Split and Brac. Mary Rosetti  came to America in 1910. Her mother agreed to rent a room to Mato Soljan when he arrived in Biloxi only because she was familiar with his family from Croatia, which would suggest they were from Stari Grad. Hvar Town  and Stari Grad. In the old Stari Grad cemetery, I found lots of Soljans and Kovaceviches but only one Rosetti.  Rosettis might have been from Hvar. A lot of people assume the name is Italian -- and its origins may be. Rosetti is a common name around Venice, and that whole area was under Venetian rule for hundreds of years. In some cases the families were originally Venetian, and in other cases they just changed their Slavic names to sound more Venetian.(Cathy Willis-February 2011)


Children of Mato Soljan and Mary Rosetti: Marie Soljan (1925-2002) m. Mr. Sullivan; Selma Soljan (1927-2002) m. Mr. Castle; Antonia Soljan (1929-2003) m. Jerry Willis; Mato A. Soljan II (1931-1933); Dolores M. Soljan (1933-1999) m. Steve F. West; Raymond Soljan; and Michael Wayne Soljan (b. 1943) m. Darnell Ann Dannelley.


Mato A. Soljan died at Biloxi, Mississippi on March 11, 1971.  He was survivied by his widow; two sons, Raymond R. Soljan, Pascagoula and Michael Soljan, Biloxi; four daughters, Mrs. Marie Sullivan and Mrs. Steve West, both of Biloxi; Mrs. Selma Castle, San Antonio, Texas; and Mrs. Antonio Willis, Baton Rouge, Louisiana; two brothers, John and Victor Soljan, both of Yugoslavia; two sisters, Mrs. Antonio Planche and Miss Vinka Soljan, both of Yugoslavia; 19 grandchildren and one great grandchild.(The Daily Herald, March 11, 1971, p. 2)


Margarete followed him in death expiring on January 17, 1975. Their corporal remains with those of two children: Mato A. Soljan Jr. who died on February 20, 1933, and Marie Soljan Sullivan, who passed on March 7, 2002 at Seneca, South Carolina, were interred in the Biloxi Cemetery.[from tombstones in Biloxi Cemetery, The Sun Herald, March 11, 2002, p. A6]



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