The Depot Saloon


(L-R) Auguste F. Bellande (1876-1953, Peter Bellande (1871-1933), ?, Joseph Bellande (1868-1961)(behind bar), ?, Antoine Bellande Jr. (1869-1924)(behind bar), ?, ?, ?

Marie Bellande seems to have been a woman of commerce.  In 1889, she leased the Reynoir Street corner to Joseph Charles DeLamare (1856-1931) for one year and $300.  On January 9, 1892, The Biloxi Herald announced that “the old Bellande Building near the depot has been torn down and the foundation is being laid for a two-story edifice”.

By mid-February 1892, the local journal related that Captain Bellande’s new building will improve the appearance of Biloxi.(The Biloxi Herald, February 13, 1892, p. 4)

In early April 1892, Joseph Bellande, their eldest son, opened a beer saloon in the new building.  On opening day, April 6th, he served an elegant cold lunch and free cold beer to the public.(The Biloxi Herald, April 9, 1892, p. 4)

From the plats on pages   ? and  ? which were traced from insurance maps prepared by the Sanborn-Perris Map Company of New York, you can determine how the physical configuration of the Bellande tract changed during the period 1893-1904.